Stop Abandoning Roosters to Starve and Freeze

Target: Sonny Perdue, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture

Goal: Prevent roosters from falling victim to brutality after they are abandoned.

People looking for a quick egg supply during the pandemic have inadvertently created an ongoing animal welfare crisis. As more individuals seek baby chicks as pets, few stop to consider whether they may be getting a rooster in the bargain. The sex of a newborn chick is often not readily apparent at the time the animal is sold. Since roosters cannot lay eggs, can be rowdy, and can become aggressive as they mature, many owners who purchased them young abandon them as a result.

The consequences for the rooster can be dire. Most animal shelters lack the capacity to care for these animals, and rescue groups are limited in many areas. These factors can mean the rooster is eventually let loose in the wild. He may be able to survive for a period in milder weather, but once cold temperatures hit his chances go down significantly. If the elements do not take their toll, the rooster is still at risk from predators or lack of feeding options.

The patchwork of state laws does nothing to help offset this problem. Some regions forbid the keeping of roosters while others allow it. The regulations for areas that do permit rooster-keeping vary wildly. The issue of rooster abandonment is not even clear-cut. In some states, abandoning these animals will get the individual a charge of animal cruelty. In other states, a slap on the wrist or no action at all may come.

Sign the petition below to ask the department tasked with overseeing the welfare of animals nationwide to provide better guidance on this critical issue.


Dear Secretary Perdue,

The Department of Agriculture has administered the Animal Welfare Act for over five decades. In that time, numerous amendments have been rendered necessary. A rapidly developing problem is currently impacting the welfare of an animal central to agriculture itself: the rooster.

Countless roosters have been abandoned in the past few months as inexperienced and ill-equipped purchasers realize the unique challenges in raising these animals. Unfortunately, when many owners discover their new pet cannot lay eggs, they rapidly lose interest. This dangerous trend that imperils these animals cannot continue to go unrecognized and un-remedied.

Please advocate for federal guidelines to better protect these increasingly vulnerable animals. Consider stronger restrictions on purchasing roosters. Most importantly, ensure cruel abandonment visited on them receives a fitting penalty under the law. Please help save these innocents from thoughtless, reckless behavior.


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  1. Here we go again…stupid people who have no clue about what they are getting into with animals. Do your homework, don’t get an animal if you can’t take care of it or don’t want it. Animals are NOT disposable commodities, they are living, feeling beings who deserve kindness and compassion.

    • this is why our world is so screwed up…..humans have lost all care for animals and continue to kill at the expense of innocent animals….this just HAS TO STOP…..WE ARE KILLING OUR WORLD

  2. Sonny Perdue, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture
    Prevent roosters from falling victim to brutality after they are abandoned.

    • All animals deserve care and respect. Those who harm them should be shot at dawn. No ifs or buts just get them off the planet please Sonny Perdue

  3. Humans are a cancer on this world.

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