Dog Reportedly Found Tumor-Ridden and Living in Filth Without Food or Water Deserves Justice

Target: Nassau County, New York District Attorney Madeline Singas

Goal: Give woman who allegedly allowed her dog to starve in feces-filled doghouse a tough legal sentence and require her to get professional help.

Delia Banos was arrested for allegedly not providing her dog Lassie with food and water and for allowing her to live inside a doghouse filled with feces. She needs to receive a harsh legal sentence and also be required to attend regular counseling sessions if she is found guilty, to better ensure other animals will not be harmed.

Officers reported that no light was able to penetrate through the doghouse and that Lassie was trapped inside as a result of plywood blocking the door. She was seized by officers and taken to a veterinarian. After being examined, the veterinarian reported that Lassie had four mammary tumors, a corneal eye ulcer, dental disease and overgrown hair and nails.

Banos was released on an appearance ticket, which means she will be required to appear in criminal court at a later date. Sign this petition to demand Banos receive a strict legal sentence, and to further insist that she receive professional help, if she is found guilty of mistreating this poor dog.


Dear District Attorney Singas,

Authorities recently arrested Delia Banos for animal cruelty after they allegedly found her dog Lassie trapped inside a doghouse with her own waste and without food or water. It is important that she receive a stringent sentence under the law, and that she also be required to attend counseling sessions, if these allegations are found to be true so that she will be less likely to neglect more animals.

A veterinarian concluded that Lassie had a corneal eye ulcer, severe dental disease, four tumors on her mammary glands and that her hair and nails had not been groomed for an unspecified amount of time. For the above reasons, we demand you suggest Banos spend time behind bars and that she also be required to see a mental health counselor if it is discovered she mistreated Lassie in any way to hopefully prevent other similar incidents from taking place.


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  1. This vile, mentally deranged, scumbag severe dog abusing bitch must be put to death. I am ready, willing and able to help perform this procedure on animal abusing scumbags!


  3. – they live among us and have no business being on earth. This monster deserves nothing less than a lifetime of hell.

  4. Adam Hartley says:

    Throw the POS into a faeces-filled pit. This is not human.

  5. Janet Garraghan says:

    Despicable, evil monster! For God’s sake why are things like this this still happening! When are the authorities going to take appropriate action to stop this! Stop being cowards! Backward degenerates need to be PUNISHED! I truly despair of the human race! Horrific! Heartbreaking! Poor, poor animals suffering across the world at the hands of the human race! Yes, nature is cruel but the human race is abhorrent!

  6. Put her sorry ass in the mental ward of the nearest prison!! Deny her everything she did the dog.

  7. Punish this horrible abuser under the PACT ACT!!!

  8. Lynn Greene says:

    Here we go again another piece of shit! If she is found guilty? Are you kidding me!! It doesn’t much to prove she is guilty! Do the same to her!!People do your job! Put her away!!

  9. This HORRIBLE abuser needs to be prosecuted under The PACT ACT!!!

  10. Raynesha McGhee-Reed says:

    I really wish tht Vile & Sadistic POS Should be Rotting in Hell in the Slammer!!!!!

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