Stop Mercilessly Killing Coyotes for Bounty

Target: Jason Nixon, Minister of Environment and Parks, Alberta, Canada

Goal: Ban the bounty offered on coyote furs.

Coyotes are erroneously viewed as a pest and are mercilessly slaughtered to reduce their population. Bounties are offered by local municipalities on each carcass recovered and this promotes the senseless killing of these misunderstood creatures. It is despicable to offer a cash prize for killing an animal, and bounties on coyotes must be stopped immediately.

The majority of coyotes are killed by farmers and landowners who are allowed to exterminate the animals all year with no restrictions. Most of the problems caused by coyotes in rural communities are the result of poor farm management, because coyotes are easily attracted by carrion and improperly disposed livestock carcasses are a main source of food. Having livestock give birth at unnatural times, such as during winter when the coyotes are more desperate for food, results in coyote interference with the newborn animals.

Instead of being viewed as a pest to eradicate, people should be educated on the benefits coyotes provide to the local ecosystem. Coyotes keep many other populations in check, such as foxes, raccoons, and small rodents. The rodents can be particularly damaging to fields and crops, and coyotes are a natural way of restoring balance to unnatural environments.

A coyote is generally killed when it poses an issue, and it is horrible that the government encourages this extreme solution. Sign this petition to stop bounties on coyotes.


Dear Honourable Nixon,

I am deeply bothered that local municipalities offer bounties on coyotes killed in your jurisdiction. It is horrible that people are monetarily rewarded for killing an innocent animal, and I urge your government to put an end to this.

The government should educate people on the benefits of coyotes to the local ecosystem. Coyotes are a natural way to restore balance by keeping other overpopulated animals, such as foxes, raccoons, and small rodents in check. Farmers should be encouraged to use good farm management as a means to discourage coyote presence, such as proper disposal of carrion, and lambing or calving during spring months when the coyotes have sufficient wild food available.

It is horrible that coyotes can be killed with few restrictions on private land. This encourages disrespect for a small but majestic creature, and it is demeaning to allow their merciless slaughter for financial gain.

As the minister of the environment, I encourage you to show respect for all creatures in the wild, and to stand up against brutality.

Put an end to the coyote bounty in Alberta.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Christopher Bruno



  1. To all of you uninformed. Do you know the number of attacks on children and farm animals that occur daily? Not to mention that a large population of these critters are carriers of rabies.

    • To you the uninformed one coyotes have every right to be on this planet which can’t be said for some like yourself and your arrogance. Humans have encroached on their habitat. Maybe you should worry about he attacks on your human brats by humans instead. Same with the abuse that farm animals endure from human garbage in factory farms. People like you are a disgrace.

    • Fred you are a vile, deranged animal hater. Go and play with your toys. You have no place on an animal welfare site lodging your animal hating, inaccurate comments. You are too gutless to record your surname.

    • Evan Jane Kriss says:

      Coyotes have as much right to live as you do, Fred. Very few attacks have ever been reported anywhere on children; coyotes avoid people. Farmers must do a better job of protecting their animals, using scientifically proven non lethal deterrents. Coyotes play an essential part in the ecosystems they inhabit, ensuring the health of both flora and fauna. Farms and farm animals do not.

  2. Fred you are a vile, deranged animal hater. Go and play with your toys. You have no place on an animal welfare site lodging your animal hating, inaccurate comments. You are too gutless to record your surname.

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