Justice for Puppy Left to Die in Wooded Park

Target: Robert Ritchie, Captain, Philadelphia Police Department, 7th District

Goal: Find and charge the individuals(s) responsible for disfiguring and abandoning pit bull puppy in heavily wooded park.

A pit bull puppy was found abandoned in Pennypack Park, a heavily wooded park in Philadelphia. Her owner(s) left her to die there, tied to a tree, and exposed to the elements. Named Lavender by her rescuers at the PSPCA, this puppy deserves justice after having been so cruelly mistreated.

It is unknown how long Lavender was left tied to the tree. In addition to being abandoned, her face was severely disfigured. The PSPCA worries these serious injuries mean that she may never be able to breathe normally again. The suspect(s) responsible for this cruelty has not yet been found, but the PSPCA knows someone out there recognizes the puppy and knows who caused her harm.

Sign the petition to ask local law enforcement to devote resources to finding those responsible for this coldhearted crime. Until they do, no other animal in the city is safe.


Dear Captain Ritchie,

A young pit bull puppy was found abandoned in a heavily wooded area of Pennypack Park, her face severely disfigured by unknown injuries. In pain and exposed to the elements, she was left to die in that park. Thankfully the PSPCA rescued her and is working to restore her health.

No suspects have been identified or caught, meaning animals across the Philadelphia area are in danger of similar abuse. I ask that you devote resources to the search to help identify, capture, and charge those responsible.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: PSPCA/CBS Philadelphia



  1. Animal abusers internationally must have the death penalty implemented.

  2. Joyce O'Malley says:

    I agree – animal abusers should be killed – prison is too good for them!!!

  3. This is horrible and so sad.
    Who could do such a thing to this poor baby. They trust and depend on us for everything and then they do this to them. I hope they are caught and punished to the fullest, someone has to know who this poor baby belongs to. Please come forward and make sure they get punished

  4. Stella Waldvogel says:

    If this person is not caught, there will be another dog, and another, and then it will be a child. Somebody knows who did this, and they need to SPEAK UP.

  5. No mercy for violent scum animal abusers.
    Agonising slow torture then put him to death. Make it hurt. And brutal

  6. Find these abusers and kill them

  7. Jacqui Skill says:

    Find the monsters and kill them

  8. What the hell is wrong with all these stupid people hurting animals, they should hurt their own miserable ass!!!!!

  9. Stephen Doersom says:

    Karma will find them one day. They WILL pay for what they did. Only scum and cowards do such things to innocent, defenseless animals.

  10. Is there a fund to cover surgery for this poor soul???? The SOB who did this should be tied up and a dog allowed to attack them. BUT animals are so much better then humans so a dog would not commit such a crime BUT I would!!!!

  11. Animal abusers should be put in prison or killed. They are garbage of society.

  12. This injury appears to be one from dog fighting activities, which are federal crimes. We need to have our law and justice system
    enforce the laws. And people need to report them.
    We also need to elect individuals in our communities who follow the laws and have high moral standards and show compassion for all animals. Currently we have too many individuals who lack compassion, exhibit anger and hate and need help.
    The dog’s life was saved, but what is his future? Will anyone adopt him? Will he be fearful and aggressive?

    • What we need is for everyone complaining about animal abuse and animal cruelty to go vegan. Only then will we cut back on the massive amount of abuses, and suffering and slaughters.

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