Punish Trainer Who Allegedly Tortured Three Racehorses

Target: Brendan Kissane QC, Chief Crown Prosecutor of Victoria, Australia

Goal: Pursue maximum punishment for trainer and colleagues who allegedly tortured three horses.

Red Cardinal, Yogi, and Tosen Basil: these names represent more than thoroughbred racehorses. They may also be symbolic of the reported animal cruelty often found in the horse-racing world. Two years ago, the horses became subjects in an ongoing investigation against Darren Weir, a former Melbourne Cup-winning trainer, and his associates Tyson Kermond and Jarrod McLean.

Following a two-year investigation, authorities conducted a raid on Weir’s training grounds. Investigators had installed video cameras on the premises and allegedly captured the three men using electric shock devices called jiggers and painful poly pipes to “enhance” the performance of the horses in question. Weir and his team are now facing a litany of charges, including conspiracy, illegal betting, and animal cruelty. Despite the seeming video evidence, the men have pled not guilty.

Sign the petition below to demand this high-profile case be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Dear Mr. Kissane,

Australia’s troubled history with horse-racing scandals (including the alleged widespread slaughter of retired racehorses) illuminates how far the country has to go in protecting these vulnerable and at-risk animals. The upcoming trial of Darren Weir and his co-defendants is an opportunity to spotlight these alleged abuses and send a definitive message about animal cruelty in the racing world. Do not let this opportunity be for naught.

These defendants stand accused of horse torture. The very words reinforce the gravity of the reported crimes. Mr. Weir has already lost his professional credentials due to the accusations. If he is found guilty, he and his colleagues can and should face the full measure of punishment. Please ensure they do.


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  1. Torture them, repeatedly!

  2. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    I thought kindness, patience, repetition and reward were the ingredients for successful animal training…apparently Darren Weir, a former Melbourne Cup-winning trainer, and his associates Tyson Kermond and Jarrod McLean tried a much different approach, that equals failure and punishment for them, which they certainly deserve!



  5. Jacqui Skill says:


  6. Animal abusers internationally must have the death penalty implemented. Prison is not appropriate.

  7. Milantia Roy says:

    Success: Animal Cruelty Offenders Face Federal Fines and Imprisonment

    Animal cruelty is now officially banned across the United States, as President Trump has signed the federal document. The recognition of the link between cruelty to animals and crimes against humans played a major role in this ban.
    Thank those responsible for making the country safer for animals.

  8. Kathleen I Nagy-DeRosa says:

    Sick SOBs. Shameful.

  9. Vile and evil animal torturer Darren Weir, a vile and evil animal torturer a former Melbourne Cup-winning trainer, and his associates Tyson Kermond and Jarrod McLean must all be brought to Justice and jailed for life. The precious and innocent horses suffered unimaginable torture committed by vile and evil Weir and the other lowlife monsters bastards.
    The vile and evil Horse Racing must be stopped and the torturing and murdering the precious Race Horses endure is an abomination of the vilest of Horse torture. There are too many precious and beautiful Racehorses butchered for their flesh.Many of these beautiful Souls have won thousands and thousands of Dollars for their uncaring and evil owners,when the money stops a lot of these vile and evil money hungry owners have them butchered to death for their filthy GREED.
    Weir you are a psychopathic depraved pea size brain monster from hell as well as those other lowlife pos.
    Burn in hell and suffer an excruciating and agonising death that you lowlife pos deserve.
    My heart aches for the thousands of precious Horses that have their innocent lives taken because of the vile and evil Owners and Trainers GREED.

  10. Jose Espino says:

    Scum human. Put one of them jiggers up his ass, turn it on to max capacity and come back next morning, after breakfast please.

  11. They need to go to prison.The same thing needs to be done to them. HORRIBLE!!!!

  12. Jaime Perez says:

    Throw these greedy bastards in jail for the rest of their miserable lives so they can’t hurt any more horses!

  13. How can anyone who is a horse Person even think like this? Give him the chair. Horses have enuf problems without this sadist. Who is his employer??

  14. Zara Tubman says:

    Horse racing should be banned

  15. This so called “sport of kings” is nothing but a god damn joke. These owners, trainers, jockeys, stewards and even the vets who are supposed to care for the horses are all nothing but abusers. Most are on the take, they rig races, they dope the horses, they abuse them and the list just goes on and on. This should all be stopped and no further horse racing – it is torture beyond belief. Get rid of it and rid of all of the assholes involved in it as well. So incredibly sad and then they ship the horses off to the slaughter houses – just far to upsetting to even comment about.

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