Justice for Puppy Reportedly Thrown and Injured in Viral Video

Target: Kim Foxx, District Attorney of Chicago, IL

Goal: Seek justice for dog who was reportedly thrown and injured during altercation.

A viral video shared on Twitter and other social media outlets reportedly shows an agitated woman holding a puppy and engaging in a verbal and physical altercation with the man filming. Towards the end of the altercation, the woman seemingly throws a puppy that she was holding throughout the footage at the man. The dog appears to hit the man before plummeting to the pavement, where the dog lays in a heap, whimpering. The man proceeds to pick up and comfort the dog, while telling the woman that he will not surrender the animal into her care.

The man in the video is identifiable only by his Twitter handle, @Mulaflare. He originally posted the video to Twitter, indicating in the caption that he was keeping the dog, saying: “Idk what’s goin on but I got a new dog.” Twitter has since identified the video as containing sensitive content and warns potential viewers of the troublesome imagery before allowing them to proceed to watching the video. However, the video has not been removed. The original poster has since posted a second video that shows the beginning of the altercation, where the woman seemingly attempts to stick her hands into the driver’s side window of the man’s vehicle.

The woman in the video appears agitated and disturbed. She refers to possible previous mental health conditions. Although both the man filming the video and the woman in the video remain somewhat anonymous, the Twitter account @Mulaflare identifies their location as Chicago. Sign this petition to urge the city of Chicago to investigate this apparent incident of animal abuse, seek justice for the poor dog seemingly harmed in this video, and mental health services for the woman involved, should they be required.


Dear District Attorney Foxx,

Recently, a video went viral on Twitter. It seemingly depicts a woman and a man in a verbal and physical altercation that ends when the woman throws a helpless puppy at the man. Although there are distressing themes throughout the video such as apparently racist language from the woman and the suggestion of mental health issues, the most distressing image is of the dog reportedly being thrown and subsequently whimpering in pain as the altercation continues.

No animal deserves to be treated so inhumanely and the woman reportedly involved in the altercation must be held accountable. I urge you to investigate the incidents depicted in the video, to seek justice for this dog, and to pursue mental health services for this woman, should they be required.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Twitter @Mulaflare



  1. korinna Shan. says:

    She needs to be locked up!

    • Taking her psychotic rage out on a little dog. Another Karen with daddy issues.

      • Hey, my name is Karen and I love doggies and kitties and I guarantee I never had an issue with my mommy or my daddy lol.

    • Teresa Zamalloa says:

      Her face shows that of a drug addict – yet she should be locked up in accordance with the law recently passed whereby ‘ANIMAL CRUELTY OFFENDERS FACE FEDERAL FINES AND IMPRISONMENT”.
      No excuses whatsoever she deserves to pay for what she did and spend time in jail.

    • In point. Stupid heartless women!

    • Lauren Rischel says:

      A liberal massage with a ball peen hammer may help with her adjustment. The appropriate sentence for animal abusers should be to leave them in the middle of Death Valley on a nice summer’s day. If they make it out (heh, heh) then they can serve a lengthy jail sentence.🤬

  2. I’ll of course sign the petition although I doubt that any appeal to DA Foxx regarding animal abuse will be consequential. If past history is any indication, I’d say her area of compassion is more about defending hoaxes.

  3. Hope Weston says:

    Thank you to the man who took this poor puppy away from her. Praying the pup has found a good home.

  4. this fucking psycho bitch was high on something. he should have pushed her out in front of a fucking car. glad the guy she throw the dog at rescued him

  5. Jaime Perez says:

    Poor little baby dog, he didn’t deserve this. The woman is obviously a physcotic nut job. I’m glad the guy saved the dog.

  6. josie olive says:

    Frigging C__T

  7. I think that ALL people who have mental issues should be evaluated before being allowed to have a pet. I’m hoping that this crazy bitch doesn’t have any kids or another pet at home.

  8. Mental illness usually doesn’t result in people causing deliberate harm to animals or people, as someone with mental illness as well as many mentally ill family and friends I find it offensive to see that label tossed about. The mentally disturbed (ie psychopathic or sociopathic) are a whole different kettle of fish, labelling her as mentally ill is nothing but a cop out that doesn’t help the stigma already surrounding mental illness and makes her seem less responsible for her actions – she knew physically THROWING the dog AT someone would cause it harm yet she did it anyway and should be held responsible for that intentional harm as well as be mentally evaluated so nothing like it can happen again.

  9. This vile, mentally deranged, ugly, pocked faced severe animal abusing bitch must have the death penalty implemented. Prison is not appropriate. I am ready, willing and able to help perform this procedure

  10. Joyce O'Malley says:

    This “person” should be prosecuted for animal cruelty!! Also, the dog should be taken away from her – if it hasnt already – and she should be targeted by the police and Animal Control to not being able to be around animals or have them for pets – for the rest of her miserable BITCHY LIFE!!!!


  12. Idiot DAs need to enforce the law. This woman needs to be locked up

  13. How about instead of “Karen’s” just call them what they really are, stupid white trash that should be thrown in the garbage!

  14. Life sentence for this evil woman,justice for the puppy!

  15. Put that freak in jail

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