Ban Importation of Cat and Dog Fur

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Target: Barnaby Joyce, Australia’s Minister of Agriculture

Goal: Ban all cat and dog fur imports from China

The majority of people who buy fur clothing don’t often search for dog or cat fur, but oftentimes that’s what they get. In 2004 Australia banned the import of products made from cat and dog fur; however, furs that come from China and are labeled “rabbit,” “faux,” or have no label at all may likely be cat or dog fur. The fur farm industry in China is unregulated, which results in theft of cats and dogs from neighborhood yards as well as strays on the street. Furthermore, all the animals on China’s fur farms are kept in terrible conditions and are frequently skinned alive.

China’s lack of regulations means more than the production and sale of mislabeled cat and dog furs. China’s lack of regulations means that millions upon millions of animals are slaughtered in a cruel and gruesome manner. Australia should be banning much more than the import of cat and dog furs. All furs from China need to be banned. Australia cannot put up a front that it is against the trade of domestic animal furs and continue to import Chinese pelts. It is estimated that 50 million animals are killed each year for their fur and that at the same time 10 million cats and dogs are killed for their fur. That means that 20 percent of fur sold comes from cats and dogs.

No matter the species, the treatment of animals on Chinese fur farms is deplorable. By decreasing the demand for animal furs, millions of lives can be saved. By banning the import of Chinese furs into Australia, fewer animals will be killed and Australia can prove that it is honestly against the trade of cat and dog furs. Any purchase of fur products from China is support for and compliance with the slaughter of cats and dogs for fur. Tell Australia to ban all Chinese fur imports.


Dear Honorable Joyce,

Australia has taken a firm stand against the import of cat and dog furs, or so it would seem on paper. However, importation of pelts from China is an endorsement for cat and dog furs. An estimated 50 million animals are slaughtered each year for their fur. At the same time, it has been recorded that 10 million cats and dogs are killed annually for the fur trade. If 20 percent of animals killed for fur are cats and dogs, the likelihood that cat and dog pelts are entering Australia is high.

In order to legitimately prevent the import of cat and dog pelts, Australia must prohibit the import of pelts from China. Doing so would not only comply with citizens’ requests to prohibit trade in cat and dog furs, but it would also mean that many, many more animals would be free from the abusive environment of Chinese fur farms and would never have to suffer the fate of being bludgeoned or skinned alive.

I urge you to prohibit all fur trades with China. Passing off cat and dog furs as “rabbit,” “faux,” or leaving them unlabeled is unacceptable. Put an end to Chinese fur imports.


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  1. Garth Mills says:

    The jailbird mentality of the Australian people is very strong, they like to do their own thing and to hell with the rest of the world and what the world says about it. The Aussies are a bloody disgrace among the common wealth of nations period.

  2. Tomoko Tamaki says:

    Fur is Murder.
    Can you die only for human clothes
    and greed?

  3. Jean Clelland-Morin says:

    Exploitation of Non-Humans is IMMORAL

  4. Vicky Cole says:

    This is appalling,while celebrities and supermodels prance about in fur and magazines like The Times and Elle/Vogue promote it this will continue, the ethical stance against it in a previous era seems forgotten by some and makes a mockery out of their humanity?

  5. Anne Grice says:

    China will stop at nothing in the name of trade and economic superpower! No understanding of dogs and cats and why we have them. Just make money from every living being like scavengers!

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