Stop Confining Calves to Tiny Crates to Produce “Aesthetic” Meat

Target: Patty Hajdu, Minister of Health, Canada

Goal: Stop inhumanely confining calves on farms to produce veal.

Young calves are confined in cramped quarters and butchered to produce veal. These calves are usually taken from their mothers within the first week of life, and then are put in a crate for the next six to eight weeks. These crates are so small the calf can barely take a step forward or back, and they have difficulty turning around or lying down comfortably. After that, the calves are either kept by themselves in similar cramped conditions, or are crowded into barns until they are slaughtered at around 5 months old.

Calves raised for veal are either fed milk or grain. Milk fed calves are intentionally kept anemic for their short lives to produce a pale colored meat. A calf is fed grain to make it grow faster, and to force its undeveloped stomach to process this unnatural diet.

The regulations governing the treatment of calves raised for veal are insufficient at best, and most of them are voluntary recommendations. As a result, over 300,000 calves live in squalor and aberrant conditions in Canada each year, before they are slaughtered at a young age.

Veal is the result of the dairy industry, with the unwanted male calves being sold to veal farms. It is disgusting that these calves are treated as “by-products” and subjected to this repulsive farming practice.

Sign this petition today and help stop the inhumane treatment of baby animals.


Dear Honourable Hadju,

The treatment of veal calves is a blight on the agriculture community. This inhumane practice of confining and artificially rearing animals for aesthetic reasons is an abomination. The European Union and other countries are making steps to improve the conditions of how veal is raised by banning the use of veal crates. All countries need to take a stand on more humane management on farms.

Calves raised for veal are forced to live in extremely confined conditions where they can barely move or lie down comfortably. They are forced to eat an unnatural diet that either makes them anemic or is unsuitable for their early digestive system. They are never able to express their natural and instinctive behaviors, such as suckling, grazing, or even moving freely in the fresh air.

I urge you to stop this abhorrent practice by enforcing stricter rules and regulations governing the care and treatment of all farm animals. Please stop confining young calves in these horrendous conditions.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Stop this horrible practice.
    Proverbs 12:10

  2. Stop this horrible abuse Proverbs 12:10

  3. You Canadians are so backward in the way you treat animals in your culture !! The U.S. is terrible but you stupid canucks are even worse. Shame on your unchristian souls !

    • Sandy MacDonald says:

      You shouldn’t assume all Canadians are heartless. I’m Canadian and it absolutely breaks my heart to hear of these defenseless animals being treated like this. I’ll never understand how humans can treat any animal so cruelly.

    • Your USA is nothing to write home about when it comes to animals and abuse! And how many on here are upset by this but still eat meat?

    • You have that right it’s horble on they way they treat baby caves now I wish someone would come up with a petition to make they so call 👮 stop shooting all these baby bears they just killed another just like the caves take care of them

    • And so is the United States of America ok there’s more people killing and abusing animals then china are south Korea so you can’t say that about one country and and say it about the other

    • Yea just like America there so far backwards cause if they won’t then there wouldn’t be so much animals abuse over there so you tell me who backwards ok

  4. Jacqui Skill says:


  5. this is a horrible practice that’s been going on for years. all so cows produce more milk for profit and use male calves for veal. its shameful what people do for profit. veal is bad and everyone should boycott it.

  6. I hate to tell Robert, but male calves are raised the same way in the US. I haven’t eaten veal for as long as I can remember because of this fact. It’s amazing how much abuse humans can inflict on animals just for a “specialty” meat. Calves, piglets, chickens, ducks – need I go on? The people in the meat industry need to grow some empathy. Short of being vegetarian or vegan, you can eat organic, humanely raised meats.

  7. These evil animal abusing /murdering cretins must be wiped off the planet!

  8. How can anyone live with themselves knowing they are eating babies?! It’s sickening and appalling.

  9. BLAME THE BITCH PATTY HAJDU MINISTER OF HEALTH CANADA 🇨🇦. Write to her and protest!!! Then u have done something !!!

  10. Yet another reason why humans are a cancer on this world.

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