Justice for Horses Left Emaciated and Injured

Target: Heather L. Adams, District Attorney, Lancaster County, PA

Goal: Prosecute woman to the fullest extent of the law for allegedly starving and neglecting a farm full of horses.

Numerous horses were reportedly found on a Lancaster County, PA farm, all of them emaciated, several with serious lacerations, and one with injuries so severe he had to be euthanized. Demand justice for these poor animals.

The state’s SPCA describes a horrific scene of cruelty and suffering. One horse, a newborn, had septic and necrotic wounds that were so unrecoverable the innocent animal has to be humanely euthanized. The SPCA reports that some animals had painful, overgrown hooves while others showed large, infected lacerations.

Joanna Fleming, the owner of the farm, faces 10 animal cruelty charges. She should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law if she is found guilty. No more should she be allowed to run a farmhouse of horrors. Demand justice for the numerous horses finally rescued.


Dear District Attorney Adams,

A horrific scene unfolded at a farm in your county. The SPCA rescued “numerous” horses from the farm of Joanna Fleming. They were said to be emaciated, neglected, and suffering from painful lacerations. One horse, unfortunately, had to be euthanized.

Fleming should not have been allowed to continue this alleged mistreatment for as long as she did. She now faces 10 counts of animal abuse and cruelty. I demand justice for the poor horses in her care. Prosecute Fleming to the fullest extent of the law.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: EM80

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  1. Please get justice for these animals, those who harm animals should be tortured and shot at dawn

  2. korinna Shan. says:

    Prosecute the people who abuse animals!

  3. Would love to right more stop this abuse 🙂 IAM sorry can right more have my hand in a grade got trgge finger it’s something drs don’t no the thumd but ne snaps saying this cuz I love to wright more with a finger so I can’t see dogs been abuse horses going throught that laws need t be pushed ferry had we r all here my back any person who is saveng our pets what’s wrong u ea a dog cats heart break be my IAM sick please send these we do to help pets being abused thank u

  4. Jaime Perez says:

    The death penalty for this sick, deranged monster!! No animal should ever have to suffer like this. I’m glad they were rescued.

  5. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    If you have animals, you have a moral and ethical obligation to care for them. If you’re unwilling or unable to do so, you have a moral and ethical obligation to surrender them to an organization or an individual that can. There is NO excuse for letting them starve and suffer. Prosecute this monster to the fullest extent of the law for egregious animal cruelty and MAKE HER PAY ALL VET BILLS to restore these poor horses to full health. BAN her from EVER purchasing, owning, caring for or working with ANY animals ever again.

  6. Another vile and evil lowlife psychopathic animal torturing bitch Joanna Fleming,who deliberately tortured the precious Horses. This lowlife pos must be tortured to death and suffer an excruciating agonising death which this evil bitch from hell deserves.
    Kill the bitch!!!!!!
    All animal torturers and animal murderers must be put to death.
    Get rid of this filth from our planet.
    Bless all the precious and defenceless Horses and the precious Horse and Calf who were humanely euthanized.Bless their precious SOULS.

  7. THIS EVIL MONSTER SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE THE SAME WAy as she did to these defenless creatures. there is absolutley no way to keep her from acquiringm any animal; police cannot watch her every second.

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