Stop Trump From Allowing Reindeer to be Shot From Motorboats and Wolf Pups to be Slaughtered in Dens

Target: Margaret Everson, Acting Director of the National Park Service

Goal: Resume ban on barbaric hunting practices within federal park lands.

Families of peacefully hibernating bears enticed with the promise of a treat will meet lethal bullets instead. Wolf mothers and their pups will see a light approaching ever closer, not realizing until it is too late that their dens will become scenes of slaughter. Waterways will be filled with the blood of swimming reindeer shot dead by passing motorboats. These sickening scenarios are not outtakes from a horror movie. For America’s wildlife, without urgent intervention they could soon become reality.

During the summer, the Trump administration unveiled one of their latest and most destructive reversals of a rule meant to safeguard the country’s environment and its wildlife inhabitants. A ban against horrendous hunting practices like those described above took effect in 2015. The ban protected black bears, wolves, coyotes, and other oft-targeted animals from falling victim to inhumane hunting methods. The Trump Department of the Interior has since made it a mission to roll back these restrictions, resulting in the recent reversal that essentially sanctions wholesale brutality on national wildlife preserves. The Interior Department and National Park Service have faced lawsuits from conservation activist groups. Now they need to feel the wrath of an angry public.

Sign the petition below to echo the calls for a reinstatement of the ban on these barbaric, government-sanctioned death traps.


Dear Ms. Everson,

“Extreme and wholly inconsistent with the Park Service’s mission to conserve wildlife and wild places”: these words by Defenders of Wildlife strike at the heart of the National Park Service  “overtly sanctioning the killing of defenseless bear cubs and wolf pups in their dens; the exact opposite of what most believe is ‘fair chase.’” The public may not fully understand insider terms like fair chase. We do unequivocally understand that we do not want our cherished national parks and wildlife habitats turned into killing fields painted with the blood of defenseless baby animals.

The blasé reversal of a 2015 ban on barbaric hunting practices that slaughter bears, wolves, coyotes, reindeer, and entire families of wildlife is the most shameful act yet of this increasingly politicized, so-called Park Service.  For an agency that counts opening up 150-plus wildlife refuges and fish hatcheries to hunters as one its “accomplishments,” the fact that you have topped yourself with this latest violation says a lot. Just imagine for a moment relaxing in your home, perhaps taking a nap, and opening your eyes to the slaughter of your family….the last images you see on Earth being their dying, agonized faces. This is the inhumane fate you have enabled for countless wildlife.

In what could be one of your final acts of office, do the right thing. Restore protections for vulnerable wildlife, ban archaic and barbaric killing masquerading as hunting, and honor your oath.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Alexandra Buisse



  1. The only good hunter is a dead one. Hunt the hunters! An eye for an eye!


  3. Jose Espino says:

    Another antiTrump bullshit petition Im not signing. People please, dont let yourselves be brainwashed by anti-American socialists. Be careful how you react to news and media it is all psychologically put togerher and edited to steer you in the direction they want you to think and act. Is Communist style of doctrine. Be an individual and think like an individual.

  4. Jose Espino says:

    Why does the heading says Trump and the letter is directed to Margaret Everson? Assholes.

  5. LOIS J HEMM says:

    This is barbaric, uncalled for. These animals should be preserved. Killing pups in their den is inhumane.

  6. Lauren Rischel says:

    The Orange Asshat gives the agencies authority to do these things. However, it is the agencies which write and enact the actual policies, so the headline and article content are congruent. Look up the last word, if you need to.

  7. Marion Bennett says:

    Trump needs to be shot in his den along with all other hunters

    • I agree 100%.Trump is a vile, mentally deranged scumbag.I wish this vile bastard and other hunters a slow and agonising death.

      • Sandy Nichols says:

        We need to have hunting,2 keep the herd’s in check,from overpopulation. Dying from starvation is a horrible and painful way 2go.
        I believe in regulated hunted, but I cannot stand poaching or the MURDER of cubs and their Mama who r hibernating. He also brought back Lead bullets, which kill thousands of animals every year.

  8. Ashamed to be human says:

    Trump is an utter MORON & a total embarrassment. Let him be the first person to land on Mars & leave him there.

  9. There is way to much suffering going on for the wild life since Trump took office.
    He has no compassion for animals that suffer in dairy farms or pig farms. Also no empathy for humans, only himself.
    To take all regulations off slaughter houses again shows me his horrible character and what a horrible human being he is.

  10. Julie Bates says:

    Jose E.. what are u saying ???? Either u think Trump is GOD or u have your brains in the wrong place man !!!!
    Would u like your wife ,mother ,daughter shot….raped while asleep ??? Perhaps they speak Spanish,German or English ….there is NOOOOOO FUCKING DIFFERENCE IN CRUELTY!!!
    The planet is to be SHARED….who died and made HUMANS…aka TRUMP king of the castle…..PLEASEEEE READ AND EDUCATE YOURSELF…..AND GET A SOUL MY FRIEND…..GET A SOUL…LEARN TO BE KIND ……KIND …then u might see things differently if sorrow ever touches your family……

  11. Trump is een stomme idioot.
    Die wetten en dieren negeert.
    Om zijn zoons te kunnen laten jagen op de dieren.
    anders vervelen zij zich.
    Hoop zo dat hij niet herkozen zal worden.
    Maar je hebt altijd van die stommelingen die voor hem stemmen.
    En die zijn net zo erg!!
    Love from the Netherlands

  12. Trump is a vile, mentally deranged scumbag who has an appalling international reputation. I can’t wait for this vile bastard to e thrown out of office! As for hunters: The only good hunters are dead ones. Hunt the hunters!

  13. Trump shit should be shot himself!! A piece of shit!!

  14. Leaving decisions on wildlife killings is the absolute worst and wrong thing to do. These magnificent animals are just as important to our ecosystems and environments as we humans are. This Administration is the WORST EVER for our wildlife, our animals, our marine mammals and our environments. This is JUST DESPICABLE AND UNCONSCIONABLE.

  15. Adam Hartley says:

    Well, that motherfucker has been thrown out of the White House and stepped on like you do a cockroach. Let us approach Joe to reverse this monstrous decision.

  16. Denise Devereux says:



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