Kitten Shot With Pellet Gun and Guinea Pigs Abandoned in Dumpster Deserve Justice

Target: Charleston, SC Chief Prosecutor Will Bryant

Goal: Find, arrest and charge people who shot kitten with pellet gun and threw guinea pigs in dumpster.

Police are currently looking for people involved in two separate animal cruelty cases. In the first, a kitten was found wandering around at a gas station barely alive, after being shot with a pellet gun. In another incident, two guinea pigs were callously abandoned in a dumpster. If the people responsible for these crimes are found, they need to be arrested, charged, and given the toughest punishment the law will allow.

Unfortunately, veterinarians concluded the kitten was in an unspeakable amount of pain. His spine was so damaged as a result of being pierced by the pellet that the animal had to be put to sleep. In the second occurrence, two guinea pigs were found inside their cages in an apartment complex dumpster. There is a $2,500 reward being offered to anyone who can help police locate the person who shot the kitten, and a $1,000 reward for help finding whoever threw the guinea pigs in the trash. Sign this petition to demand that if these people are found, they be arrested, charged and given the strictest sentence possible.


Dear Prosecutor Bryant,

Police are currently investigating two inexcusable cases of animal cruelty. The first involves a kitten that had to be euthanized after being shot with a pellet gun, and the second case involves two helpless guinea pigs being tossed in a dumpster and left to die. It is important that the people involved be arrested, charged and given the harshest legal sentence to better ensure other animals will not be harmed.

The kitten was found confused and in pain at a local gas station and had to be euthanized shortly afterwards. In a second incident, the two guinea pigs were luckily found alive and well by a good Samaritan and rescued by police.

Authorities are offering $2,500 to anyone who can provide them with information about the person who shot the kitten and $1,000 to anyone who can tell them who dumped the guinea pigs. We therefore demand you suggest that if these people are caught, they be immediately arrested, charged and sentenced to the maximum time behind bars so that other animals will not be subjected to similar fates.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Marthias Erhart



  1. I hope you find the Bastards and shoot them right in the head.. trash! Unbelievable how cruel these assholes need to be found and taken to a dark place like a big hole in the ground and bury them alive would be my first choice!! Let them suffer first and God will do the rest!!

  2. The monsters responsible for this should have the same thing done to them, JUSTICE!

  3. This is Inhumane!
    When are these ppl with obvious mental issues gonna stop abusing animals in every way!?!???? This is insanity!

  4. I think they should put it on the news so more people can hear about the reward so someone can turn in that pos!

  5. Lauren Rischel says:

    For Untermenschen who do this to animals, l am all for extrajudicial executions.

    • Raynesha McGhee-Reed says:

      This extremely horrible & breaks my heart & those Pricks needs 2 be burning in Hell 4 this animal cruelty!!!!

  6. All animal abusers globally must be put to death. I am ready, willing and able to help perform this procedure!!!!

  7. Breanne Bennett says:

    Absolutely awful. RIP, poor thing.

  8. Blow up the rednecks in SOUTH CAROLINA

  9. Denise Devereux says:

    God’s Wrath on all Perpetrators and Enablers of animal abuse, torture and murder.

  10. Evil, cruel, barbaric, inhumane, and heartless!!! Incomprehensible!!!

  11. Get this human trash off the Earth!

  12. I hate people more and more everyday. Anything less than being beat to a pulp and burned is way too good for this scumbag.

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