Man Accused of Torturing and Eating Hearts of Dog and Cat Must be Punished

Target: Christopher F. Allred, County Attorney for Weber County, Utah

Goal: Seek justice for dog and cat who were allegedly tortured and killed with baseball bat.

A dog and cat were reportedly tortured and killed in a horrific case of animal cruelty. Per investigators, Bruce Anthony Saunders maimed them both repeatedly with a sharp object and dismembered the cat. Saunders then reportedly claimed that he ate their hearts. Demand justice for these animals and mental health services for this alleged perpetrator, should he require them.

Ogden police arrived at Saunders’ home to a scene seemingly straight out of a horror movie. Called by his former girlfriend after she found him injured, they reportedly discovered a cat and a dog dead in a bathtub, their bodies covered in lacerations and dismembered. A bloody baseball bat was also apparently found at the scene and necropsy results showed that the animals had suffered extensively before death. Per investigators, Saunders severed one of his own fingers just a day before this alleged act of cruelty.

The motive behind this apparent crime remains unclear and, given the nature of the alleged torture, it seems mental illness could have been a factor. Sign below and demand mental health services for Saunders, in addition to punishment should he be found guilty, to ensure no more animals have to suffer this way.


Dear County Attorney Allred,

Ogden police entered Bruce Anthony Saunders’ apartment for a wellness check and seemingly discovered a bloody and disturbing crime scene. A dog and cat were reportedly found in a bathtub, their bodies covered in lacerations and dismembered. A bloody baseball bat was apparently discarded in the living room. Saunders has a reported history of self-harm and, per police, he claimed that he ate the animals’ hearts.

Saunders has been charged with two counts of third-degree felony torture of a companion animal and one count of class A criminal mischief. In addition to legal consequence, I demand that you seek mandated mental health services, given the disturbing nature of this alleged crime and the suspect’s history of self-mutilation.


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Photo Credit: JACLOU-DL

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  1. Leah Chisholm says:

    Lock this monster up FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    I have no words for such cruelty——just pain & sadness for those poor fur babies!


  3. I don’t believe there truly is any real medical help for this person. Their brain is damaged! Another burden to society.
    Bless those beautiful fur babies. Heartbreaking

  4. Sick trashy bastard!!!

  5. These write ups are becoming dumber and dumber every day to the point if the story wasn’t verifiable through other means I wouldn’t believe these petitions. I realize they have to word things carefully (alleged, maybe, possibly) so they don’t get sued for making accusations and slandering these demented people but enough already.

    The motive behind this apparent crime remains unclear
    ~ Seriously you can’t think of a motive?
    and, given the nature of the alleged torture,
    ~ I’d say this is torture in the least
    it seems mental illness could have been a factor.
    ~ Could have been a factor? He’s NOT playing with a full deck.

    Sign below and demand mental health services for Saunders, in addition to punishment should he be found guilty, to ensure no more animals have to suffer this way.

    ~ No, I’m signing with the demand that this demented Ahole be tortured the same and then killed. We don’t need to waste my hard earned money keeping him alive and comfortable in a jail.

    As well his girlfriend should be charge for stupidity and thrown in jail herself.

  6. Your are mentally stable enough to have a girlfriend? He needs to be locked up for EVER jail or mental institution.and why now does he have a mental problem. Of course something is wrong with him for his horrendous act, but he’s ok instill then? So sad for the animals.

    • I’ve read a number of comments here that claim that the monster who did this has to have a mental illness, well we don’t know that. He could have a personality disorder and that’s something different. He has a history of self harming so yes, he needs to see a forensic psychologist but I doubt if anything could be done to “cure” him. Who knows why he killed these animals, he did and he needs to be put where he can’t do this to more animals or people, for that matter.
      I’m not sure why you think that someone with a mental illness can’t live a life like the rest of society, studying, working, having relationships and raising a family. Most do, you’ve watched too much television etc, ignorance isn’t bliss.

      I worked in Psychiatric hospitals so I know what I’m talking about.

      • If nothing can be done to cure him, then he should be put down. For this horrendous act he will never be a productive person in this world. He is bad to the bone and will probably be bad for the duration of his so-called existence.

  7. Jamey Wilson says:

    Beat him with a baseball bat and let him suffer to death! Eye for an eye! Locking him up will only mean that we, as tax payers, will take care of him for the rest of his days. He doesn’t deserve that luxury in the least bit! Make him suffer the pain he caused these poor little angels to endure!

  8. Patrica Birtles says:

    Have my Chianti and beans ready . I only eat rude and cruel people !

  9. Too twisted to “cure.” Lock his sociopathic -ss up for life.

  10. Maggie Loughran says:

    Monster mental illness my ass. Lock the fker up so sick of this

  11. Law enforcement needs to get this nutcase off the streets, whether in jail or a mental institution. If you do not pursue this he will do it again. Additionally, and most importantly, this man should never be allowed access to any animal ever again.

  12. He needs some kind of help. He also should not have any animals, either. These poor animals suffered because of this person. He needs 24 hour supervision and treatment.

  13. Tina Zerello says:

    There is not enough that could be done to this person! To put him away in jail is just not enough.. the laws need to be changed when we are faced with this kind of horrific crime! I ask that you really start looking at this type of animal cruelty and really punish these people and then put them away an throw away the keys!

  14. This twisted, sub human bastard is a MONSTER. Pointless doing any mental evaluation, he is simply EVIL and needs removing from society forever! Life in jail or better extermination, save tax payers money. Law makers have got to WAKE UP and start serving real justice for defenseless animals!! Do your jobs. Send a clear message. Get these murdering filth off the streets.


  16. Never mind wasting tax dollars on his mental health. Put our tax dollars to better use by spending more on the innocent animals. Lock up the piece of shit forever and sentence to death!!!!!!

  17. To bad I can’t cut his heart out and shove it down his throat. Another miserable excuse for a human being. Nothing but a pos.

  18. Lock this serial killer in the making UP for the saftey of all humans and animals!

  19. WHY. WASTE. OUR. TAX. DOLLARS. On MENTAL REHABILITATION when instead BRUCE. ANTHONY. SAUNDERS. should be eliminated forever from our society. !! Wasted useless excuse for a human being has no place amongst us. He is a monster and will kill and torture again and again. !! If he isnt in jaol forever, I hope some animal vigilante does to him what he did to those poor animals!

  20. This sick fuck needs tortured and killed. My heart breaks for these innocent animals. I am so tired of hearing how precious babies are tortured every single day and these assholes roam free.

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