Applaud Decade-Long Jail Time for Animal Abusers

Target: Makis Voridis, Agriculture Minister, Greece

Goal: Applaud the government of Greece for making cases of animal abuse punishable by up to 10 years in jail.

Serious instances of animal abuse, including torture and murder, can now land a perpetrator in jail for up to 10 years. This new legislation from the Greek parliament is an important step in the fight against animal abuse. Before, instances of horrific torture simply resulted in a slap on the wrist. Now, those who so cruelly mistreat innocent animals will face a decade behind bars.

Instances of “serious” animal abuse include poisonings, hangings, burnings, and mutilation. This cruelty runs rampant in Greece. Between January and June of 2020, over 2,644 cases of animal abuse were reported. Just this year, one dog was hung and castrated and another was stabbed with a metal bar only a few days later. These actions outraged the public.

“Society can no longer accept such acts,” said Agriculture Minister Makis Voridis. Thank Voridis, who introduced the law, and his fellow members of parliament for speaking up and acting out against animal abuse.


Dear Minister Voridis,

Thank you for being a voice for the thousands of animals being abused in your nation. A meager fine will never be punishment enough for the torture, mutilation, and murder of innocent animals.

By demanding jail time for perpetrators of animal abuse, you are sending a message to Greece and the world that such mistreatment will not be tolerated. I hope that other European nations will follow your lead. Thank you for recognizing the need for justice.


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Photo Credit: Houston SPCA


    Dear Agriculture Minister
    Makis Voridis..
    Finally an Agriculture Minister in this world that has done a Great thing.
    NO ANIMAL ON THIS EARTH DESERVES TO BE TORTURED, RAPED OR MURDERED,,,, NOT FOR ANYTHING!!!! Hopefully a ten year sentence will make these evil, putrid scum in society think twice before they inflict hideous torture on any Animal..
    Hanging evil scum would be better of course,,, there should NOT be a place for them anywhere in society!!!! If they can do this to Animals,,,, chances are they are doing the same to humans…
    Torturing & murdering Animals is the apprenticeship for adult psychopaths and serial murderers. Lock them all up, throw away the keys and forget about them,,, that’s what should be done!!!

    • yes yes yes…..thank you for all the animals that have suffered for just being an animal and for having the decency to make a very profound choice for the caring of animals. humans are the ones that cause all of God’s animals to suffer and they should be punished for this “hate”. thank you thank you thank you….

  2. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Minister Voridis, for your common sense and compassion for animals! May all other world leaders see YOUR example and make it their own! 😊😁😊

  3. Jacqui Skill says:

    The united states should do this too!

  4. Cindy Miller says:

    Thank you Minister Voridis for ur compassion for the animals that suffer at the hands of sick human.

  5. Instigation of the death penalty must be implemented globally for all animal abusers. Prison is not appropriate.

  6. Jaime Perez says:

    Thank you Greece for taking a harsh stand against animal abusers! All nations should follow suit!

  7. GOD BLESS GREECE, THEY HAVE A HEART!! Why can’t we do that here like we damn sure should, do Americans not have a very big heart???? That gives me a place I would love to move to when biden- I mean president harris starts destroying our country.

  8. I just hope they do it to the full extent of the law, and not like Australia where, yes, they can be gaoled, but often aren’t.

  9. All animal torturers and animal murderers must be put to death by the same unimaginable torture,suffering and an agonising death these psychopathic animal torturing murdering monsters commit against their defenceless and innocent victims.
    No jail sentence definately the death penalty must be their punishment for all these lowlife animal torturing murdering monsters from hell.
    Kill them all!!!!

  10. Victoria Salter says:

    Yay 😁! Greece 🇬🇷 could finally be improving for animals! Now, we still need to work on Cyprus 🇨🇾, Spain 🇪🇸 and China 🇨🇳!

  11. Catherine Emerson says:

    This is great news…thank you…

  12. Yippee. Singapore and all countries should learn to provide harsher penalty. Animal’s life are equally important as human. Be fair!

  13. The death penalty must be implemented internationally to all animal abusers.

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