Justice for Dogs Who Allegedly Had Ears Clipped with Scissors

Target: Pier Hess Graf, District Attorney of Lebanon County, PA

Goal: Charge man who allegedly abused 30+ dogs and puppies to the fullest extent of the law.

Over 30 dogs and puppies were rescued from a home in Lebanon, PA, allegedly abused and neglected by the property’s owner. The dogs reportedly had their ears clipped and their tails “docked,” or partially removed. These poor animals who have endured such cruel pain deserve justice.

Steven Alston, the property owner, was charged with 18 counts of animal cruelty. Authorities indicate that the animals were left in their own filth and that puppies’ ears were clipped with scissors. According to the SPCA, a grown German shepherd was also found with infected wounds, there other dogs were discovered dead, and two horses and two calves were found without food or water.

If guilty, Alston should be charged to the fullest extent of the law. No animal should ever have to endure such vicious cruelty.


Dear District Attorney Graf,

Over 30 dogs and puppies were rescued from a home in your district. They were allegedly living in their own filth, without food or water. Puppies reportedly had their ears clipped with scissors and their tails illegally docked, a painful and cruel practice. Meanwhile, the SPCA reports that three dogs were found dead. Not only were dogs subjected to this torture, but two horses and two calves were also found to be allegedly neglected.

It appears this is a horrendous case of cruelty and that these poor animals went through unimaginable pain. Steve Alston, the property owner, has already been charged with 18 counts of cruelty. He should not be let go with a simple slap on the wrist, only to possibly harm more animals in his care. I ask that you prosecute him to the fullest extent the law will allow.


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  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    I wonder how STEVEN ALSTON would like to have his penis ‘docked’?
    NO anesthesia, of course!

  2. Charleen Murphy says:

    Disgusting, so cruel! Poor animals! 😞😠😭😟

  3. eleanor dunkavich says:

    Hope he rots in jail

  4. I don’t think ears of Doberman should be cropped. If they were born that way fine but they’re not you don’t do that to other animal breeds that’s just sick and that’s painful. We don’t know what animals feel and the pain that they’re dealing with that’s sick

  5. Rafael Garay says:

    Give me a pair of scissors, a hatchet and 5 minutes with this fpos.

  6. Tha vile piece of S__T wants disabling with a pair of scissors Blunt ones

  7. Take this Cowardly Bastard, dock his ears,ass, and wack hisprivate off. Then put fire ants on him and drag his sorry ass to a gator pitt to be eaten alive. No jail or prison time.Save taxpayers dollars & feed the wild life. Then justice would be served.

  8. Seriously why are we commenting on again another piece of shit loser. Why the hell isn’t there some kind of treatment that gives to them what they gave to the animal. Honestly I truly believe that the death penalty should be in place for all animal abusers – I seriously do as no other treatment is strong enough to stop this constant torture. I know all of us who comment would have no problem handling these abusers – on our terms and our way – no questions asked and none answered.

  9. Lets unite together and amputate these vile bastards penises. After this procedure the death penalty must be performed! I dare these bastards to meet with me!!!!

  10. Jaime Perez says:

    This no good POS needs to have his ears cut off with dull scissors and forced to live in deplorable conditions. Give him a taste of his own medicine.

  11. Can’t monitor this kind of human.
    And there’s plenty of them out there.
    Can’t re-hab them either.
    Put them down.

  12. Arlene Schneider says:

    Thank you for rescuing these animals from this sadist. At least now they are being taken care of now. Please make sure the Judge won’t let this guy take them back. Punish him now or he will never learn.

  13. WTF is wrong with people?! Can we just destroy these sadistic scumbags and rid the world of this type of evil?

  14. This HORRIBLE abuser needs to be prosecuted under The PACT ACT which makes it a criminal offense to abuse any animal punishable by imprisonment.

  15. He needs to be in prison-however, this is too easy of a sentence for this piece of dirt unless his ears are cut, his “tail” brutalized and he’s left without food or water for a week or so- then we’re getting a little closer to justice

  16. Gabriela Torres says:

    Dear District Attorney Graf,
    Applaud the government of Greece for making cases of animal abuse punishable by up to 10 years in jail.
    Serious instances of animal abuse, including torture and murder, can now land a perpetrator in jail for up to 10 years. This new legislation from the Greek parliament is an important step in the fight against animal abuse. Before, instances of horrific torture simply resulted in a slap on the wrist. Now, those who so cruelly mistreat innocent animals will face a decade.
    STEVE ALSTEN – can’t he be given the same penalty?

    • Milantia Roy says:

      A bill is needed to become law, so that these crimes are punishable by at least 10 years in jail and a fine.
      Let’s hope that this country follows Greece’s example! T

  17. An eye for an eye. NO MERCY FOR ANIMAL ABUSERS!!!

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