Stop Trump From Allowing Reindeer to be Shot From Motorboats and Wolf Pups to be Slaughtered in Dens

Target: Margaret Everson, Acting Director of the National Park Service

Goal: Resume ban on barbaric hunting practices within federal park lands.

Families of peacefully hibernating bears enticed with the promise of a treat will meet lethal bullets instead. Wolf mothers and their pups will see a light approaching ever closer, not realizing until it is too late that their dens will become scenes of slaughter. Waterways will be filled with the blood of swimming reindeer shot dead by passing motorboats. These sickening scenarios are not outtakes from a horror movie. For America’s wildlife, without urgent intervention they could soon become reality.

During the summer, the Trump administration unveiled one of their latest and most destructive reversals of a rule meant to safeguard the country’s environment and its wildlife inhabitants. A ban against horrendous hunting practices like those described above took effect in 2015. The ban protected black bears, wolves, coyotes, and other oft-targeted animals from falling victim to inhumane hunting methods. The Trump Department of the Interior has since made it a mission to roll back these restrictions, resulting in the recent reversal that essentially sanctions wholesale brutality on national wildlife preserves. The Interior Department and National Park Service have faced lawsuits from conservation activist groups. Now they need to feel the wrath of an angry public.

Sign the petition below to echo the calls for a reinstatement of the ban on these barbaric, government-sanctioned death traps.


Dear Ms. Everson,

“Extreme and wholly inconsistent with the Park Service’s mission to conserve wildlife and wild places”: these words by Defenders of Wildlife strike at the heart of the National Park Service  “overtly sanctioning the killing of defenseless bear cubs and wolf pups in their dens; the exact opposite of what most believe is ‘fair chase.’” The public may not fully understand insider terms like fair chase. We do unequivocally understand that we do not want our cherished national parks and wildlife habitats turned into killing fields painted with the blood of defenseless baby animals.

The blasé reversal of a 2015 ban on barbaric hunting practices that slaughter bears, wolves, coyotes, reindeer, and entire families of wildlife is the most shameful act yet of this increasingly politicized, so-called Park Service.  For an agency that counts opening up 150-plus wildlife refuges and fish hatcheries to hunters as one its “accomplishments,” the fact that you have topped yourself with this latest violation says a lot. Just imagine for a moment relaxing in your home, perhaps taking a nap, and opening your eyes to the slaughter of your family….the last images you see on Earth being their dying, agonized faces. This is the inhumane fate you have enabled for countless wildlife.

In what could be one of your final acts of office, do the right thing. Restore protections for vulnerable wildlife, ban archaic and barbaric killing masquerading as hunting, and honor your oath.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Alexandra Buisse

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  1. Shirley Lemieux says:


  2. Just because Donald Trump is President doesn’t mean he is the cause of everything that is wrong in the United States. There were presidents before him that did little or nothing to help wild animals with their survival. So far from what I have witnessed, he has helped in many ways.
    He doesn’t need to be verbally attacked in such sanctimonious ways by ignorant people that don’t know the whole story. Those people cannot say that he is doing nothing about helping these wild animals. Those who have in the past end up looking very foolish when they find out he already signed a bill to remedy the problem.
    Be a little nicer with your accusations. You can attract more with honey than with vinegar. By the way, I’m all for helping the wild animals too.

    • Debbie Jordan says:

      You are so right. He was the only President that made it a felon to abuse animals. People need to get all the information not just what’s being told to them.

      • Nadine brundage says:

        Did you know it’s up to the judge and our wonderful judicial system to enforce this law? Trump gives two shits about the environmental and the animals that inhabit it.

    • Rhonda Hodgman says:

      YOU! need to do YOUR homework before you spew about nothing you obviously know NOTHING about! He has striped protections from the wolves! the land! the wild horses! the black bears! GO CRAWL BACK UNDER YOUR ROCK!

    • What about trophy hunting, Why don’t he do something about that instead of letting his sons kill these beautiful animals?

    • You sick arsehole Trump Lovers are all psychopathic animal torturers and animal murderers just like vile and evil Trump his evil animal torturing murdering sons from hell and his cronies.
      It is about time vile and evil Trump who thinks he is God was exterminated from the planet before this evil bastard Trump definately destroys America, the environment and all the precious Wildlife.Their will be no Wildlife left becoming extinct if this bastard Trump is not eradicated from the planet. The destroyer of America.
      God save America.

    • Thomas – you are an arsehole. Trump is destroying America, the environment and causing the extinction of all the precious and defenceless Wildlife. Vile and evil Trump and his evil Sons need to be hunted down and tortured to death and fed to the wildlife.

    • You are a brainwashed cultist.

    • I have been doing this for many years and any President that defies Wildlife is not doing any of these animals justice. DT has already signed into law allowing hunters in Alaska to slaughter Wolf pups and Bear cubs in their dens. He has also done damage by allowing developers to strip ancient Wildernesses. He is allowing Republican Senators to gut the ESA, along with a list full of other things, but the worst thing he has done is having the power of Veto and choosing not to use it to help them.

  3. Rhonda Hodgman says:


  4. Idiot.

  5. Dale Mellis says:

    Barbaric murderers! The sooner trump is out, the better for all wildlife!

  6. Laura Adams says:

    Considering Trump’s sons desire to kill any and all exotic big game, including those that are endangered, it’s no surprise to me.

  7. His idiot sons are always killing innocent animals just to kill them…not for food. This is perverse and sick! The apple does not fall far from the tree.

  8. He is so cruel and unhinged. He must be stopped now. These precious animals deserve to live the life they were meant to live. IMO

  9. Trump is a morbidly obese, lying, obscene, repulsive criminal and he should be ousted and sent to prison!!!!!

    And yes, Carolyn he is unhinged and I pray someday that he and his sons become some animals trophy !!!!

  10. I agree Trump has done less about protecting our wildlife, National Parks, Ocean, land, and our climate. Although all of these are not just a USA problem it’s a WORLD PROBLEM. The world needs to act in unison to change what humans are doing to ruin our planet and what precious resources and life is on it. However, I have read and seen many items about Trump and he has taken so many protections away that the US is in trouble, especially with all the wild fires happening now. He’s a cold and caless man who only cares about himself & the top 1%.

  11. Cathy McIntyre says:

    I’ve certainly read about a Trump and his sons being keen hunters so I don’t think he’ll be losing sleep over innocent animals being slaughtered. We have the same issues here in the UK, William and Kate appearing on our news with David Attenborough giving them impression they’re interested in animal welfare? What are their hobbies – blasting innocent animals to death! Looks like they’re already taking their children on killing sprees – I realise that they’re not our leaders but animal cruelty is endemic.

  12. Anne-Mari Gavin says:

    And how we ALL would love to see how a crocodile, lion or shark will snap these animal abusers backs and then rip pieces off their bodies until there is no more left. This is the only way we will ever STOP ALL ANIMAL ABUSE!!!!!!

  13. Jose Espino says:

    Animal Petition. Org editors are probably equal opportunity employees which are limited to their writting and reading skills. They meant to say Margaret Everson not Trump. But since the president is so popular and that’s the reason he will win the election and have another four years in the White House, they confused the name. Is Margaret not Trump you idiots!

  14. Jennifer Atz says:

    Everyone on here that says Trump is a POS is a POS. I am a Trump supporter, I may not like everything he does but I will not vote for Biden who WILL destroy America. He will take our gun rights away, our freedom of speech, he will let criminals run the streets. Everyone that says he is a liar really needs to research Biden. He has been lying for 47 yrs. He lied about how his wife died to get sympathy votes (disgusting) he plagiarized his speeches, lied about his son’s emails, o wait, he didn’t deny that they were not his, which means, you guessed it. He and his family get rich off of Americans tax money. He will sell the US to China. Sorry I will be voting for Trump again and pray that, IF this is true, that the whole Congress will step in and help. You do realize that people are the problem, not Trump. If more people would have a heart than no one would kill innocent animals but that will never stop. Would I like it to, absolutely, I have never killed an animal and never will. Trump did make it a felony to abuse animals which no President has ever done so that is a step in the right direction. As for these, do I think Trump really signed them, I dont know, with all the negative things the media and other anti-trumpers put out there even though it is false,probably not.

    • Nadine brundige says:

      Again, it’s up to the judges and judicial system to enforce the felony law for animal cruelty and guess what, it’s not enforced. So much for Trumps Felony law.

  15. I strongly agree that animals deserve to be left alone to live out their lives free of harm in their natural habitats.


    Although I oppose hunting, humans invading wolf or bear dens and murdering them while they hibernate is beyond sick!!!


  18. Manuela Lopez says:

    And I thought this was about the animals……..

  19. If you can’t be bi-partisan then I have to say goodbye…sorry for the animals I wanted to help.

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