Stop Subjecting Animals to Cosmetic Testing

Target: Senator Robert Black, Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology, Canada

Goal: Make it illegal to test cosmetic products and ingredients on animals.

Cosmetic animal testing exposes animals to torture, chemical poisoning, and death. This needs to stop. These animals are restrained, sometimes for days on end, while they undergo procedures that torture and maim them. Some animals sustain injuries or chemically induced maladies, forcing them to live their lives in captivity. Others are killed immediately following the trials.

Many of the products that are tested are not even put into use, causing horrific suffering in vain. The results derived from animal testing are often erroneous, leading to approved products that are not even safe for human use. Many scientists assert that scientific studies could have been performed without the torment of animals.

The Cruelty-Free Cosmetic Act was passed in the Senate of Canada, yet died in the House of Commons before becoming law. This act would have made it illegal to test cosmetic products and their ingredients on animals and ban importing any beauty products that had been tested elsewhere. Around the world, 39 countries have already implemented a law banning this abhorrent procedure. All governments need to follow suit. Demand action to stop the inhumane testing of cosmetics on animals.


Dear Senator Black,

Animals suffer unimaginable horrors while undergoing laboratory testing. Many are restrained for days while being subjected to demeaning and torturous procedures. Others suffer debilitating injuries from physical and chemical abuse and require permanent confinement or euthanasia.

Many in the scientific community criticize the validity of animal testing. Not only are many results attainable without subjecting animals to clinical tests, but the outcomes are not always reliable, as in the case of Vioxx or thalidomide.

The Cruelty-Free Cosmetic Act, Bill S-214 was passed in the Canadian Senate, yet it died in the House of Commons from neglect before becoming law. This law would have amended the Food and Drugs Act, making it illegal to test cosmetic products and their ingredients on animals and ban importing any beauty products that had been tested elsewhere.

This is vital law for animal welfare and needs to be brought forward again, and it is shameful that such an important movement was not given the attention it deserves. Many countries around the world have already passed similar laws and it is time Canada makes this important move. I urge you to speak on behalf of the people and make cruelty-free cosmetics a reality.


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  1. this is so utterly ridiculous to experiment cosmetics testing on animals….so they have to suffer while humans are trying to be gorgeous??????? Bullshit….

    • And what get me is the women are still just as ugly then and when they put on makeup there still just as ugly no amount of makeup is gonna make them look are feel beautiful

  2. These tests are outdated and cause unnecessary cruelty. There are better ways to test without using animals!

  3. It must be made illegal to test cosmetic products and ingredients on innocent and helpless precious animals.

    Cosmetic animal testing exposes innocent and helpless animals to deliberate torture, chemical poisoning, and death by psychopathic depraved pea size brain animal torturing murdering psychopathic monsters from hell. Who get their sadism and evilness thrill by torturing and murdering precious and helpless sentint beings. This sadism and evilness must be stopped and banned immediately.
    Burn in hell you lowlife psychopathic animal torturing murdering monsters from hell.I pray you monsters suffer an agonising death which you lowlife evil bastards deserve.
    RIP the millions of innocent and helpless sentient beings that are deliberately and heinously tortured to death.Bless their precious SOULS.

  4. Jaime Perez says:

    Stop these ridiculous, wasteful and inhumane tests on innocent animals! There are better ways to test products-utilize them, not the animals.

    • Yes test this shit on the stupid women that wears it because animals don’t wear it

    • The thing is were helping them do there testing we need to stop all money going to them for all testing being done I don’t care if it for makeup are medicine the animals don’t use the shit them don’t test it on them do it on the people hell use the people in the prison and all animal abusers

  5. These vile animal abusing bastards must be exterminated. We need to unite together internationally to enact this procedure!

  6. Please stop this HORRIBLE abuse of animals Proverbs 12:10

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