Stop Torturing Animals for Fashion

Target: Marie-Claude Bibeau, Federal Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Canada

Goal: Put an end to factory fur farming.

Every year, 2 million animals are farmed for their fur across Canada. They suffer physical and psychological abuse before being horrifically killed to have their pelts sold to the fashion industry. The regulations governing this aspect of agriculture are weak, and adherence to any human treatment is generally voluntary. The government needs to put an end to this suffering.

The animals are kept in very small enclosures with limited access to food or water and they are never allowed to express their natural behaviors, such as roaming, swimming, burrowing or hunting. This suppression of wild instincts causes psychological distress and is nothing short of torture. They receive minimal veterinary care, and very few vets are trained to properly deal with wild animals. Minks and foxes are most commonly farmed for their fur; minks are killed by being gassed with carbon monoxide, and foxes by anal electrocution.

Fur farming dumps waste into waterways. The toxic chemicals used to produce the fur are carcinogens and also cause allergies and eczema. Carbon dioxide emissions from producing fur are significantly higher than other textiles as a result of feed inefficiencies and manufacturing.

Fur farming is inhumane, and it has no place in the 21st century with our ability to produce synthetic, and cruelty free, alternatives. Over a dozen countries in Europe have already banned this abhorrent practice, and it is pathetic that countries in North America still allow it. Sign this petition to urge the government to put an end to the unethical fur farming industry.


Dear Honourable Bibeau,

Fur farming in Canada is an abhorrent blight on the agriculture system in particular, and the country’s ethical standards in general. It is appalling that animals are allowed to be treated in such an inhumane way with no repercussions to the people causing the misery.

Animals on fur farms are kept in unfit enclosures with insufficient food, water, and vet care. Natural instincts, such as roaming, burrowing, hunting or swimming, are prohibited causing psychological harm. These abused animals are killed by poisonous gas or anal electrocution.

The high levels of CO2 emissions from fur farming and manufacturing take a significant toll on the environment. Waste leached into waterways and carcinogenic chemicals used in manufacturing are other detrimental side effects of this unethical industry.

Many countries have already banned fur farming. I urge you to step forward on behalf of the people you represent and make the same ethical decision.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Otwarte Klatki



  1. Jacqui Skill says:


  2. Please tell these ABUSERS to stop this HORRIBLE abuse of these poor little animals!
    Proverbs 12:10

  3. Put an end to ALL fur farming including trapping!

  4. I agree. NO FUR FARMING or TRAPPING! We don’t need another animal’s skin to keep us warm. This is the 21st century! I love fur, but there are many fantastic looking faux furs that can fool most anyone. They cost less, look great and save animals from abuse and death.

  5. Hunt the hunters. The only good hunter is a dead one.

  6. Fur belongs on animals, not on humans!! People need to stop being so vain and heartless.

  7. Nobody even gives a fuck to wear an animal, are u kidding me!? Just stop wasting everyones time already..

  8. The only creatures entitled to wear fur are those BIRN wearing it

  9. No creature should have fur unless it is their own by nature

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