Applaud the Relocation of ‘World’s Loneliest Elephant’ to Sanctuary

Target: FOUR PAWS International Executive Board

Goal: Support relocation of elephants and other exploited animals to wildlife sanctuaries.

Captive elephants around the world endure hardship not just from physical abuse but from isolation and resulting emotional abuse as well. Now, a major victory for elephant welfare advocacy shows that the world may finally be listening.

Karavan, a 36-year-old elephant who gained international recognition as “the world’s loneliest elephant,” has been transported to a new home where he will now live in peace with other elephants. Karavan first drew attention after his mate Saheli passed away. The pair were living in a Pakistani zoo when Saheli  died in 2012. Since then, Karavan had endured apparent mental anguish and stayed alone in a zoo where conditions were quickly deteriorating. The zoo’s recent closure left the lifelong captive homeless as well.

After the global spotlight shone on this poor elephant, dedicated advocates stepped in and joined together in a massive effort to relocate Karavan to a wildlife sanctuary in Cambodia. Following his first plane ride and a warm reception from the local community, Karavan has now discovered a new, very extended family with over 600 Asian elephants that currently live in the sanctuary. For the first time, this animal will experience freedom from cramped, poor living conditions and a chance at a normal, natural life.

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The enormous preparations and investment made in “the world’s loneliest elephant” Karavan’s sanctuary relocation have paid off in full. This animal now knows comfort, security, and a sense of family. His success is a success for the many elephants and other living beings who have endured similar struggles.

Thank you for your commitment to his care and your continued dedication to this important and most worthy cause.


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Photo Credit: EPA



  1. Thank you for saving this wonderful creature from a lifetime of lonelyness

  2. Praise be to God for turning these people around & setting this beautiful elephant into a life of contentment & peace…..Thank you

  3. Yes I agree, Thank you FOUR PAWS for rescuing Karavan

  4. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    His name is Kavaan…

  5. Cindy Miller says:

    Awesome news!thank you!

  6. Yes I agree, Thank you FOUR PAWS for rescuing Karavan. Now Karavan can live out his precious life free in a safe and caring
    Wildlife Sanctuary.

  7. Thank you Four Paws, the amazing Vet, and CHER for Kavaan! We need to recruit other icons in our society to help advocate for the rescue of animals who are facing the same torment.

  8. Parvati Ramaswamy says:

    Very very heartening news..may all the people involved in this beautiful event stay blessed forever.

  9. There’s another we need to fight for. Lucy in Edmonton, Albert who has suffered alone for years. The Mayor and Council have actively for decades ensured that Lucy will never be given the freedom she deserves. An Asian elephant living in a part of the world where it dips below -30C regularly!! Please write …

  10. My 💓 felt thanks to you for saving this big beautiful animal

  11. Denise Devereux says:

    God’s Blessing on all who helped save this beautiful elephant.

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