Dog Reportedly Shot and Killed With BB Gun Deserves Justice

Target: Leevin Taitano Camacho, Attorney General, Guam

Goal: Give men who allegedly shot and killed dog with BB gun and filmed the abuse the harshest legal sentence.

Police recently arrested Daimeionne Kaleo Greer for animal cruelty after he allegedly shot and killed a dog with a BB gun. According to authorities, Jesse Pua Villagomez, Jr. filmed the crime. Both individuals need to receive the maximum legal sentence if they are found guilty so that fewer animals will be harmed. The dog probably died a slow and painful death, scared and confused about what was taking place.

The men were released after being arrested. However, the case will soon be reviewed by the Attorney General. If these men are convicted, they should both receive hefty fines and prison time. Sign this petition to demand this innocent dog receives immediate justice.


Dear Attorney General Camacho,

Daimeionne Kaleo Greer was recently arrested for reportedly shooting and killing a dog with a BB gun. Police officers also arrested Jesse Pua Villagomez, Jr. after claiming he filmed the incident. It is important that these men receive the strictest punishment allowed by law if it is found they committed this heinous crime to better ensure other animals will remain safe.

The dog was likely shot multiple times and probably suffered tremendously before taking his final breath. Although the men are now back in society, Guam law states that they could receive time behind bars and large fines if they are found guilty of committing this crime. We therefore demand that you prosecute both individuals to the fullest extent of the law if it is found they purposely tormented and killed this helpless animal so that it will be less likely that other dogs experience such abuse.


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  1. Death penalty for these bastards,cowards!
    +RIP dog

  2. Glenda Rojas says:

    This is abuse at its highest!!!! These cowards need to be in jail for life!!!!!!!

  3. John r brain says:

    We are their voice

  4. Stephanie Geyser says:

    If you, Attorney General Leevin Taitano Camacho, don’t take action, then who will speak up for the innocent and voiceless?

  5. Michelle Lew says:

    Some of these issues like this one are soul crushing!

  6. Dr. Dagmar Görz-Lenzen says:

    Find these degenerate, insane errors of genesis and throw these sublevel scumcreatures into jail, where rather bad men stay, who have to loose nothing, but love and adore animals.The killers will learn their one and only lesson there! NO mercy!

  7. Incomprehensible!!! Evil, cruel, barbaric, inhumane, and heartless!!! There are just awful, hateful people in this world!!! Just senseless!!!

  8. Deborah Grottola says:

    I always sign these petitions. Do they actually work to convict and punish these rotten people. I would like to know that it does. If animal abuse is a felon then why do we need these petitions to get the just punishment.

  9. Animal abusers internationally must have the death penalty performed on them. A slow and agonising death is essential!

  10. Sherry Mainquist Sherry Mainquist says:

    These 2 are cowards!!! Jail is best for them who’s next,children? RIP sweet pupper.

  11. Mary-Lou Trumphour says:

    You have seen the video of these 2 & the suffering they have caused to this sweet pup.
    Put them in jail & let the personers look after them an eye for an eye save the tax payers.
    Lets see how brave they are now. Please let us know what becomes of this story.

  12. Rhonda Hodgman says:

    Kill these worthless human wastes of oxygen before they breed! burn them …

  13. Can the abusers both have a few rounds of BB’s shot into their genitals?

  14. Leevin – Daimeionne Kaleo Greer and Jesse Pua Villagomez, Jr. need to spend some time behind bars for the murder of this innocent dog. Life is Life and apparently these 2 uneducated assholes don’t appreciate it. Get em’ off the streets!!!!

  15. You just find all the so called men that did this line them all up and shoot them one at a time

  16. These HORRIBLE ABUSERS need to be punished to the fullest extent of the Law under the PACT ACT!!! Proverbs 12:10

  17. You need to teach these assholes a lesson!! This poor dog didn’t have a chance as they walk free!!!! This is absolutely disgusting and disturbing they need to pay for the death of this Innocent dog!!!!

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