Tortured Feral Cat With Skinned Tail Deserves Justice

Target: Sarah M. Kirkman, District Attorney for Iredell County, North Carolina

Goal: Punish the person who skinned and nearly cut off a feral cat’s tail, leading to his death.

A beloved feral cat had to be euthanized after he was tortured by an unknown assailant. The 8-year-old feline, dubbed Hero by community members, suffered a nearly amputated tail which had been completely skinned along with extensive bruising and severe rectal trauma. The person responsible for this animal’s agony must be brought to justice.

“He was still friendly with the colony keepers, he had such a will to live…what this poor cat had endured but was still so friendly…I broke,” stated Kristi McElfresh of Bella Vita Animal Rescue. She is working with the Mooresville volunteers in trapping the other cats in the feral colony to move them to the safety of the rescue, as Hero is not the first cat to show signs of abuse in the area. Shaved patches of fur, bite marks, and disappearances have wracked Mooresville’s feral community. Even domesticated outdoor cats have presented with unexplainable marks and bruises.

Someone is targeting, torturing, and killing these cats and they must be stopped. The rescue has offered a $5,000 reward to anyone who can help identify the perpetrator. In the meantime, the legal team must be prepared to seek the harshest penalty. Sign below and demand that the district attorney agree to prosecute this case, once a suspect is identified, and seek real justice.


Dear District Attorney Kirkman,

Hero, an 8-year-old black and brown feral cat, was beloved by the Mooresville community. They looked after and fed him as if he were their own. So, when he returned one September day with a nearly amputated, degloved tail and rectal trauma so severe that it attracted maggots, the volunteers were horrified. A veterinarian quickly determined that Hero would only suffer more if he endured the treatment for his injuries, and he was humanely euthanized. However, he is not the first cat to present with disturbing, unexplained marks on his body and, if his abuser is not punished, he may not be the last.

A reward has been offered by Bella Vita Animal Rescue for the identification of this perpetrator. In the meantime, I demand that you stand prepared to prosecute this case and seek the harshest legal penalty for anyone found guilty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Sponchia



  1. stop human garbage says:

    Probably a psychopathic kid practicing for their serial killer future. Needs a strait jacket psychiatric help prison and the shit beat out of them.

    • Psychiatric help? Prison? Screw it just torture the kid and kill him. This world is so messed up. No amount of therapy is going to help a sadistic schmuck like this.

  2. Susan Budde says:

    This disgusting maggot is not a natural human being. He needs to be caught with his name released in the media. Then, I hope for vigilante justice. He needs to be subjected to the torture he inflicted on this innocent kitty. Then, he needs to be killed so he will never be able to do this again. That would be appropriate justice. I would love to watch this son of a bitch be tortured to death.

  3. Laura Adams says:

    If it’s tame enough to touch, keep it indoors. If it’s too wild to get close to it might live, for a while anyway. Nothing will ever be done to animal abusers in NC. It’s not a state I’m proud to be from.

  4. This story breaks my heart… poor kitty…
    This evil heartless perpetrator he needs to be caught and punished most harshly!!!
    And release his name to public!!
    I feel so sorry for all those feral cats.

    • Yes they need to catch this psycho, post his/her picture and name so everyone can see the sicko who did this to a poor kitty. POS like this don’t deserve to live in society and need to be punished at the harshest possible punishment allowed by law. Every state needs to have protection laws and punishment for animal abusers, killers, etc.

  5. Heather Cooke says:

    Should be classed as a Stray not a feral. Poor kitty. Abuse to animals, all animal is a heinous crime and should attract the severest of penalties. They are voiceless.
    Animal abuse is is certain pointer to crimes against humans. Perpetrators are Sociopaths, extremely dangerous.

  6. Robin Braxton says:

    Kill the piece of shit!!!!

  7. Stephanie Geyser says:

    Severe “rectal trauma” sounds like the abuser was trying to rape the cat. Probably as a trial run for raping women and children. Must we wait for him to rape a human before he can be caught and prosecuted?

  8. Please find this evil monster. This POS needs to be locked away forever preferably in a cell with an animal lover.
    My heart breaks for this beautiful cat. Please please protect the other cats in the colony.
    The police need a special task force dedicated to catching sick animal abusers.

  9. Just makes me sick. People who do this aren’t macho – just sick cowards.

  10. Find the sick perverted person doing this and “euthanize” them – first torture them so euthanasia is necessary

  11. When this ABUSER is caught this idiot needs the EXACT TORTURE as this in Hero suffered before this idiot is thrown into a prison cell without any type of medical attention rendered to him!!!

  12. DEATH PENALTY for this vile perpetrator! ANIMALS SHALL NOT BE VICTIMS OF PSYCHOPATHIC HUMAN SADISTS!!!  ALL these DEHUMANIZED, DESENSITIZED, SADISTIC and PSYCHOPATHIC  SUBHUMANS  abusing innocent and defenseless animals, must get an extremely HARSH PUNISHMENT! DEATH PENALTY IS THE ONLY JUST OPTION! ANIMAL VIOLENCE shall be treated as any human violence. Animals SHALL NOT BE VICTIMS — and they deserve JUSTICE just like YOU and ME! THIS SADISTIC SCUMBAG needs the EXACT TORTURE as this Hero suffered before he is eventually put in the ELECTRIC CHAIR!!!

  13. Kristie whitfill says:

    Our Justice systems unfortunately do so little if anything to protect animals. While I hope this person is found and something is done in the justice system to punish him for his crimes, releasing his picture and name on social media is probably more punishment than he or she will get from the justice system.

  14. Felicia Scheuttig says:

    This guy needs to be caught and thrown in jail for life but that’s too easy nowadays maybe he or she should be gangbanged by 100 people ,that is terrible and then cut off his dick. What is this world coming to. we need to get these demented people off the streets to protect us and our children and our pets.

  15. I’m so so sorry for this innocent creature. Let whomever committed this act not take up anymore air on our planet! I don’t care if this was a demented kid, they will never be normal. PLEASE FIND THIS MFer!!!!!!!

  16. Kelly Wilcox says:

    I have a precious little cat that looks like this one that is in this picture that was abused. This LOW-LIFE makes me Sick to the point that I feel like throwing up. Let’s do the same to this piece of CRAP and he can see how much fun it is to suffer the way this baby went through. These kind of LOW-Lives deserved to be skinned alive.


  18. Shirley Lemieux says:

    A serial Cat killer is at large in Mooresville,North Carolina. This persons mo is that he/she, more likely to be a he, is a bully and a coward. These crimes can occur because these type individuals, being the cowards that they are, feel that they can commit these crimes without consequences. Apparently they have this belief that even if caught, there will be no more than a little fine,if that, with no jail time. Not only are these type crimes satanic in nature, but this person is a danger to society.



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