Slaughter of Bear Cubs and Rare Jaguars Approved by Trump Administration Must be Stopped

Target: President Donald Trump

Goal: Stop allowing hunting of endangered species in wildlife refuges.

A Trump Administration agency is tearing its mission statement to shreds. The U.S. Department of the Interior, the agency that is supposed to conserve public lands and wildlife, is violating its duties and catering to special interests. This time, the department stands accused of giving hunters free reign to slaughter animals on close to 150 wildlife refuges and hatcheries. Undeterred in its effort to encourage the massacre of as many vulnerable living beings as possible, this supposed defender of conservation also stripped vital protections from endangered grey wolves.

The Interior Department unsurprisingly disregarded science and neglected to analyze the impact of its free-for-all hunting decision on endangered species. A director for the Center for Biological Diversity said, “we’ve never before seen such a massive expansion of bad hunting practices on these public lands.” The Fish and Wildlife Service, the branch of the Interior Department under scrutiny in this case, defended itself by claiming it was “increasing recreational access.” These lobbyists and opportunists apparently believe spilling the blood of endangered animals over 2.3 million acres of public land is a good time for all.

Wildlife such as jaguars living in these supposed safe havens will now have their lives put at risk by bullets and by toxic chemicals. Meanwhile, grey wolves have already been put back in the crosshairs of eager hunters after the Interior Department removed the animals from its list of endangered species. This move abruptly took away over four decades of protections that have allowed the wolves to make a slow recovery. These animals still only occupy about 20 percent of their historic habitat, however, and now their resurgence could suffer a permanent setback.

Sign the petition below to demand a federal agency that is supposed to conserve stop doing everything in its power to destroy instead.


Dear President Donald Trump,

Bear cubs, wolf pups, grey wolves, jaguars, and now untold numbers of animals across 150 refuges and hatcheries: enough is enough, Mr. President. The people are telling you to stop slaughtering wildlife, but you refuse to listen. We recognize that you, sir, are beholden to special interests.

You are the one violating the public trust with every new dictate that opens our public lands and its inhabitants to pillage and slaughter. You have the blood of this nation’s natural legacy on your hands. We demand that you not spill another ounce from innocent and endangered living beings.

Revoke hunting permissions for wildlife refuges and wildlife dens immediately. Restore protections for grey wolves. Stop the destruction.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: West Virginia Natural Resources Police


  1. You are so full of crap President Trump dose not condone these people to kill animals!!!! I’m sorry but he is not the cause of these things! You need to look at the democrats for the killing of animals and people of color!

    • LMAO!!!!!!!!! Delusional trumptard. Get some help.

    • Andrea Chisari says:

      If you are that kind to Trump’s evil, I feel sorry for you. It was Trump Jr who slaughtered the endangered sheep, not “the Democrats”! Trump is responsible for more than 200K Covid deaths, not the Democrats. You have my pity.

    • Evan Jane Kriss says:

      Yes, La, he does. His sons hunt endangered animals. Google it and WAKE UP!

    • You are so true. Most Trumpers won’t find out for themselves…just believe what ever Trump says.

    • Elizabeth Rutledge says:

      LA- please research this situation. Donald Trump personally signed into order the ability for hunters to go out and slaughter these innocent animals. You can’t just claim that people are out to get Donald Trump when he is videotaped doing what people are claiming he has done.

      For the sake of this countries democracy, everyone who lives in the country, as well as wildlife…

      BIDEN and BLUE WAVE at the polls tomorrow❣️❣️

    • That’s retarded. Just like you and trump

    • Maggie Loughran says:

      His sons are trophy hunters be quiet

    • Sick. Get professional help.

    • There is a reason wildlife experts refer to this administration as the “extinction administration”. Anyone who loves wildlife shouldn’t be supporting this president. Vote Biden.

    • Mona Frandsen says:

      Oh Yes, he does, he hates animals, no pets, he boycotted a Circus who stopped using elephants, the whole family wears fur, his Sons funkill endangered species !!!! He loves only animals he can make money of and Eat !!!! Can’t wait to See him go Tomorrow !!!!!!

    • This isn’t aimed at you LA. This is not for democratic leftist to come on here wanting to bash!!! I hated Obama but I didn’t go public and bash him. It shows your class!
      This is about the animals. No matter who let it happen humans have been poaching anyways since time began. This is about bringing awareness of them…not bashing.

      • Why would you hate Mr Obana, for his class, ability to soeak coherently, trying to build a healthcare system that is line with the twentyfirst century basic requirements, for having managed to buikd better relationships wirh China and the Middle East? For attempting to pass gun control laws aftwrass shooting? For having relentlessly tried to decrease racism and improving equality?
        If you voted Mr Trump you ought to look objectively and numbers. Your unemployment lev3are rising, healthcare progress briyght to a halt, hundreds of thousands of people dying because he jept repeating absurdities about impossible cures such as injecting disinfectants in the human body!
        Bashing him publicly is nothing pwr, it’s criticism over his all administration and the result of it that ia reverberating worldwide! Boeis John also should be incriminated flr his chouc3and tbe poo rice that us, normal people, pay/paid for it.
        What is even more worrying is that they get away with things that others would face. His neglect is killing animals and wild life. The whole world pays for it. Justuke we are all paying for qhat Brazil has done to rainforest. Defe ding him cannot change lives that have been lost, of both humans and animals.

  2. Andrea Chisari says:

    Sorry BLIND to Trump’s evil…

  3. Andrea Chisari says:

    Are you insane?!? Trump signed the order! Trump made it legal ON PURPOSE! Trump and his kids LOVE killing! His kid murdered an endangered sheep and he killed 200K people by ignoring covid!

  4. This is not a trump it’s a state agency so it would be the Gov. who would allow this as law. DNR with their commendations

  5. Matthew Huboky says:

    This evil thing must be stoped.

  6. Elizabeth Rutledge says:

    This hurt‼️ These animals DESERVE SO MUCH BETTER‼️ Please, I am LITERALLY BEGGING that Trump not be allowed to butcher innocent animals. I am praying that Biden will reverse this on DAY ONE of his PRESIDENCY as I am hopeful that he will be the victor tomorrow. This hurts so much that I am weeping and screaming in pain for these animals.💔😭🤬

  7. I hate Trump more than any other human on the planet. I wish him nothing but the worst! I hope Karma destroys him and his family! He is a cancer.

  8. Stupid fucking trump…. He needs to be voted out

  9. Cathy Grossie says:

    OMG Trump must not be voted back in !! He is the most ignorant, narssistic, cruel man to have walked this earth. Come on American citizens boot him out !

  10. hopefully this fucking excrement will be voted out tomorrow and die in jail

  11. Emilia Merola says:

    Negli Stati Uniti avete una grande occasione: impallinate l’ orrendo Trump votando per Biden

  12. Trump is raping our country before our eyes! He is evil!

  13. This proves that Trump is not the appropriate person to have the chair of the president!

  14. Trump is a vile, mentally deranged moronic animal hating cretin. Throw this moronic, evil cretin on the scrap heap! His sons are repulsive vile animal murderers.

  15. President Trump – As President of the United States, you of all people should be working diligently to preserve what little wildlife remains in this country. Hunting is nothing more than a license to murder innocent life. You are the worst President this country has ever had. I did not vote for you and I pray that you are defeated in the 2020 Presidential Election. Your defeat will directly save the lives of potential innocent victims of the Animal Kingdom…

  16. Not only does Trump temp Satan with his arrogance of this covid but now he is an abomination to our holy Father who put him in the White House who put the holy spirit in him it was predicted by Kim Clement prophesized over 4 – 5 years ago that Trump would win the election and they would shout impeach and they would not and he would go on to win a second far Kim Clement’s prophecy is coming true I wonder if it will come true for the second election we will wait and see…. I don’t know why God would put Trump in the white house but apparently, he has his own plans and agenda and God is in control. I may not like Trump you may not like Trump but God put him there for a reason but I will not vote for him and I will not vote for Biden either I think they’re both worthless

    it does say in the Bible in the end times the time of the fig tree which is now that God would put childlike-minded people in charge does that sound like Trump I think it does

  17. Sick sad evil and cruel these animals need our voice to be protected and stricter laws to protect them!!

  18. Another reason to vote this fat idiot out of office – not a kind empathetic or intelligent bone in his body

  19. Stop naming agencies NAME THE PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE, COMPLETE NAMES AND IF POSSIBLE PICTURES. Perhaps if they cannot hide behind
    anonymity they will stop their crimes.


  20. The cherry on top of all of the other reasons not to let this man be the POTUS any longer. Please stop this madness.

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