Dog Allegedly Kicked and Slammed to the Ground in Brutal Beating Deserves Justice

Target: Anne Colt Leitess, State Attorney, Anne Arundel County, Maryland

Goal: Give man who was allegedly seen on camera beating his girlfriend’s dog harshest legal sentence.

Jeffery Keith Donohue allegedly beat his girlfriend’s dog multiple times. He needs to spend the maximum time behind bars if he is found guilty of hurting this innocent dog so that other animals will be protected from his alleged cruelty.

Donohue’s girlfriend called police after saying she saw her boyfriend beat the dog on home security cameras. Camera footage reportedly shows the dog yelping in pain while being repeatedly kicked. Donohue then allegedly picked the animal up by the throat, carried the dog across the room, and forcefully slammed the animal on the floor. The dog was then allegedly kicked again before successfully getting away from the suspect.

Donohue was arrested and charged with animal cruelty. Sign this petition to demand he receive no mercy under the law if it is found he committed this heinous crime.


Dear State Attorney Leitess,

Police arrested Jeffery Keith Donohue after security footage appeared to show him severely beating his girlfriend’s dog on camera. He should receive the most stringent legal sentence possible if he is found guilty of abusing this helpless dog to better ensure other animals will not be forced to endure the same fate.

Police reported that the dog could be heard screaming in pain while being tortured. After being kicked five times, the dog was allegedly picked up by the neck and taken to the other side of the room before being callously hit against the floor and kicked again. Although the dog was able to run away from the suspect, the animal’s current condition is not known. Even if the dog lives, the animal will likely suffer from anxiety and pain for a long period of time. For these reasons, we demand you suggest that Donohue receive the strictest legal sentence the law will allow if he is found guilty of committing this horrid animal abuse.


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Photo Credit: Jaroslaw Pacztarski



  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    What SHITHEADS some ‘people’ are!!!

  2. Cindy Miller says:

    omg, there is video of this asshole beating this little kitty, why then if he is found quilts of this crime shouldn’t he be put away for life? The video said it all!

  3. All of these assholes should be rounded up and forgotten about.

  4. Lock him up. This guy is a dangerous sociopath, next time it will be a kid.

  5. Yes please please put that MF in prison where the POS deserves to be. And I want the scab raped and beaten many many times before the maggot dies there screaming in absolute misery.

  6. What a big man attacking a dog much smaller & powerless against him.
    This vile scumbag needs several boots to the face then set on fire & tossed out a window. And that’s just the beginning. No mercy for animal abusers

  7. Best this disgusting reprehensible POS monster with a steel bat. What a freaking, worthless piece of garbage. Get him out of society now.

  8. stop human garbage says:


  9. Ellen Giammarino munoz says:

    This cowardly monster should be locked up. Glad he was caught.

  10. Milantia Roy says:

    That demon spawn must have been conceived by two monsters …
    There is a saying ‘it is better to be alone than in bad company’ – I do not understand how the owner of the dog had not realized before the kind of person he was … that she had chosen to be with

  11. jackie Pflucker says:

    Dear State Attorney Leitess,
    We trust that Donohue will receive the strictest legal sentence the law will allow for committing this horrid animal abuse.
    Thank you kindly!

  12. Maria X. Carbonell says:

    To the State Attorney Leitess,
    One question – how long will ‘human beasts’ like Jeffery continue to horridly abuse defenseless little animals that all they do is love their owners? Could you not propose a bill?
    We thank you for your kind attention to this request.

  13. What a cruel and inhumane monster this is. Thankfully this woman was able to catch this criminal in action and start to protect this innocent animal. This criminal needs to be locked up. Shame on this horrible human being. May he suffer the same fate as what he did to this innocent dog. Hopefully the woman will not be forgiving and take this criminal back as her boyfriend.

  14. Do the same thing to him

  15. Animal abusers must have the death penalty implemented. I am ready, willing and able to help perform this procedure!

  16. death penalty for this evel

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