Slaughter of Bear Cubs and Rare Jaguars Approved by Trump Administration Must be Stopped

Target: President Donald Trump

Goal: Stop allowing hunting of endangered species in wildlife refuges.

A Trump Administration agency is tearing its mission statement to shreds. The U.S. Department of the Interior, the agency that is supposed to conserve public lands and wildlife, is violating its duties and catering to special interests. This time, the department stands accused of giving hunters free reign to slaughter animals on close to 150 wildlife refuges and hatcheries. Undeterred in its effort to encourage the massacre of as many vulnerable living beings as possible, this supposed defender of conservation also stripped vital protections from endangered grey wolves.

The Interior Department unsurprisingly disregarded science and neglected to analyze the impact of its free-for-all hunting decision on endangered species. A director for the Center for Biological Diversity said, “we’ve never before seen such a massive expansion of bad hunting practices on these public lands.” The Fish and Wildlife Service, the branch of the Interior Department under scrutiny in this case, defended itself by claiming it was “increasing recreational access.” These lobbyists and opportunists apparently believe spilling the blood of endangered animals over 2.3 million acres of public land is a good time for all.

Wildlife such as jaguars living in these supposed safe havens will now have their lives put at risk by bullets and by toxic chemicals. Meanwhile, grey wolves have already been put back in the crosshairs of eager hunters after the Interior Department removed the animals from its list of endangered species. This move abruptly took away over four decades of protections that have allowed the wolves to make a slow recovery. These animals still only occupy about 20 percent of their historic habitat, however, and now their resurgence could suffer a permanent setback.

Sign the petition below to demand a federal agency that is supposed to conserve stop doing everything in its power to destroy instead.


Dear President Donald Trump,

Bear cubs, wolf pups, grey wolves, jaguars, and now untold numbers of animals across 150 refuges and hatcheries: enough is enough, Mr. President. The people are telling you to stop slaughtering wildlife, but you refuse to listen. We recognize that you, sir, are beholden to special interests.

You are the one violating the public trust with every new dictate that opens our public lands and its inhabitants to pillage and slaughter. You have the blood of this nation’s natural legacy on your hands. We demand that you not spill another ounce from innocent and endangered living beings.

Revoke hunting permissions for wildlife refuges and wildlife dens immediately. Restore protections for grey wolves. Stop the destruction.


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Photo Credit: West Virginia Natural Resources Police


  1. Gilles Damidot says:

    Time to stop this delisting . Think.about your kids legacy …Do.U.want leave them zoos to contemplate wildlife ?

  2. I posted yesterday but I read more today. CAN ANYONE tell ME what PRESIDENT gave a shit about animal cruelty other than maybe TEDDY ROOSEVELT? NO it’s always bottom of the list over MONEY, WAR an civil rights!!!!!
    So stop finger pointing. Don’t kid yourself a Democrat will because a Democratic NEVER HAS!!!

    • Daniel Dallas says:

      These animals were literally protected until Trump’s administration decided to remove the protections. By definition, past administrations protected these animals and Trump (not Obama, not Bush) has allowed those protections to be removed.

    • Avatar photo Lance Kammerud says:

      Barack Obama!!! Do your research…he banned import of trophy animals into the US..he protected many marine animal waters…he kept many endangered wildlife from being hunted on public and private lands. If it wasnt for an anti animal Congressional majority many more animals would have been protected

    • Lisa Puchta says:

      Do your research moron, the Trump administration has gutted the ESA, the Obama administration did not, we will have a new president soon, white trash Trump is on his way out, President Biden will have to undo all the damage this LOSER has done.

    • READ and RESEARCH! This SOB TRUMP is the most destructive President for our planet and everyone/everything on it!

  3. The Trump administration of baboons and his ugly family are going to kill every animal they can. He does this cause of his stupid 2 little girls..don Jr (aka phlem) and eric(aka pastie) they need to be all thrown in jail. They could care less about the environment or conservation!

    • The Trump family is despicable in every way. Ivanka is probably still managing her company in China, where her pay is $1/hour for sewing her designs or her stolen designs. Anything for money. The sooner Trump is out of the Whitehouse and into prison the better people and animals in our vast country will be. At least we should survive if we can clean the dirty rivers, keep the air clean, keep wildfires at bay, and keep pollution by gas, oil and mining companies controlled to its lowest level possible.

  4. Do your research! Hundreds of protections have been lifted under the Trump administration as he encourages the unnecessary and cruel slaughter of animals AND the destruction of the environment. This petition goes deep so again-RESEARCH HIS DESTRUCTION. It is up to us informed people to call, write, call, sign and inform the ignorant.

  5. Catherine Emerson says:

    What is it with world leaders getting off on killing for fun. Trumpy and his inbreds are on they’re way out of the White House. But Biden is just as bad. One commenter stated that Teddy Roosevelt was not a killer..oh yes he was he was an avid bear killer. One day he aimed at a cub but couldn’t do it. But his hands were not blood free

  6. Trump is a vile, mentally deranged animal hating scumbag. Instigation off the death penalty must be performed internationally on any scumbag that harms animals.

  7. Lisa Puchta says:

    Do your research moron, the Trump administration has gutted the ESA, the Obama administration did not, we will have a new president soon, white trash Trump is on his way out, President Biden will have to undo all the damage this LOSER has done.

  8. Teri Gardner says:

    We now have a new administration coming 01/20/2021. Hope all these thugs Trump put into office will be booted out fast and protections will be restored to our beautiful wildlife friends. Need to keep this in spotlight so hopefully we can restore the very important and needed protections….

  9. I visited a lot of website but I conceive this one contains something extra in it.

  10. Only a total sicko would kill a baby animal. This is the legacy of Trump and his ass kissers. His administration has tried to wipe out every protection for the environment and every animal that exists. Too bad we can’t hunt the Trump spawn!

  11. destroys this orange special hazardous waste. from the white house to the prison in guantanamo immediately.

  12. Denise Devereux says:



  13. Stop the murders of these innocent babies!!!

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