Man Accused of Torturing and Eating Hearts of Dog and Cat Must be Punished

Target: Christopher F. Allred, County Attorney for Weber County, Utah

Goal: Seek justice for dog and cat who were allegedly tortured and killed with baseball bat.

A dog and cat were reportedly tortured and killed in a horrific case of animal cruelty. Per investigators, Bruce Anthony Saunders maimed them both repeatedly with a sharp object and dismembered the cat. Saunders then reportedly claimed that he ate their hearts. Demand justice for these animals and mental health services for this alleged perpetrator, should he require them.

Ogden police arrived at Saunders’ home to a scene seemingly straight out of a horror movie. Called by his former girlfriend after she found him injured, they reportedly discovered a cat and a dog dead in a bathtub, their bodies covered in lacerations and dismembered. A bloody baseball bat was also apparently found at the scene and necropsy results showed that the animals had suffered extensively before death. Per investigators, Saunders severed one of his own fingers just a day before this alleged act of cruelty.

The motive behind this apparent crime remains unclear and, given the nature of the alleged torture, it seems mental illness could have been a factor. Sign below and demand mental health services for Saunders, in addition to punishment should he be found guilty, to ensure no more animals have to suffer this way.


Dear County Attorney Allred,

Ogden police entered Bruce Anthony Saunders’ apartment for a wellness check and seemingly discovered a bloody and disturbing crime scene. A dog and cat were reportedly found in a bathtub, their bodies covered in lacerations and dismembered. A bloody baseball bat was apparently discarded in the living room. Saunders has a reported history of self-harm and, per police, he claimed that he ate the animals’ hearts.

Saunders has been charged with two counts of third-degree felony torture of a companion animal and one count of class A criminal mischief. In addition to legal consequence, I demand that you seek mandated mental health services, given the disturbing nature of this alleged crime and the suspect’s history of self-mutilation.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: JACLOU-DL

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  1. Raynesha McGhee-Reed says:

    This Sadistic Prick Needs 2 Be Rotting in HELL 4 this!!!!

  2. This idiot monster needs to be punished to the fullest extent of the law, jailed and given the electric chair after years of extreme abuse to him in jail.

    • Please do not insult idiots or Monsters because he is 1000 times worse than a monster he is a complete Barbarian

      • Charleen Murphy says:

        Yes that’s for sure!! I can’t believe what I just read!!! I feel sick!!! And so angry, astounded!!& Sad. I hope this thing gets killed in a long & painful death soon!!! Extremely fucked up, never known anything like it, piece of shit!!!

  3. You have a lunatic on your hands and I hope he’s locked up. God only knows what he’ll do next. He’s a dangerous man and he needs to be put away for many years. Please make sure that happens.

    • Hello and please do not insult Lunatics because lunatics are someone who is crazy and that’s not him he is a complete and utter Barbarian

  4. Debra Davis says:

    Need to put this psycho in an institution before he kills another animal. The maggot deserves life in prison.I hope he meets his fate soon.

    • Hello and you are so very right this psycho Barbarian needs to be locked up for the rest of his life if and beaten up badly everyday for what he did to those poor sweet animals

      • Charleen Murphy says:

        Yes it does!!! I’m so angry & upset for what those poor precious defenceless animals went through!!!! 😠😠😠☹️😟😟💔💔💔😭😭 I so hope this thing has this happen & is stabbed with sharp objects daily till it’s death!!!

  5. Carmel Edreey says:

    May he painfully rot in hell. He’ll get what’s coming to him tenfold.

  6. The filthiest of all beings on this planet are the human species!

  7. Lisa Johnson-Sharp says:

    Mental illness my ass! He is a cruel sadistic bastard today needs to go to prison with a sign on him saying I murder and eat innocent animals! I’m sure the other prisoner will take care if this puts of shit that kills the innocent.

  8. Jane Todaro says:

    This guy should receive the mental-health help he desperately needs and never allowed near an animal ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. This is a Hannibal Lector freak! He is way too dangerous to be allowed to continue to live. He needs to be eliminated. I don’t care about the “mental illness” because the biggest issue is that he is sadistic and cruel. He’s a filthy, rotten maggot that needs to be beaten to death.

    • I officially love you because you are sooooooooo right

    • Charleen Murphy says:

      You’re so right!!! So true. This fucking piece of shit, fuckwit evil evil thing!!!! ☹️😠😠😠😭💔💔💔

    • Tout à fait d’accord. Il faut exterminer ce genre de monstres! mais avant cela, ils devraient servir de cobaye, leur passage sur terre aura au moins eu un sens : faire avancer la science

  10. Anyone who does what this crap piece of trash did to that innocent cat & dog are MENTALLY ILL. However, this doesn’t excuse their horrid acts against innocent animals. This psychopath needs to be put away in jail, fined, listed as a criminal animal killer, put on a list to make sure he can NEVER OWN OR OBTAIN any other animals EVER, and make him pay restitution to an animal shelter for his barbaric act of insanity and cruelty. These psychos makes me sick!!

    • All psychopathic depraved animal torturers and animal murders must be tortured to death. They are definately psycho monsters and evil and you say mentally ill. This is this monster excuse to try and get away with this pos sadism and evilness committed against such precious and defenceless doggy and puddy. How many other precious animals has this monster from hell Bruce Anthony Saunders deliberately and heinously tortured to death. This lowlife pos must be tortured to death. Get rid of this filth from our planet.

  11. This lowlife vile nd evil psychopathic animal torturing murdering monster from hell Bruce Anthony Saunders must be tortured to death by the same unimaginable and heinous torture, suffering and an agonising death this fucking lowlife evil monster committed against the precious and defenceless doggy and puddy.
    Eradication from our planet is a must. Kill the evil lowlife pos slowly.
    Their would be plenty of us that would make sure this evil pos suffers an excruciating agonising death. Die you evil monster.
    Burn in hell for an eternity.
    RIP the precious and innocent doggy and puddy. You have crossed the beautiful Rainbow Bridge into beautiful Animal Heaven. No more suffering. Bless your precious Souls.
    That vile pos Bruce Anthony Saunders will suffer an agonising death!!!!!!!

  12. Shirley Lemieux says:

    Anthony Saunders vicious satanic attack on these innocent and loving animals deserves no leniency. Anthony Saunders does not suffer from mental illness. He suffers from being a violent individual. Let no compassion or sympathy interfere with what this man deserves. His actions can only conclude one thing. That he is a violent monster.

  13. Evil, cruel, barbaric, inhumane, and heartless!!! My heart aches when I think about the horrific fear and pain animals endure at the hands of human animals!!!

  14. Janice Washienko says:

    This is so beyond demented, a mental illness that probably can never be corrected…

  15. He needs to go to prison for the rest of his life . No parole no nothing . Let him die him prison .


  17. Julia Edinger says:


  18. Chris – I sign several of these types of Petitions on a weekly basis, but this Petition is one of the more horrific ones that have crossed my desk. Torture of any living being is barbaric in itself, but eating body parts of tortured victims takes this case to a new level. Bruce Anthony Saunders is one sick fuck and you hold the power to prosecute this asshole to the fullest extent allowed under Utah law. And We The People are asking you to do just that. My heart aches for the victims of this senseless crime. Please put Bruce Saunders behind bars for a very long time! Please!

  19. Those innocent pure souls looking into his evil face and eyes!!!
    You know this has to of been going on for a long time!
    And it took a girl friend to say something.
    Others have to had heard something and did nothing!

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