Get Endangered Sharks Off the Hook

Target: Hichem Mechichi, Prime Minister of Tunisia

Goal: Enforce protections for endangered shark species targeted by fishing.

Brilliantly diverse shark species call the Mediterranean waters of Tunisia home. The marine ecosystem guardians range from tiny dogfish to majestic great whites. Human intervention, however, increasingly threatens the lives of these essential beings.

Tunisia ranks near the top for shark fishing in the Mediterranean Sea. Every particle of meat possible is stripped from these animals, often leaving only the head and guts behind. The meat is considered a delicacy in many regions. The prevalence of this slaughter is made worse by the fact that many species are supposed to be protected. Even fishing of unprotected sharks is still subject to many restrictions and guidelines. Dwindling shark populations indicate that enforcement of these safeguards is negligible. Public education about the types of sharks that should be shielded appears sadly lacking as well.

Sign the petition below to demand Tunisia’s government do more to protect its vital aquatic inhabitants.


Dear Mr. Mechichi,

The Tunisian Mediterranean is carrying precious cargo: apex predators that keep entire marine ecosystems in key balance. The guitarfish is almost exclusive to this region. And evidence suggests that your country’s waters could be an important breeding ground for the storied great white sharks.

Your government recognized the value of these living beings by affording many of them protections and implementing strong fishing guidelines. Now these protections need to be enforced and honored for the long-term well-being of sharks, rays, and the entire Mediterranean. Over one-third of the 60-plus species of sharks and rays found in Tunisia’s Mediterranean waters are endangered.

This country is killing its aquatic assets at an alarming rate, second only to one other Mediterranean country. Please end this dangerous trend. Implement rigorous patrolling and enforcement. Educate the public and enforcement officials about these animals. Build cooperation amongst fishermen.

Save sharks from becoming the prey of human recklessness.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Hermanu’s Backpackers



  1. Charleen Murphy says:

    Don’t understand it! Makes me so upset & angry!! There are many foods that are healthy & delicious that are actual food without killing an animal

  2. Instigation of the death penalty must be performed internationally on all animal abusers. A slow and agonising death for these scumbag animal killers is essential.

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