Man Accused of Torturing and Eating Hearts of Dog and Cat Must be Punished

Target: Christopher F. Allred, County Attorney for Weber County, Utah

Goal: Seek justice for dog and cat who were allegedly tortured and killed with baseball bat.

A dog and cat were reportedly tortured and killed in a horrific case of animal cruelty. Per investigators, Bruce Anthony Saunders maimed them both repeatedly with a sharp object and dismembered the cat. Saunders then reportedly claimed that he ate their hearts. Demand justice for these animals and mental health services for this alleged perpetrator, should he require them.

Ogden police arrived at Saunders’ home to a scene seemingly straight out of a horror movie. Called by his former girlfriend after she found him injured, they reportedly discovered a cat and a dog dead in a bathtub, their bodies covered in lacerations and dismembered. A bloody baseball bat was also apparently found at the scene and necropsy results showed that the animals had suffered extensively before death. Per investigators, Saunders severed one of his own fingers just a day before this alleged act of cruelty.

The motive behind this apparent crime remains unclear and, given the nature of the alleged torture, it seems mental illness could have been a factor. Sign below and demand mental health services for Saunders, in addition to punishment should he be found guilty, to ensure no more animals have to suffer this way.


Dear County Attorney Allred,

Ogden police entered Bruce Anthony Saunders’ apartment for a wellness check and seemingly discovered a bloody and disturbing crime scene. A dog and cat were reportedly found in a bathtub, their bodies covered in lacerations and dismembered. A bloody baseball bat was apparently discarded in the living room. Saunders has a reported history of self-harm and, per police, he claimed that he ate the animals’ hearts.

Saunders has been charged with two counts of third-degree felony torture of a companion animal and one count of class A criminal mischief. In addition to legal consequence, I demand that you seek mandated mental health services, given the disturbing nature of this alleged crime and the suspect’s history of self-mutilation.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: JACLOU-DL

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  1. Carolyn Long says:

    This monster should be locked away forever. RIP sweet innocent animals.

    • I guess when he does it to a human, then he will be arrested. What the F. is wrong with the Government? Why don’t they sign into a law death sentence like they do for human brutality. By the way, this is not cruelty, its brutality and murder! Animal lives matter too not just freaking humans.

  2. Pamela Smith says:

    Are you 🤬 kidding me???!!! This is classic signature serial killer!!!! LICK THAT PSYCHOTIC MONSTER IN A CAGED HOLE FOREVER!!!!

  3. Jesse thompson says:

    This sick pos needs to be locked up for good. I don’t care what medical reason he has anyone that can do this horrific ordeal most certainly can do it to a person as well. Another Jeffery dalmer in the making. Throw this pos away forever

  4. He wants to harm himself?? I’m ALL FOR THAT!!! The bastard needs to have the shit kicked out of him. Then do to him what he did to those poor animals. SICK EVIL ASSHOLE!!!


  6. Please get rid of this freak…before he does this again to another animal or child…please lock him away forever!

  7. I am beyond words. Of all the animal cruelty cases I believe that this has to be one of the worst. In my opinion if found guilty this individual needs to receive the harshest punishment that the law will allow. This was such an inhumane act of cruelty and torture that these two sweet animals suffered. He is obviously a danger to people, to children, to animals and to himself and needs treatment as well as to be locked away for a long time. This type of cruelty and torture is NOT okay and deserves more than a slap on the wrist. Sweet babies are safe in the arms of the Lord now.

  8. You got to be kidding me the MF got mental health problems. Fuck the MF he need’s to be tortured and killed. NO MERCY HERE? The sicko killed 2 innocent little animal’s SICKO BITCH??

  9. Rick and Sue Ogden says:

    Put this monster away forever. I don’t give a rosy red rat’s ass if he is mentally ill or on a mission from Beelzebub–he needs to be restrained from being in public forever. The next victims could be your kids.

  10. American Girl says:

    This inbred piece of shit doesn’t need mental health services, he needs a baseball bat to his head then shoved up his ass! He wanted to harm himself? The douchebag failed miserably! To think of the fear and pain these two beautiful animals went thru because of this oxygen thief is unbearable. I hope he feels that fear and pain daily! RIP BEAUTIFUL ONES…

  11. Does this freak creature even qualify as a human? Beat this piece of shit waste space corrupted freak to death!

  12. Mental illness COULD be a factor? How stupid is everyone?

  13. Lee Ann Robbins says:

    I hope this heartless POS dies a horrible death when he goes to jail. There is no help for this psycho!

  14. Lynn Buehle says:

    Horrifying beyond words, evil lives in this man.

  15. “Poor mental health” is used as an excuse for every crime. Every human being knows right from wrong. This evil criminal has a girlfriend??? Why did she not do something about this lowlife, crueland dangerous monster before these poor animals lost their lives? He ate their hearts??? – Wait for the next Pandemic.

  16. This jerk needs to suffer…killing is too good and to put “it” in jail is a waste of everyone’s tax dollars. Take it to some remote area, shackle this “thing” to a tree and let everyone that you know take a turn with a 2×4 with nails and exposed razor blades…not to kill it but within an inch of it’s life. Pour salt on the open gashes and let it cry out in pain and agony until it dies. Disgusting! I hope it reads every single one of these comments and realizes how hate feels!

  17. What a gross pig that guy in Utah is! He should have his heart cut out – oh wait — he doesn’t even have one!

  18. Yvette Lantz says:

    POS could very easily get RABIES.

  19. Laws don’t punish criminals anymore no matter what the crime because you may hurt them! However they can do whatever no matter how horrendous and get away with it all as a result of slavery and unfair racial acts!

  20. Raynesha McGhee-Reed says:

    This Sadistic Prick Needs 2 Rotting in HELL 4 this!!!!

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