Stop Imprisoning Billions of Hens in Cramped, Tiny Cages

Target: Dr. Martine Dubuc, Government of Canada Delegate to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE)

Goal: Encourage the OIE to uphold animal welfare with improved standards for laying hens.

Laying hens are commonly kept in horrific confined conditions. On an international scale, egg production factories imprison chickens in metal cages that are so small the bird can hardly move. These birds are forced to produce eggs to the point that they will eat their own bodies to obtain the dietary requirements needed to meet the grueling egg quota they are bred for.

Chickens deserve to be chickens, and should be allowed to express their natural behaviors and instincts. The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) is responsible for setting international standards for the health and wellbeing of all animals that will be used by governments and veterinary associations around the world. The OIE is currently drafting new standards governing the care and welfare of laying hens, and the commercial egg industry is trying to stop them because it will hurt their bottom dollar.

The OIE needs to stand strong amidst the barrage of criticism from unethical industry owners, and draft new regulations that benefit the birds. The current proposed draft of standards will allow hens the right to forage and provide bedding to scratch and dustbathe in, as well as places to perch and nest. Improving the international guidelines for laying hens will have a positive impact on billions of birds worldwide.

Show your support for the humane and ethical treatment of animals. Sign this petition to end cage confinement of laying hens.


Dear Dr. Dubuc,

I urge you to support the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) in their endeavor to improve the standards for laying hens across the globe. Every government should support this motion to further animal welfare in their own country. The OIE’s new guidelines would allow chickens to express their natural behaviors such as foraging, nesting, perching and dustbathing in ways that would revolutionize the egg industry. The OIE’s decisions in this matter will trickle down to each government, financial institution, and veterinary association and improve conditions everywhere.

The OIE is naturally facing opposition from commercial egg producers as these changes would drastically affect their bottom line. These egg factories confine laying hens to small, wire cages where the birds cannot walk around, not to mention spread their wings. They are forced into these deplorable conditions to maximize human profits at the expense of their own health.

As the appointed voice of the people, it should be your duty to support these changes that would give protection and assistance to the voiceless animals that are affected.

I exhort you to back the OIE in helping billions of laying hens worldwide by ending cage confinement in egg production.


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Photo Credit: Carmen Edenhofer



  1. Stop this horrible abuse

  2. Jacqui Skill says:


  3. As I’ve said in other petitions – only eat organic, humanely raised chickens and eggs! Don’t fall for the “all natural” label. It means nothing. You can sign tons of petitions (which is great) but your money talks louder.

  4. Why are we writing letters to Canada and other countries to stop torturing farm animals, when we need to get our own Country in order. There are thousands of factory farms here that have caged chickens with chopped off beaks, pregnant pigs in very small cages that they cannot move, cows in crowded areas or small cages with their horns burnt into their skulls, sheep with cropped tails, tube feeding ducks for ridiculous fois gras, giving hormones to chickens and turkeys to make them grow so big that they can hardly walk ………..should I go on?

  5. Stop abusing animals! Stop eating them!!

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