Punish Hunters Who Use Painful Steel-Jaw Death Traps to Ensnare Animals

Target: Eleni Kounalakis, President of the California State Senate

Goal: Make use of deadly fur trapping devices a felony offense.

A playful coyote pup’s curiosity allegedly cost him his life. A teenager discovered the crying animal ensnared by the foot in an illegal steel-jaw trap: a torturous device where the poor pup allegedly spent over 24 agonizing hours. Tragically, the animal’s reported injuries were so severe that he had to be euthanized. Richard David Wallem now faces felony animal cruelty charges in relation to the pup’s death, but this horrific case exposes a fundamental flaw in the region’s approach to animal cruelty.

Wallem only faces felony charges because his alleged stetting of the trap led to a death. This suspect has a separate charge for “using a trap with saw-toothed or spiked jaws to take fur-bearing mammals,” according to the district attorney’s office of Los Angeles County: the scene of the reported crime. Yet this apparent action only merited misdemeanor charges. The very act of seemingly setting a malicious death trap with full knowledge of the likely consequences should invoke an immediate felony charge as well.

Sign the petition below to urge California to close this dangerous loophole that lets alleged animal abusers off the hook.


Dear Ms. Kounalakis,

A man in Los Angeles County has been charged with the death of a coyote pup. This young animal reportedly spent an entire day trapped in a horribly painful and illegal steel-jaw device before being rescued and ultimately euthanized. Regardless of whether or not the pup died, this alleged act of inhumanity should receive the full measure of punishment.

The felony charges in this case only arise from the death, however. The fact that this man reportedly willfully broke the law and set a torturous trap that could have ensnared any animal or perhaps even an unwitting person just netted misdemeanor charges. If the pup had not died as a result of his apparent injuries, this alleged abuser may have gotten off with essentially a slap on the wrist.

California made headlines as the first state to ban fur trapping.  Now you must do better in forcefully enforcing this law and protecting the state’s innocent and vulnerable living beings. Please amend the law to make possession and use of these death traps a felony offense.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Chris Pawluk



  1. Julie Bates says:

    And this is your great California laws
    Shame shame shame on the government prick who allows this to go unpunished!!civilization HA my foot

  2. This is a very serious problem. Animals caught in these traps often suffer many days and die long, painful agonizing deaths at the hands of humans. Animals with babies have frequently been known to chew off their own limbs trying to free themselves. These traps are a shameful disgrace and should be outlawed!

  3. This California law needs to be banned! This is a horrible torturous in humane death of the animal! This is pure terror and torture stop these traps now!

  4. It’s the 21st century for heaven’s sake and we’re still using these torture instruments that should have been left back in the Middle Ages!
    These barbaric contraptions should be banned worldwide.

  5. Jacqui Skill says:


  6. Kathleen I Nagy-DeRosa says:

    Barbaric and sickening. Change your damn laws!

  7. The only good hunter is a dead one. Hunt the hunters and turn these vile, mentally deranged cretins into garden fertiliser.

  8. Jaime Perez says:

    Hunters who use these inhumane traps need their heads put in one! No animal should ever be subjected to this horror.

  9. This vile and evil animal torturing murdering monster Richard David Wallem must be put into a trap and left to die in agony the same as this lowlife monster bastards helpless and innocent little coyote pup endured. No innocent and helpless animal should be subjected to such agonising horror.
    And this is your great California laws
    Shame shame shame on the government prick who allows this to go unpunished!!civilization, bloody sadism and evilness at its worst. Absolutely sickening and unforgivable.
    RIP precious little Coyote Pup. Bless your precious and innocent SOUL.
    And bless the hundreds of precious and helpless animals and wildlife who have been caught in these vile and evil traps and died an agonising death.And the lowlife Hunters who use these inhumane vile and evil traps definately need their vile and evil heads put in one. And let these vile and evil monster bastards die in agony as their defencless and innocent victims endured. Burn is hell you lowlife pos.

  10. This cretin needs to be locked up for a minimum of 40 years for the numerous violations, but executing him would be a more appropriate punishment.

  11. These TRAPS ARE MAIMING DOGS!! The next victim will be a child!!

  12. Anyone who does this is torturing animals to death. They are sick and psychopathic. I have seen videos of people taunting the poor animal in the trap to torture them more! These people are a danger to all and must be stopped now.

  13. This horrible abuser needs to be punished to the fullest extent of the law under the PACT ACT!!!!! Hopefully his cell mate will be an animal lover and he will pay for this evil act!!!

  14. The worst of our species are the most primitive and barbaric in the galaxy. We deserve extinction I suppose. What sentient being willing inflicts such pain and suffering on another?

  15. What is wrong with California – how far back in the history books are all of you assholes living. Why in the hell are there still steel traps or any other traps for any animal. This piece of shit needs the electric chair.
    Maybe this is why Mother Nature is letting COVID run rampant – she is trying to clean up her earth by any means possible. I hope the hell she gets all of the animal abusers we would be so much better off.

  16. Cathy Sunshine says:

    I can’t understand how people can inflict such horrific pain to an innocent animal. The demons that do this should be put in these traps.

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