Trump: Restore Vital Living Space Robbed From At-Risk Wildlife

Target: Donald Trump, President of the United States

Goal: Overturn rule which confines threatened wildlife to polluted habitats to benefit extractive industries.

The Trump administration has finalized a rule narrowing the definition of a habitat under the Endangered Species Act, further entrenching its legacy as one of the most destructive governments in recent history. Under the new rules, extractive industries are free to plunder land not currently occupied by wildlife, even as species threatened by human activity, climate change, and widespread extinction move to new habitats to seek new sources of food and shelter. At-risk animals will now be restricted to their current homes, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will no longer have the power to designate and protect new habitats.

As industries continue to degrade and damage existing habitats, those animals left on them will be doomed to dwindle and suffer without enjoying crucial protections if they leave, further exposing them to harm and the risk of extinction. Sign the petition below to demand that this senseless rule be overturned before President Trump leaves office.


Dear Mr. President,

The environmental legacy of your administration has been one of undoing and destroying vital protections established by leaders from both parties, leaving countless species vulnerable to harm and destruction even amidst the worst extinction wave in modern history. Rather than exercising the authority given to you to protect our wildlife and natural heritage, you have opened up the environment for even more devastating harm and disregarded extensive evidence of the destruction this will cause.

As you prepare to leave office, it’s essential that you consider your legacy and the future of the planet. The narrowing of the Endangered Species Act’s provisions benefits only industry in the short term, but it will result in irreversible damage for decades to come. I demand that you undo this callous change to preserve all life and offer wild animals a chance to recover from the effects of human activity.


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  1. Laura Odonnell Laura Odonnell says:

    This is monstrous, cruel, unnecassary, and sickening.

  2. Trumps sons are TROPHIE HUNTERS

  3. He will not do anything because he is a self centered egotistical incompetent loser! Does not care about anything but power and money!

    • oh Donna you are so very right…..he does not care about humans, animals, environment or life….only greed & power….his sons are trophy hunters so why would he give a damn about anything….an eye for an eye….i do believe in karma….one day

  4. All animals are living breathing beings with feelings and a need for survival. And their lives are precious and they matter to the planet. All Earth species belong right here on the Earth. Humans should never act to kill them on a whim or just for fun, nor take away their habitat which they need to survive. This is a terrible sin against life. Human consideration and compassion is greatly needed here.

  5. Trump is an animal hating moron. This vile incompetent scumbag and his moronic scumbag mentally deranged sons need to be turned into garden fertiliser. The only good hunter is a DEAD ONE!!!!

  6. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    Trump is a monster. He will do anything to expand extractive industries like oil, gas, mining, logging – at the expense of human health, the environment, wildlife. Does he not understand that wildlife do not understand artificial boundaries created by humans? Wildlife biologists MUST be consulted BEFORE any development, industrial, commercial or residential is allowed ANYWHERE.

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