Man Accused of Shooting Dogs and Instructing Child to Shoot Dog in Woods Must be Prosecuted

Target: R.J. Larizza, Florida State Attorney of the 7th Judicial District

Goal: Give man who allegedly shot and killed dogs in front of minor harshest legal sentence.

William Petty allegedly shot and killed two dogs in front of a teenage boy and then callously left their bodies in the woods. He needs to receive the maximum prison sentence if he is found guilty of this horrific crime.

Petty reportedly drove the two animals and the boy out to the woods after arguing with his fiancé. Authorities stated that he shot one dog in the head before handing the revolver to the teenager and telling him to shoot the other animal. However, the boy claimed that Petty took the gun back after he shot at the ground and shot the other dog himself. Both dogs died of their injuries.

Petty was charged with two counts of felony animal cruelty, unlawfully disposing of the bodies, using a concealed weapon to commit a felony, and abusing a child. Sign this petition to demand that Petty receive maximum time behind bars if he is found guilty of committing these unthinkable acts.


Dear State Attorney Larizza,

Authorities recently arrested William Petty for allegedly shooting and killing two dogs and for forcing a teenage boy to watch the incident. It is important that he receive the strictest sentence possible if he is found guilty so that such an act will be less likely to happen again.

Reports state that Petty drove the boy and the animals out to the woods after having a heated argument with his fiancé. Petty allegedly shot one dog in the head and then demanded that the teenage boy also kill the other animal. Reports state that the teenager shot at the ground before Petty took the gun out of his hands and shot the other defenseless dog. He then allegedly left their bodies in the woods.

The dogs’ owner told police that her dogs were not sick and therefore did not need to be euthanized. While it is good news that Petty was brought up on multiple charges, we demand you suggest he receive the most stringent sentence possible to better ensure other animals will not be hurt or killed if he is found guilty of this thoughtless crime.


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  1. Instigation of the death penalty must be performed on all animal abusing scumbags. A slow and agonising death is essential!! OH YESSS!!!

  2. This violence promotes violence and hate among us!!! And this is a crime, instructing a child to shoot an animal is horrible and agressive. This is unforgivable!!!


  4. Make person pay for this

  5. He needs to be shot and left for dead in the woods near a coyote den. JUSTICE

  6. The senseless idiot must pay severely for his blatant act of stupidity…

    • This wasn’t stupidity…this was intentional, twisted, and sadistic….He should be executed…someone capable of these acts is beyond rehabilitation…they are a danger to everyone as long as they draw breath.

  7. This lowlife psychopathic animal torturing murdering monster lowlife pos William Petty must be put to death.All animal torturers and animal murderers must be put to death by the same unimaginable torture, suffering and an excruciating agonising death these filthy lowlife monsters from hell committed against their defenceless and innocent victims. Kill them all. Eradication from our planet is a must. Kill all animal torturers and animal murderers slowly. Get rid of the filth on our planet.

  8. Stephanie Geyser says:

    I’m surprised that he didn’t shoot the fiancé as well. If he gets away with it this time, she’ll probably be next.

  9. Give the motherfucking cunt the death penalty. No need for a trial. Blow away the POS’s head into outer space. So sad for the two poor souls.

  10. Denise Devereux says:


  11. Evil, cruel, barbaric, inhumane, and heartless!!!

  12. Permanently incarcerate this evil, sadistic, useless excuse for a human being. There’s no reason for him to exist on the Earth.

  13. This scumbag doesn’t need to be prosecuted, he needs to be beat to a pulp, burned and just destroyed. Piece of shit doesn’t deserve to exist

  14. Raynesha McGhee-Reed says:

    This Heartless Prick Needs 2 Be Beaten Up 2 “the” pulp!

  15. Kathleen Nagy-DeRosa says:

    Too bad the teenager didn’t shoot the POS. This jerk should be fined and imprisoned for a very long time. Hopefully the fiance’ will wise up and press charges.

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