Slaughter of Bear Cubs and Rare Jaguars Approved by Trump Administration Must be Stopped

Target: President Donald Trump

Goal: Stop allowing hunting of endangered species in wildlife refuges.

A Trump Administration agency is tearing its mission statement to shreds. The U.S. Department of the Interior, the agency that is supposed to conserve public lands and wildlife, is violating its duties and catering to special interests. This time, the department stands accused of giving hunters free reign to slaughter animals on close to 150 wildlife refuges and hatcheries. Undeterred in its effort to encourage the massacre of as many vulnerable living beings as possible, this supposed defender of conservation also stripped vital protections from endangered grey wolves.

The Interior Department unsurprisingly disregarded science and neglected to analyze the impact of its free-for-all hunting decision on endangered species. A director for the Center for Biological Diversity said, “we’ve never before seen such a massive expansion of bad hunting practices on these public lands.” The Fish and Wildlife Service, the branch of the Interior Department under scrutiny in this case, defended itself by claiming it was “increasing recreational access.” These lobbyists and opportunists apparently believe spilling the blood of endangered animals over 2.3 million acres of public land is a good time for all.

Wildlife such as jaguars living in these supposed safe havens will now have their lives put at risk by bullets and by toxic chemicals. Meanwhile, grey wolves have already been put back in the crosshairs of eager hunters after the Interior Department removed the animals from its list of endangered species. This move abruptly took away over four decades of protections that have allowed the wolves to make a slow recovery. These animals still only occupy about 20 percent of their historic habitat, however, and now their resurgence could suffer a permanent setback.

Sign the petition below to demand a federal agency that is supposed to conserve stop doing everything in its power to destroy instead.


Dear President Donald Trump,

Bear cubs, wolf pups, grey wolves, jaguars, and now untold numbers of animals across 150 refuges and hatcheries: enough is enough, Mr. President. The people are telling you to stop slaughtering wildlife, but you refuse to listen. We recognize that you, sir, are beholden to special interests.

You are the one violating the public trust with every new dictate that opens our public lands and its inhabitants to pillage and slaughter. You have the blood of this nation’s natural legacy on your hands. We demand that you not spill another ounce from innocent and endangered living beings.

Revoke hunting permissions for wildlife refuges and wildlife dens immediately. Restore protections for grey wolves. Stop the destruction.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: West Virginia Natural Resources Police


  1. Marilyn COLLINS says:

    So behind the times with no thought to the future but then you have a creepy kid just like yourself

  2. Anyone that kills baby animals should be put to fucking deathAll animal abusers

  3. What kind of person finds sport in hunting a wildlife refuge? That’s pathetic!

  4. Susan Boyce says:

    There is nothing is nothing worse then so called human ???? Beings !!!!! With no respect for innocent voiceless animal beings. Who deserve to live there rightful lives with there family’s. Slaughtering them is unacceptable. They have feelings and hearts and souls!!!!!.

  5. Carolyn Long says:

    Stop the killing of innocent animals.

  6. mary gibson says:

    There is no cure for stupid!!!

  7. Stop evoking Trump’s name to garner signatures. Just because something is permissible (if it’s even true) doesn’t mean you have to participate in it. Blame the hunters who choose to kill animals. Blame the local officials who do nothing to stop it. Blame the elected state officials who are beholden to local special interests and donors. Go up the chain of decision-makers before you blame the President. Because ForceChange’s perspective on this petition, I personally know at least 15 people who won’t sign it. Ultimately, the poor animals lose because petition sites choose to play politics.

  8. I can never understand why anyone hates animals. Do they think that other species are useless or just a nuisance? They need to get educated to the fact that we NEED animals to keep this planet running smoothly. And I don’t mean important in that they supply sport for some humans. To be allowed to kill animals on a refuge is just mindless. I realize that some control may be needed at times, but if left alone the animals take care of it themselves. The wolves and other predators will keep the prey animals in check, and with the prey at a certain level, the predators will also be balanced. Nature can take care of it’s own. Humans don’t need to help. If people would value every life like they value their own, then there wouldn’t be an issue.


    • Avatar photo Lance Kammerud says:

      WOW!!! To support a man who constantly lies, makes up conspiracy theories, refers to fallen soldiers as losers and suckers, is a racist, sexist, homophobe, calls white supremists very fine people and downplayed a potential deadly virus that has so far killed over 228,000 lives…it says alot about your ignorant true character. Obviously your dignity has fallen through the floor like his administration, Republican politician enablers and the rest of his supporters has…disgraceful!!!

    • I’m sure he will stop it as soon as he learns of it.

  10. Disgusting. Trump is the Head of state he can make a decision to stop this and it would be done. As for the hunters Hang Them!!!

  11. Avatar photo Lance Kammerud says:

    Vote Trumps anti animal, anti environment, anti middle class, anti clean air land water, sexist, homophobic, racist, egotistical disgraceful Piece Of Total Useless Sh*t a*s out tomorrow.

  12. Vote him and his ugly supporters out and stop the killing of animals with a new policy!!

  13. This is cruel, barbaric, evil, inhumane, and heartless!!! Murder is committed daily against people and animals!!! ALL of these acts are WRONG!!! These animals are babies!!!

  14. So it still falls on each human NOT to be hunting these lovely animals!!! Remember what hitler did was legal…did not make that action right for anyone. It is an atrocity that Trump would do this, but then each human needs to step up and be a DECENT human and not hunt…..

  15. Hope scum bag trump and his retarded boys burn in hell

  16. Cindy Miller says:

    We need this asshole out of the white house!

  17. dump will do anything to continue the family cruelty – as if the things he does aren’t enough. Those arrogant ignorant punk thrill-killer bait and murder sons of his will be so happy. It is all just so very sick and cruel. They must be stopped and every animal needs protection….IMO

  18. Don’t like Biden or Trump and wasn’t going to vote for either one, but I will now vote for Biden because of this.
    Republicans are so against abortions but a lot have no problem killing off endangered wildlife.

  19. Maria Centeno says:

    Trump does not care about animals and is the only president not to have a pet in the white house. He stated at one of his pointless rallies how would I look walking a dog on the white house lawn? His sons are hunters and trump has also overturned many environmental protection acts put in place by Obama. Please do your research before you defend this despicable soulless monster. If you love animals you will do the right thing by them and not support a person who hates them!

  20. Please stop this! These animals are being slaughtered FOR NOTHING. THEY FEEL AND SUFFER NEEDLESSLY.

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