Stop Abusing and Torturing Great Apes and Elephants for Pleasure

Target: George J Furey, Speaker of the Senate of Canada

Goal: Protect captive elephants and great apes in captivity.

Great apes and elephants still suffer abuse in Canada. Jane Goodall and Senator Murray Sinclair are fighting to change the Criminal Code to protect these and other animals held in captivity. Dr. Goodall and Sen. Sinclair have proposed a bill to the Canadian Senate that will liberate these endangered species while still supporting conservation efforts.

The Jane Goodall Act, officially known as bill S-218, will ban organizations such as zoos from acquiring elephants and great apes for unethical purposes. There are currently 20 elephants and 33 great apes in captivity across Canada, and it is time to stop imprisoning animals for human entertainment and profit. Dr. Goodall said the confinement of these animals to small enclosures is nothing less than torture, and several establishments even allow animal exploitation for tourists, such as elephant rides.

Unless it is for animal welfare, the Jane Goodall Act will make it a crime to own or breed great apes and elephants. It will also create a licensing program for importing or transporting wild animals, and it will prohibit the trade of ivory or any other elephant body part in the country. This bill will also give the government authority to restrict the private possession of big cats, such as lions and tigers.

Sign the petition to protect and liberate these amazing animals.


Dear Speaker Furey,

Great apes, elephants and other animals are shamefully suffering abuse across Canada. Not only are they imprisoned in insufficient cages, but they are often mistreated. The exploitation of these animals for human entertainment and profit is appalling and cannot be allowed. I urge you to support Bill S-218, which will protect mistreated great apes and elephants in captivity.

This bill also provides other essential reforms to animal welfare. Specifically, it will stop the abuse and private possession of big cats such as lions and tigers. Furthermore, it will prohibit the trade of ivory and other imports that are decimating the world’s elephant populations.

I am contacting you to add my support for the Jane Goodall Act. As an upstanding member of parliament, I am encouraging you to endorse this vital legislation presented in the Senate. It is important to the future of our country that the Jane Goodall Act is passed by the Senate. This is the first critical step towards making the protection of these and other animals a law.

It is time to stop forcing sentient beings into captivity. As a concerned citizen who cares about the welfare of animals, I add my support to Bill S-218.


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Photo Credit: Gerontologist


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  1. Canada is such a grim place for animals. What is wrong up there? Do the powers that be just not care about animal abuse? They also hunt all animals including whales to the brink of extinction. What a primitive and backward country. Not surprised someone like Trudeau is allowed to be the leader. Sad.

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