Tortured Feral Cat With Skinned Tail Deserves Justice

Target: Sarah M. Kirkman, District Attorney for Iredell County, North Carolina

Goal: Punish the person who skinned and nearly cut off a feral cat’s tail, leading to his death.

A beloved feral cat had to be euthanized after he was tortured by an unknown assailant. The 8-year-old feline, dubbed Hero by community members, suffered a nearly amputated tail which had been completely skinned along with extensive bruising and severe rectal trauma. The person responsible for this animal’s agony must be brought to justice.

“He was still friendly with the colony keepers, he had such a will to live…what this poor cat had endured but was still so friendly…I broke,” stated Kristi McElfresh of Bella Vita Animal Rescue. She is working with the Mooresville volunteers in trapping the other cats in the feral colony to move them to the safety of the rescue, as Hero is not the first cat to show signs of abuse in the area. Shaved patches of fur, bite marks, and disappearances have wracked Mooresville’s feral community. Even domesticated outdoor cats have presented with unexplainable marks and bruises.

Someone is targeting, torturing, and killing these cats and they must be stopped. The rescue has offered a $5,000 reward to anyone who can help identify the perpetrator. In the meantime, the legal team must be prepared to seek the harshest penalty. Sign below and demand that the district attorney agree to prosecute this case, once a suspect is identified, and seek real justice.


Dear District Attorney Kirkman,

Hero, an 8-year-old black and brown feral cat, was beloved by the Mooresville community. They looked after and fed him as if he were their own. So, when he returned one September day with a nearly amputated, degloved tail and rectal trauma so severe that it attracted maggots, the volunteers were horrified. A veterinarian quickly determined that Hero would only suffer more if he endured the treatment for his injuries, and he was humanely euthanized. However, he is not the first cat to present with disturbing, unexplained marks on his body and, if his abuser is not punished, he may not be the last.

A reward has been offered by Bella Vita Animal Rescue for the identification of this perpetrator. In the meantime, I demand that you stand prepared to prosecute this case and seek the harshest legal penalty for anyone found guilty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Sponchia



  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    Oh that poor fur baby – FIND THIS MONSTER & MAKE HIM PAY—DEARLY!!!

  2. Someone should find,, rape and skin this evil MF alive,
    they need to suffer the way they make Animals suffer!!!!
    RIP Beautiful Hero xxxxxxx

  3. Do you realize or maybe the district attorney in this county in North Carolina does not it is against the law and a felony to maim or kill a feral cat check the North Carolina law and go after this bastard full force

  4. Louise Peacock says:

    The low down filthy piece of garbage that is hurting these animals MUST be caught before it moves on to other lifeforms, like humans.

    Anyone who can carry our these vile acts of violence is a dangerous individual. Once caught, they should be jailed.
    My own remedy would be to subject them to some of their own acts of violence. that might help to make them understand that what they are doing is evil.

  5. Elaine Smith says:


  6. Karen thank Mckay says:

    Whether this cursed waste of skin is jailed or not, from this moment on it is cursed. Until it’s worthless life is over.

  7. Carolyn Long says:

    This pos must be found and stopped. Animals deserve to live free of harm from humans.

  8. Cindy Miller says:

    RIP Hero. May someone find this human scum & take care of him, her or them because the laws suck & they will get a slapped on the hands!

  9. Absolutely heartbreaking! RIP precious one.
    AUTHORITIES, do your job! Find the evil scum that is torturing and abusing the cats. Prosecute this sick bastard and protect the innocent
    Citizens, patrol, watch carefully, catch this monster.
    To you evil waste of skin responsible. I hope Karma finds you and you spend the remainder of your miserable existence in misery and you suffer 100x those innocent cats did at your evil hands. You monster, you deserve the same in return, I pray someone catches you before the authorities and you learn how it feels to be severely abused and tortured. There has been a special place reserved especially for you in Hell, may your soul rot there for eternity.

  10. Another bitch that needs to be 🎯👈

  11. Veronica Figueiredo says:

    I cannot imagine the suffering of this poor animal in the bloody hands of this BASTARD. I hope SOMEONE WILL DENOUNCE this evil and he will be pay for this heinous crime PLUS it is not JUST animal cruelty. This is BESTIALITY and should have FELONY charges tied to this MONSTER’s FOR LIFE.. I’m so sorry another INNOCENT BEING met SATAN in person; HE WILL PAY for his CRIME. R.I.P. Hero. :.(

  12. Amie Oliver says:

    This monster must be found, and held accountable for the evil they put upon the precious cat.

  13. Yolanda Holtzee says:

    Sarah, this sociopath needs to be found and prosecuted to the max. If a juvenile, his parents should also be prosecuted.

    Do not ignore this, ma’am.

  14. Find the scum and skin him alive!!
    Use DNA samples, surveillance etc. Find the evil subhuman now

  15. RIP Sweet Kitty, I am heartsick you had to endure such horrific Cruelty! The Demented Sadistic Monster that did this to you MUST be Caught and PUNISHED to the very Fullest!!!

  16. Poor Hero. He was young and beautiful. These low life monsters who torture sweet, innocent animals deserve to be harmed! Jail time would be too kind. Someone needs to find this beast and cause him agony!

    Meanwhile, please look out for feral cats everywhere. If I caught someone trying to hurt any I would intervene asap. I’m glad remaining feral cats are being relocated to a safer place.

  17. Why does the law treat these Evil act so lightly, This animal abuse is a huge issue, and it must be addressed in a serious manor. It is not in anyway acceptable to let the filth how commit such heinous crimes to go free.

  18. Allyson Lang says:

    I care for ferals and I love and care for each as if they were my house cats. I will gladly contribute to a bigger reward for the capture of this monster.

  19. Pamela Smith says:

    Only a true PSYCHOTIC DEMENTED MONSTER would do something so sick!!! I’ll bet ANYTHING that the reason why this poor cat suffered rectal trauma was because he was sexually abused as well!! FIND THIS SICK FK AND LOCK THE MONSTER UP FOREVER!!!!! Don’t think for one second that humans will be targeted next!!!

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