Urge Designer Chain to Keep their Promise of Going Fur-Free

Target: Neil Prosser, Managing Director at Flannels

Goal: Ensure company keeps promise to keep fur products off its shelves

Flannels, a designer clothing chain in the United Kingdom, has put fur back on their shelves despite previous promises to eschew animal products. Management of the boutique chain pledged to become a fur-free company, and only a year later have gone back on their word by placing fur products back on retail shelves. The move makes a telling statement about the ethics of the company and its respect for consumers.

In 2012, after boycotts and international media attention, the England based retail group agreed to remove furs from their stores and discontinue production on any other fur products. Now, fur products are turning up again in Flannels stores in Liverpool. It seems as though the organization was only looking to temporarily appease the boycotts and intense criticism it received.

Over 50,000 animals are born into fur farms every year, where they live in tiny, barren cages until they have reached their maximum growth. These include chinchillas, rabbits, raccoons, minks, and other small rodents. Sometimes, larger animals such as foxes and seals are captured from wild areas to be slaughtered for their furs. The creatures’ health and happiness is neglected before they are painfully slaughtered and skinned. Certain animals are even skinned alive in hopes of maximizing fur output.

International pressure has already persuaded Flannels to take the fur off their shelves once. The public must not take their breach of trust quietly, and must react with the same clamor as before. Flannels must make a change on a base level rather than just a superficial level. Your signature will let Flannels know that the public is once again watching, and demand that the company follow through with their initial promise of going cruelty-free.


Dear Neil Prosser, Managing Director at Flannels,

Recently, fur products have been found on the shelves of Flannels stores in Liverpool. This is disheartening after management’s public pledge to remove fur products and become a cruelty-free organization. This paints an undesirable picture of your company’s ethics, and makes a statement about your lack of respect and accountability to your consumer base.

Animals born into fur farms suffer improper treatment and care while their health and housing needs are neglected. Animals are kept in wire cages with little space and no simple objects to enrich their happiness or physical state. If they are not killed by painful buccal shock procedures, they are skinned alive to maximize product output.

Flannels has a responsibility to be truthful with the public and to refrain from misleading customers. The discovery of furs on Flannels shelves is insulting to the public, and detrimental to the company’s reputation. I demand that Flannels make good on their promise by removing all animal products from retail stores.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: David via flickr

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