Search and Rescue Dog Allegedly Denied Medical Care Deserves Justice

Target: Ross County, Ohio Prosecutor Jeffrey C. Marks

Goal: Give former corrections officer strictest legal sentence for allegedly neglecting dog so badly he was unable to stand.

A five-year-old German shepherd named Sarge that was being trained to become a search and rescue dog was allegedly so neglected he was unable to stand for over two days. A corrections officer and the dog’s trainer, Jessica M. Malone, was charged with two animal cruelty offenses and not obtaining a proper license. She needs to receive the harshest legal sentence if she is found guilty of neglecting this innocent dog.

Veterinarians said that Sarge was only 47 pounds when he was examined, and he was therefore thought to be 30 pounds underweight. Although Malone reportedly told a veterinarian the dog had lost weight three days before she sought medical care, it was allegedly discovered that a trainer had previously told her she should take Sarge to a veterinary hospital if his weight loss continued.

Sarge is now being cared for by the local humane society and has gained 10 pounds with the help of his caretakers. Sign this petition to demand Sarge receives the justice he deserves if it is found that he was mistreated in any way.


Dear Prosecutor Marks,

A former corrections officer named Jessica M. Malone was recently charged with animal cruelty and for not getting a license for her service dog in training. Veterinarians allegedly noticed the animal’s ribs could be clearly seen and further reported that the five-year-old German shepherd named Sarge was unable to stand up by himself. Malone must receive the most stringent punishment possible if it is found she is responsible for Sarge’s condition to better ensure she will not harm other animals.

Sarge was said to be 30 pounds underweight, as he allegedly only weighed 47 pounds when he was seen by a veterinarian. Although Malone did seek medical help for him, it was reported that she had been told by another trainer beforehand that she should get Sarge looked at if his body continued to deteriorate. Because veterinarians suspected that Sarge had lost a lot of weight due to long-term neglect, the dog was placed in the care of the local humane society.

Sarge is now able to stand, eat, and go to the bathroom on his own, but he will have to significantly improve before shelter officials will be able to put him up for adoption. For these reasons, we demand you suggest Malone receive maximum time behind bars if she is found guilty of this heartless neglect.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Stella Waldvogel says:

    This is one of those cases where the “corrections officer” is worse than the prisoners she’s in charge of. She needs to be stripped of all authority and locked away – she won’t even FEED HER DOG. Sick.

  2. this person is a true meaning of an asshole….may she have for the rest of her life, pain & suffering and never find happiness for intentionally wanting to abuse this dog….an eye for an eye….your day is coming biotch

  3. This so called trainer needs to be starved and left without medical care

  4. Jacqui Skill says:

    Fire this so called trainer and lock her up for life

  5. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    Fire this irresponsible, heartless monster immediately. Confiscate Sarge and any/all other animals in her charge immediately. Make her PAY ALL VET BILLS to restore Sarge to full health. BAN her from ever purchasing, owning, caring for or working with any animals ever again.

  6. Hope this poor brave dog recovers and goes to live with decent people . I am sick of hearing about those poisoned wretches living among us with dead hearts and imbecilic psychotic minds… they serve as much use on our planet as the average mosquito ..MAY KARMA CATCH UP WITH THEM SOON !!

  7. Yes they need to be STOPPED and go to prison. This is very abusive and neglectful.

  8. Punish this horrible abuser under The PACT ACT!!!

  9. Jaime Perez says:

    Punish and fire this stupid neglectful, worthless piece of trash! She should never be allowed to go near another animal again. People like this bitch make me sick.

  10. this witch should never be around another fur baby .. not even a snake. treat her the same way that she treated this baby.. whether you are training or have them as part of your family .. how can you be such a witch and i bet the money you earned for it was spent on you … karma will bite you in the a## you deserve what you get

  11. So true I agree with all of you are say put her away and don’t let her get around any more puppy doggies

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