Cat Reportedly Beaten to Death With Pole Deserves Justice

Target: Amira D. Fox, Florida State Attorney of the Twentieth Judicial Circuit

Goal: Give man who allegedly beat cat to death with metal pole the most stringent legal sentence.

Antonio Rodriguez allegedly beat his roommate’s cat to death with a metal pole before trying to dispose of the animal’s remains. He needs to be given the strictest legal sentence possible if these allegations are found to be true, so that other animals will not be harmed.

Officers reported finding the cat’s blood on the walls inside of the home where Rodriguez was residing. They believe that the cat was brutally beaten and most likely died slowly while enduring an intolerable amount of pain. People who commit such heinous crimes against animals usually end up committing similar atrocities against people. Sign this petition to demand that Rodriguez receive the maximum amount of time in prison if it is found he committed this inexcusable act of animal cruelty.


Dear State Attorney Fox,

Antonio Rodriguez was recently arrested for allegedly beating a cat to death with a metal pole and trying to hide the animal’s body. It is important that he receive the harshest legal sentence the law will allow if he is found guilty of this barbaric animal abuse.

According to authorities, the cat’s blood was found on the walls where Rodriguez was staying. While the number of times the cat was hit with the pole is unknown, it was reported that the animal was brutally beaten. It is likely the cat did not die right away and was forced to withstand an alarming amount of pain before taking a final breath.

People who beat and kill animals oftentimes end up displaying violence toward other humans before eventually committing murder. For these reasons, we demand that you suggest Rodriguez not be shown any mercy under the law and that he further not be allowed to own animals, or live in a house with other animals, if he is found guilty of this heartless act of animal cruelty.


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  1. Stephanie Geyser says:

    If I were the roommate, I’d get the hell out of that house, because I’d probably be his next victim.

  2. Michelle Wilson says:

    This makes me sick to my stomach! And then furious! The POS should be let loose into a crowd of cat lovers! He will get the justice he deserves! I wish I had 5 minutes alone with the bastard. What a useless SOB!

  3. This is so very sad to know someone did this to a helpless cat. This person need a harsh punishment for such a cruel act. No cat could do anything so bad as to be beaten to death. Cats are wonderful pets.

  4. says:

    These ppl Should be in prison and throw away the key.

  5. RENA VAN STEELE says:


  6. Death penalty for bastard killer,SOB, coward!
    +RIP cat, justice!

  7. Janet Garraghan says:

    Despicable, evil monster!!!! For God’s sake why is this still happening! When are the authorities going to take appropriate action to stop this! Stop being cowards! Backward degenerates need to be caught and PUNISHED! I truly despair of the human race! Horrific! Heartbreaking! Poor, poor animals suffering across the world at the hands of the human race! Yes, nature is cruel but the human race is abhorrent!

  8. Raynesha McGhee-Reed says:

    I wanna bash this Sadistic Prick with a baseball bat 4 doing 2 this poor cat!!!!

  9. Why do people keep saying this? “People who commit such heinous crimes against animals usually end up committing similar atrocities against people.” Isn’t it equally as bad that they do these heinous acts on innocent animals?

    At least people can speak for themselves and call for help and even defend themselves. But, if an animal trys to defend itself, its condemned as dangerous and then put down?

    Where’s the justice for these animals? There is none. The ONLY way these animal abusers will EVER learn a lesson is if the EXACT same thing they did to those innocent animals is imposed right back upon them… NOTHING HELD BACK! And I don’t care if the perpetrator is man, woman or child. A crime is a crime and they must serve the time.

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