Prohibit Dogs from Being Surgically Disfigured

Target: Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Goal: Make tail docking, ear cropping, and elective surgery for dogs illegal in Canada.

Every year, thousands of puppies undergo painful, unnecessary elective surgeries like tail docking and ear cropping. Tail docking involves cutting off part or all of a dog’s tail without anesthetics. Meanwhile, an ear cropping involves chopping off the floppy part of the ear and taping it to a flat surface for several weeks. Join this petition to speak out against this animal abuse.

Tail docking and other unnecessary procedures are usually done on very young puppies. Supporters try to justify these tormenting surgeries by claiming the puppies are not affected because they are too young, but studies have shown the damage caused to the vulnerable nervous system alters how the animals perceive pain for the rest of their lives. The maimed dogs have been found to be more susceptible to incontinence, and are psychologically damaged because their ability to communicate with other dogs is impaired since they cannot show anger or excitement by tail wagging.

Many countries around the world ban or heavily restrict dog cosmetic surgery. However, Canada’s animal welfare laws are some of the weakest in the world, and the country needs to start making drastic improvements in the lives of its animals. Provincial legislation has been implemented across the country banning or regulating cosmetic dog surgeries, yet the federal government fails to act on behalf of animal welfare.

Sign this petition to compel the government to implement laws against tail docking, ear cropping, and all elective pet surgeries.


Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

Canada needs to implement laws that better protect the lives of animals in the country. Begin by banning elective surgery on dogs.

All cosmetic surgeries, such as tail docking or ear cropping, unnecessarily expose a dog to physical and psychological damage for the rest of their lives. Dogs who have been mutilated like this have a permanently damaged nervous system, suffer from incontinence, are more susceptible to tumors, and are unable to properly express their emotions.

Veterinary associations almost unanimously disagree with pet cosmetic surgeries on the grounds that they do not benefit the animal, but are done merely for the owner’s satisfaction. Most provinces have enacted their own legislation restricting elective modifications, but this matter needs to be made illegal at a federal level. Canada’s animal welfare laws are pathetic, and it is appalling that animals are allowed to be operated on for human enjoyment.

I urge you to stand up for animal rights and make laws that protect them from elective surgical mutilation.


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  1. Leave the dogs alone, they do not need “adjustments”. Castrate/sterilise those responsible, demented RETARD morons

  2. Cindy Miller says:

    Don’t believe in cosmetic surgery on dogs! They r always cute & cs is BS on animals!

    • Darlene Reynolds says:

      I’m against ear cropping because it is extremely painful to recover from and the complications are horrifying, but docking tails on Boxers is something I’m always going to be in favor of. If you’ve treated a few broken tails of these big, muscular dogs then you’ve seen why it’s a good idea. Some of the worst injuries to ever get to heal is when a tail has to be removed from an adult dog. They sit on those tails and it takes weeks to heal properly IF they’re lucky and don’t get infected. They get broken because Boxers are extremely wiggly and put a lot of energy into tail wagging. And with no coat to speak of for protection, the edge of furniture or a wall can make a real mess of a tail. And if you’re getting puffed up to tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ve been rescuing Boxers for over forty years and no, I don’t care about dog show beauty contests. I’ve never caused a litter of pups to be born but I’ve seen hundreds of puppies docked at two days old. It can be done by a vet while the pup is nursing and doesn’t distress the mom and the pup keeps nursing. But it’s usually done one at a time by a vet in a clinic after administering a tiny local anesthetic shot. Know what you are talking about before you try to tell others what to think.

  3. These body modifications came about in certain breeds because of the work that they were bred to do. People didn’t want tails, & long ears, to get tangled in brush. But we don’t need to do alterations in most dogs, because they aren’t even used for the purposes they were bred for. They are pets and not working dogs. How about the body modifications breeders strive for which cause health problems, such as long bodies in Dachshunds? These animals usually end up with painful backs some time in their lives. Maybe if the Kennel Clubs would just judge dogs on their body conformation standards and still let unaltered dogs be shown, the abuse will end. Also, we must insist on the use of pain medication if altering is necessary, just as is done in any other surgery.

  4. Elizabeth Sargeant says:

    Way behind the times Canada.

    In the UK it has been illegal for several years to dock the tails of dogs and crop their ears, not that ear cropping has ever been popular here.
    As for it being neccessary, or desired due to the ‘job’ some dogs were bred for, it’s simply not the case. Great Danes are not meant to have pointed ears, nor are Dobermans. And as for pit bulls, some of the ear cropping I have seen on these dogs is horrendous, and I dare say is done by the owners, without any analgesia. Spaniels for instance have typically long hairy ears, it doesn’t stop them from doing their job, nor does tail wagging. If you want a dog of a certain breed then it’s your responsibility to care for it’s needs and welfare rather than do the lazy thing and start altering it. That should be the case for any breed of dog.

  5. Gillian Miller says:

    In the UK it is illegal to modify pets unless it is for a working dog or medically required. There is no reason to take a dog’s tail or dock it’s ears as we bred it to look a certain way. Declawing a cat is unacceptable, if it scratches your furniture then put out more scratching posts or put sticky tape up.

  6. Leave dogs alone and let them stay the way God created them!

  7. Sadly, I just signed a petition to stop allowing people to buy medical instruments for dog ear cropping on Amazon. Without a Veterinarian Licence. Unbelievable but true. There are some mentally twisted people out there. Poor dogs.

  8. Proverbs 12:10—HORRIBLE CRUELTY!!!

  9. All animal abusers must be sentenced to death and nothing less.

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