Praise Arrest of Man Who Tortured Kitten

Marie-Lan Nguyen via Wikimedia Commons

Target: West Whiteland Police Chief Joseph M. Catov

Goal: Thank police officers for arresting a man who drugged and severely tortured a helpless kitten

A Pennsylvania man has been arrested and charged for injecting a kitten with heroin before suffocating it with a rope and slamming it repeatedly on the ground. The 24-year-old suspect, James Paul Myers, had been spotted standing near the wounded, bleeding kitten outside of his car in West Whiteland Township. When an officer saw the kitten, its face was bleeding heavily and several of its teeth had been knocked out. Myers had also allegedly spray painted an obscene message that read, “SLAM IT YOU [expletive]” on the ground next to the kitten, which appeared to have been severely beaten and dragged.

When police officers searched Myers’ car, they found hundreds of used bags of heroin, 46 hypodermic needles, ropes, and a small box containing cat feces. Doctors at the HOPE Veterinary Clinic in Malvern found evidence that Myers had forcibly injected heroin into the kitten, so the veterinarians quickly treated the young animal with an antidote normally given to humans who suffer from drug overdoses. Thankfully, Dr. Gary Puglia, a doctor at the clinic, has confirmed that the kitten will make a full recovery and be ready for a permanent home within a matter of days. The kitten has been renamed Hope in honor of the facility that helped save its life.

Meanwhile, Myers has been arrested on cruelty to animals, drug possession, and other related charges. In a statement given to NBC News, District Attorney Tom Hogan said, “There is no excuse for cruelty to a defenseless animal. The West Whiteland Police Department should be commended for intervening to stop this abuse.”

Sign this petition to praise the police department for arresting James Paul Myers for animal cruelty and help make sure that this cruel man receives the maximum punishment for his brutal, disgusting crimes.


Dear Chief Catov,

I want to thank your department for arresting James Paul Myers after he was seen severely beating and torturing an innocent kitten. Due to the quick actions of the patrolling officer who witnessed the scene and the veterinarians who acted swiftly, Hope was given a second chance at life. It is a great relief to know that the kitten will make a full recovery before finding a new, permanent home where it will receive love for the rest of its life. I urge you to make sure Myers gets the maximum punishment he deserves for abusing a sweet, defenseless kitten.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Marie-Lan Nguyen via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Emily March says:

    Well done the rescuers! Good karma is lurking round the corner for you!

  2. Linda Amundson says:

    I am indeed thankful for the arrest of this animal sadist and the rescue of this innocent kitten. However, with all the info on what happened to this kitten, why is there no mention of whether the kitten’s a he or a she? That itself isn’t the point, but I can’t stand when articles refer to animals as “it.”

  3. What a sub-human scum bag! Trying to show how crave you re? How tough you are? You lowlife bastard! It takes a lot to beat a defenseless, little kitten! You’re the type that would not only abuse small animals but children too. I know karma will get you but I hope I get to read about it!


  5. Cecily Colloby says:

    How right you are, David Lavery. Those who have the power to punish these bastards properly and don’t use that power are as guilty as the abusers. If they received appropriate punishment they would think twice before repeat offending but,of course,they never do and go on to do the same thing again and again. You and I know the “punishment” these scumbags receive is totally inadequate to the point where they may as well REWARD them, so why the hell don’t those who dish out the so called punishment have the brain to realise this too???

  6. Ellis Toscano says:

    This is what “little” men do for sexual gratification.Would be lovely if his “little” appendage falls off after being repeatedly injected with heroin and being dragged by same by an attached rope.

  7. lindsey rose says:

    Sick vile human, hope someone beats the s.@$ t out of him aswell. Big man having to abuse a kitten :@

  8. Marina nemchinova says:

    The same should be done that scumbag.

  9. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    Thank you for caring enough to step in and help this innocent victim. This man should be removed from the gene pool. Sick bastard…

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