Shut Down Fur Farms to Protect Humans and Animals From COVID-19

Target: Gary Herbert, Governor of Utah

Goal: Shut down mink farms to prevent potential spread of COVID-19 and protect animals’ rights.

More than 10,000 minks have died on Utah fur farms of COVID-19, forcing the closure of numerous sites and posing a grave risk to farm workers, who may be at risk of contracting the disease from the animals. Recent research from the Netherlands has raised concerns about the potential for mink to transmit the virus to humans. Despite the risk, Utah’s health and livestock authorities have continued to insist that the farms are safe for humans.

Apart from the seemingly inherent cruelty of fur farming, the possibility of harming or killing humans exposed to the virus is unacceptable. Sign the petition below to demand that these farms be shut down and the workers furloughed until threats to safety and health can be firmly ruled out.


Dear Governor Herbert,

Reports that COVID-19 could spread to humans from farmed mink have raised alarms elsewhere in the world, yet Utah fur farmers continue to operate with dubious assurances from the state veterinarian. As thousands of the animals have died from the disease, researchers in the United States and abroad have offered compelling evidence that COVID-19 may mutate and spread between species.

As governor, you are entrusted with the safety of all Utahns. I therefore urge you to exercise your executive powers and suspend the breeding of minks until doubts about the safety of fur farms have been settled or effective protective measures have been developed.


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Photo credit: Network for Animal Freedom

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  1. Mary DeCraemer says:

    Shut down fur farms because they are cruel, evil, and unnecessary, with or without a virus!!!

  2. Cerrar las granjas porque no deben existir simplemente!!! Los humanos que visten pieles tienen las manos con sangre!!! Son extremadamente crueles !! Me importa más la crueldad con los bidones que los humanos asesinos y sádicos!!

  3. Not only fur farms, but exotic skin farms should be put down too!

  4. Fur farms, trophy hunting, trade in endangered animals – its all about the almighty dollar! Even the shearing of sheep is abusive. Many are injured as they are thrown around and suffer cuts from the blades. I wish we were all born with empathy as part of our DNA.

  5. Legislate and mandate capitol punishment in order to PROTECT THESE INNOCENT ANIMALS!!!


  7. shut them down permanently!

  8. Shut down the vile and evil torturous Fur Farms to protect the precious and defenceless Fur animals.
    To hell with the lowlife nonhuman species.They are the destroyers and murderers of all the precious and defenceless Wildlife and all animals. They are money hungry GREEDY monsters from hell.
    Couldn’t care a shit about what the lowlife nonhuman species commits against such defenceless and innocent Wildlife and all animals.

  9. Fur is dead. I cannot believe their is still a market for people to wear dead animal skins. We need to move on and shut down these horror farms and liberate these poor animals who are suffering needlessly.

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