Stop Imprisoning Pregnant Sows in Horrific Conditions

Target: Marie-Claude Bibeau, Federal Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Canada

Goal: Outlaw cruel gestation stalls on pig farms.

Pregnant sows raised for breeding are confined in gestation stalls that are so small the pigs cannot turn around. The only exercise these animals get is walking a few steps forward or backward in the 2ft by 7ft prisons. Over a million breeding sows are raised in Canada each year, and the majority of them suffer in these horrific conditions.

Pigs are naturally gregarious and inquisitive animals, and forcing them into these cages is torture. They suffer distress from aggressive neighbors, cold and damp environments, unable to avoid insects, and they cannot express their natural instincts such as rooting, exploring, wallowing, or nest building. Most pigs in these factories suffer from abnormal and repetitive behavior such as bar biting, lameness, chronic stress, reduced muscle strength, and weak bones. These pigs suffer for human profit. The gestation stalls allow farmers to control feed intake, reduce disease transmission, and reduce early pregnancy loss to increase their profits at the expense of a living being.

In 2014, amendments to the regulations of keeping sows changed conditions for new pig factories. But these regulations are pathetic and still allow pigs to suffer in confinement. Existing operations are exempt from these new standards so hundreds of thousands of pigs are still reared in disgusting prison cells.

Join the movement to stop the imprisonment of pregnant animals for human gain.


Dear Honourable Bibeau,

It is appalling that gestation stalls are allowed on Canadian pig farms. Most gestation stalls still in use do not allow the animals to turn around, and they can only walk a few steps forward or back. Many of the pigs suffer from physical and psychological issues such as lameness, weak muscle and bones, chronic stress, and abnormal behavior.

Pigs are social and active animals, and it is torture to confine them in this manner. Pregnant sows are especially inclined to root, socialize, wallow, and build a nest to raise their litter. Our laws need to ensure that they get the freedom and fair treatment they deserve.

The regulation amendments to keeping breeding sows introduced in 2014 are insufficient to provide adequate living environments for the pigs, and further action is required. As the official of agriculture operations in Canada, I urge you to take a step forward in the name of compassion and ban the use of gestation stalls on all pig farms.


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Photo Credit: Farm Sanctuary



  1. These practices are positively horrific and inhumane to the extreme. Such crates should be made completely illegal globally. We as humans are struggling to cope with self-isolation and other confinement measures during this pandemic. This is unimaginably worse and completely unconscionable.

  2. Jacqui Skill says:

    Stop being cruel barbarians!

  3. stop human garbage says:


  4. What a shame I hate people who control these situations they need to do better smdh

  5. I haven’t eaten pork for many years, because of the horrible abuse used in raising these intelligent creatures. Male piglets have their testicles cut out by laymen, sometimes with rusty knives with no anesthetic, and patched up with duct taped if intestines come out. The abuse never ends in their lives. Sows are artificially bred using machines and kept in tiny crates until birthing. Babies can’t be with Mom but reach under a bar to reach her to nurse.Imagine being pregnant, giving birth and nursing your children in a tiny crate?!!! It sounds like some sort of ancient torture chamber! Don’t eat ANY form of pork that doesn’t have the “Humanely Raised” label on the package.

    • Charleen Murphy says:

      yes it’s so grotesque and evil. unbelievable!! I’ve hardly eaten pig, the last time was about 30 yrs ago. I don’t eat any meat, animals, and no dairy also from what happens to the animals and dairy can make me feel sick, that’s why I stopped having the milk 20 yrs ago and cheese I stopped 5 yrs ago. poor animals in torture units 🙁

  6. Such total disregard for the welfare of the product making you rich is sickening and depraved; there is no excuse in the world for treating an animal like this, it’s barbaric. The horrific abuse that is rampant in the pork industry is why my entire family gave up eating any type of pork and I urge everyone of you to consider doing the same or at least drastically reducing the amount of pork your family consumes.

  7. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    These barbaric and inhumane devices MUST BE BANNED EVERYWHERE NOW. The factory farming system is medieval and totally UNACCEPTABLE.

  8. Misery. Cruelty. Pain.

  9. I don’t eat meat, I don’t want to contribute to the misery and suffering of innocent animals. This is cruel and barbaric treatment of animals. Humans are disgusting when it comes making a profit off animals.

    • Charleen Murphy says:

      that’s great. I don’t either and haven’t for over half of my life, 42 yrs. I don’t have dairy either and eggs. I eat veges and salads and beans sometimes, often mushrooms and brown lentils and chickpeas. you can eat delicious cruelty free healthy meals. It is disgusting and so bad what humans do to profit from animals 🙁 🙁 makes me so angry the stuff that some humans do and when I know of cruelty

    ROT IN HELL!!!! SCUM!!!!!!

  11. Proverbs 12:10—HORRIFIC CRUELTY!!!!

  12. First thing is to stop eating pork and using any pork products.
    If there is no demand, the factory farms have to end. That is
    true for many other products that involve torturing animals, killing wildlife, using harmful pesticides.

  13. Animal abusers must be sentenced to death globally. These barbaric crates must be immediately banned.

  14. Wtf is wrong with this world?! No matter how much I pray, the world gets crueler and crueler. I have no faith in humanity.

  15. You people bragging about not eating meat isn’t helping an animal. People are going to eat meat. I was a vegetarian most of my life and for many people, it’s just not sustainable. You should be educating on being more responsible omnivores if you want to reduce cruelty. A stark majority of people will not make such a major life change. So, for instance, letting someone know that chickens are the most widely abused livestock in extent and in number may make them think that pasture-raised eggs could be a small, practical change in the right direction.

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