Save Wild Burros from Displacement


Target: Bureau of Land Management State Director Raymond Suazo

Goal: Protect Arizona’s burros from being hauled away from their home by designating a National Wild Burro Range.

The Black Mountain burro has built a large and genetically diverse population in Arizona, but The Bureau of Land Management wants to remove up to 75 percent of the animals and send them to new place, breaking up many of their families and communities. Creating a National Wild Burro Range is the best way to keep this herd together.

The burros have been a staple of the area, as many tourists see them as they drive along the famous Route 66. This particular herd is the largest in the U.S. and represents 20 percent of the overall population managed by the Bureau of Land Management.

Since the Bureau of Land Management allowed livestock grazing in 1996 they’ve established an allowable management level for burros at just 478. The current population ranges from around 1,500-1,800. In order for the burros to be protected and have their habitat respected, their area should be considered a National Wild Burro Range. This way, the range of allowed burros is raised, allowing them to stay in the place where they feel most comfortable and safe.

This would be a fitting solution since this is such a large herd, and they are a beloved staple in the area to both tourists and locals. But most of all this would prevent many of the communities in the population from the risk of being torn apart, not to mention the heartbreak of being taken from their home.

Sign this petition to help the Arizona Black Mountain burros stay right where they are by making their habitat a National Range.


Dear  Director Raymond Suazo,

It is very important that you grant the Black Mountain burro a National Wild Range so that they may keep their lifelong homes and continue to flourish.

As their population continues to grow, it seems that your agency would like to displace up to 75 percent of the animals. This could potentially injure the herd in travel and be costly. After all, this is the largest herd managed by your department.

By letting the animals remain where they are, you ensure that their population keeps a diverse gene pool, the animals live and grow naturally in the surroundings they are comfortable in, and that many of the families and communities in the population do not get torn apart as a result of being moved.

Please make a National Wild Burro Range so that these animals can continue live happily in the great state of Arizona.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Azgirl

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  1. Ravinder Singh says:

    can these people break and displace their own families then instead of displacing burro they should do this with their own families.

    • Yes, it is all about the human being. It seems that other living species are not as important. Who cares if we rip apart their families and take away their homes? Humans are a selfish species. We have spread across the universe like a virus. What is extremely terrifying is that human population continues to grow in leaps and bounds and animal population is shrinking at record speed.

  2. How about a human cullin?

  3. pamela bolton says:

    How about making an allowable management level for the livestock?? This is the Burros natural land and “livestock” are the invasive creatures here. This is sickening to force the Burros out of their lands for the greed of HUMANS. There is nothing good to come out of this if the BLM has anything to do with it. Have the livestock BACK OFF THEIR LAND. Any burro that is caught will either go to other countries as WORK ANIMALS, slaughter houses and abused in ways that would give us nightmares. BLM GET THE LIVESTOCK OUT OF THEIR LANDS AND LEAVE THEM ALONE. I WOULD MUCH RATHER SEE THE BORROS THAN A BUNCH OF COWS!!!!!!!!!

  4. caryl sawyer says:

    Many of our govt. agencies refuse to do their jobs, but the BLM is the most notorious for doing the dirty work for Big Ranchers. Take a look at their track record, and you’ll se they can’t kiss fannies fast enough when it comes to Big Money.

    Write to your people in Congress! BLM will not do anything for you.

    Unless you have lots of money.

  5. Christine Bennett says:

    Leave the burros in peace where they are! Make the National Wild Burro Range … AND listen up, BLM & Congress… ranchers aren’t the only people on the planet!! OTHER people would like to see these burros enjoying their happy Arizona habitat.

  6. Why is it the animals who are punished because society doesn’t want to be inconvenienced?

  7. The BLM is really getting on my nerves they are a cruel lot of.Bastards.It looks like they are trying to get rid of every equine on the planet but somebody will be going after them if they don’t grow up.

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