Biden: Save Gray Wolves From Being Hunted to Extinction

Target: Joseph R. Biden, President-elect, United States of America

Goal: Restore protected status for persecuted gray wolves.

Trump administration officials have officially stripped threatened gray wolf populations throughout most of the United States of their protection under the Endangered Species Act, leaving them vulnerable to greater hunting and predation even as their numbers were recovering from centuries of destructive human activity. Gray wolves are an essential part of many ecosystems across North America, but human settlement, pollution, hunting, and shrinking habitats have destroyed populations throughout much of their historical range.

The revocation of protected status is based on the claim that more than 6,000 wolves now live in wild populations. However, these exist in only limited areas in the northern United States, and wildlife experts say that removing federal protections may severely hinder the gray wolves’ ability to recover outside of these areas. Critics have pointed out the suspicious timing of this decision as the 2020 election winds down. Demand that President-elect Joe Biden pledge to restore protected status to gray wolves to ensure their complete recovery in the regions they once inhabited.


Dear Mr. President-elect,

The gray wolf was once an essential part of ecosystems across North America, helping to control pest populations and provide balance to numerous delicate food chains. Once near extinction, they have made a partial recovery, but that progress could soon be destroyed by the outgoing Trump administration. It falls to you to provide the protection needed by gray wolves to ensure a complete recovery in the coming months as you take up your duties. I urge you to act quickly to save our threatened wildlife.


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  1. Please save the wolves. Thank you.

  2. Elizabeth Rutledge says:

    President Biden (The nation already turns to use so I’m not even going to say president elect),

    On your first day as our president you could instantly change some of the most heinous practice says Trump put in place. You can turn over many, many acts that Donald Trump maliciously put in place. Several of those have to do with animals.

    Please save these wolves‼️
    Please put animals back on the endangered species list‼️
    Please stop the plans for arctic drilling‼️
    Please stop all the logging that is destroying wildlife

    And the list goes on


    Elizabeth Heath Rutledge
    (678) 641-4359. I would like to help you do this❣️

    • jackie Pflucker says:

      Yes, Mr Biden, we are so happy that you have been elected President – finally there will be peace and sanity – please enact laws for the protection of defenseless animals and the environment.
      Very much obliged!

      • Me too. Jo Biden will leave evil corrupt Trump for dead. Trump is the most corrupt and vile President that America has ever had. He is a complete idiot, and the destroyer of America.

  3. The only good hunter is a dead one. Hunt the hunters!

  4. Their President elect Joe Biden and vice president elect Kamala Harris, please please please save these beautiful gray walls. I have loved animals from when I was a child. And I respect them even more as an adult. Being an animal Advocate and have sign hundreds of petitions and supported saving gray wolves Donald Trump’s hands when he and his people want to go and shoot wolf cubs in their dens I find that despicable and truly disgusting. But I know you both care about animals please put this on your list as one of your priorities and help these animals we need them.

    • Milantia Roy says:

      THE HUNTERS: They are despicable cowards who display the heads as hunting trophies of the poor animals that were surrounded so that they could not escape and that were cowardly killed.
      That is why they have won the admiration of the whole world for their ‘bravery’! (ha, ha, ha, ha)

  5. Marilyn COLLINS says:

    Really amazing people here – please listen to Elizabeth Rutledge she knows what’s right thankyou Marilyn collins NZ

  6. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:


  7. Joseph R. Biden, President-elect, United States of America

    Jo Biden please restore protected status for persecuted Gray Wolves and all the other precious and defenceless Wildlife rotten vile and evil lowlife monster Trump made legal to torture and murder.
    Jo Biden you have a lot of vile and evil wildlife torture and murder that this vile and evil Trump monster has made legal. Please stop these vile and evil plans that this evil bastard Trump brought into Law.
    Vile and evil corrupt Trump is destroying America, the environment,having all the precious and defenceless Wildlife tortured to death by his rotten son Trump Jr and all the vile and evil Trophy Hunters.I hate and detest the lowlife monster Trump bastard from hell. He if you would call this monster that is a psychopathic depraved pea size brain just like his evil son Trump jnr and all the animal torturing vile and evil Trophy hunters.Jo Biden you show this monster Trump how to run a country and not destroy a country like this arsehole is doing.

  8. says:

    Dear Mr President, I’ve been following the two Gray Wolf packs, (14 wolves), since their reintroduction into Yellowstone way back in 1995 .. this was done because they had been eradicated from this area entirely and almost driven to the brink of Extinction from the entire United States, all under the guise and misinformation that the Wolf species was a murdering monstrous killing beast and unfortunately that legacy that was placed upon them by us was totally unscientific and unproven, yet the slaughter ensued .. it’s been proven that the wolf species is an integral part of the entire ecosystem, and has been documented as fact that shortly after their reintroduction, the environment/ecosystem began to once again flourish.
    I urge you to please support the relisting of the North American Gray Wolf
    species back to the protection of the Endangered Species Act, which they were recently removed from by the trump administration.
    Thank you kindly for your compassion and consideration in this matter, Barbara Ley

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