Innocent Dog Reportedly Shot in Face by Neighbor Needs Justice

Target: Daniel K. Knight, Prosecuting Attorney, Boone County, Missouri

Goal: Prosecute man who allegedly shot an innocent dog to the fullest extent of the law.

An innocent dog who broke free from his yard was allegedly shot by a neighbor. This was apparently an unprovoked attack, which left the dog seriously injured. Sign the petition to demand that the man allegedly responsible be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Jeremy Strum was charged with animal abuse for allegedly shooting the dog in the face with a pellet gun. When approached by the dog’s owner, Strum reportedly said that she had “no proof” he carried out the incident due to a lack of photo or video evidence.

Despite this lack of visual evidence, police still found enough physical evidence to charge Strum with the crime. Now, it is up to local persecutors to ensure that Strum faces the penalty he is due. Demand justice for the innocent dog so brutally attacked.


Dear Attorney Knight,

An innocent family pet was allegedly shot in the face by a neighbor with a pellet gun. Jeremy Strum has been accused of shooting the dog after he ventured into Strum’s yard, and has since been charged with animal abuse. The unnamed pet was left seriously injured and emotionally scarred.

Police have charged Strum for his alleged crime. Now, I ask that you prosecute him to the fullest extent the law will allow so no other beloved pet has to endure such cruelty.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Another scumbag male – illiterate, lowlife, probably drug addict scourge of the earth no
    Doubt. Throw the filth in slammer with NO food or water. Enjoy dude

  2. Nancy Chiodo says:

    Prison for this subhuman, then force him to donate to an animal rescue for life.

  3. Loraine Pretorius says:

    What is it with Americans and their guns???? Gun laws are too lenient. They shoot anything that moves. SHAME ON YOU.

  4. So according to this psychopathic mentality it’s okay to be evil so long as no one has proof?.. MAY ALL THESE BASTARDS BURN IN HELL!!!

  5. What a piece of shit that person is

  6. Wtf is wrong with Americans?? So much violence towards animals and people. They just want to shoot everyone and everything! Very sad

  7. Leesa Hornick says:

    Shoots an innocent dog,what’s next shooting an innocent human who accidentally goes into the wrong yard. The neighborhood isn’t safe if this POS isn’t locked up.

  8. Put him in jail for a long time!

  9. Nadine brundage says:

    Demented asshole needs jail time or the nearest mental institution. That poor dog did not deserve that and now the scum needs to pay for this horrific act of cruelty.

  10. Low life deserves to be beaten to a pulp and left in an empty cell.


  12. Michelle Stewart says:

    That bastard MUST be charged with a first degree animal cruelty felony charge, pay a $500,000 fine, be banned for life of owning any type of gun or other weapons (hunting knives, bow & arrows, etc). He must spend 3 years in prison with no early parole. Real justice would be for someone to shoot him in the face.

  13. judy mackowski says:

    Shame on you for not knowing what you’re talking about. There are more than enough gun laws. The problem is they don’t enforce them. Most good people who are gun owners and NRA members have no problem with background checks , etc and go thru the proper procedure to purchase their guns. They learn proper gun handling skills with a heavy emphasis on safety and the responsible use of their firearm. The so called “Bad” apples are not obtaining their guns legally nor will they ever but they will always have them no matter how much you try to legislate guns or take them out of honest Americans hands.
    I’m going to guess if you were ever at the mall and some madman,thug or whatever opened fire or grabbed you, your family you would be thanking God for the concealed carry owners in your vicinity. You have to remember if the s**t ever hits the fan it will be those that are not afraid to stand up for their rights and yours will be the reason you survive

  14. Hold this asshole accountable to the fullest degree of the law!

  15. Another low life who doesn’t deserve to breath!!!

  16. Raymond Stevens says:

    The filthy scum that shot this dog should do prison time.

  17. Shoot sick freak that did this between the eyes!

  18. I beg you, prosecute to the fullest extent of the law! A slap on the wrist will allow this bastard to do it again. We need a national registry that lists all animal abusers (similar to child molesters), so they never have access to another animal again. And so everyone knows what they have done no matter where they live/move to.

  19. This vile bastard must have the death penalty implemented. I am ready, willing and able to assist with this procedure. This deranged cretin must endure a slow and agonising death! Prison is not appropriate.

  20. This is one mean SOB and I hope he pays for hurting this poor dog!

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