Punish Father and Son Accused of Running Dog Fighting Ring

Target: David Cooke, District Attorney of Macon-Bibb County, Georgia

Goal: Punish men who allegedly injured ten dogs in dogfighting ring.

A father and son allegedly ran a dogfighting enterprise from their home. Police arrested Dale and Christopher Fluellen after they initially went to oversee an eviction of the men. Inside the residence, they discovered ten dogs seemingly recovering from various injuries.

Although they did not provide more specific details about the case, the sheriff’s office stated that the injuries appeared to be consistent with dogfighting wounds. This investigation is still ongoing, but other cases involving alleged dogfighting have become more commonplace in the Georgia county where this arrest occurred. The family has been charged. A strong punishment could go a long way in stopping this dangerous trend.

Sign the petition below to urge prosecutors to seek the maximum penalty if these suspects are found guilty.


Dear Mr. Cooke,

The ten charges of Prohibited Dog Fighting and Related Conduct brought against Dale and Christopher Fluellen are an important first step in combating the dogfighting epidemic reportedly gripping Macon-Bibb County. The alleged victims in this case deserve justice. More crucially still, these heinous crimes need to end for the long-term.

Please stay vigilant in prosecuting these cases and pursuing a punishment fitting the reported crime.


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  1. Put these bastards in a dog fighting ring and see how they do!!!!

  2. Animal lovers like myself should be allowed to beet the shit out of these assholes. They need to see how it feels. They need to know what these poor defenseless animals go through. These assholes make a bad name for these dogs especially pit bulls. People are afraid to have one because they think they are bad dogs, they aren’t it’s how people raise them.

  3. Matthew Huboky says:

    Scum Bags Belong in jail.

  4. Susan Duplantis says:

    Torture these Cowardly Bastards to the end. Rubber band castrate them, pour fire ants on them, then drag their sorry ass to a gator pitt to to be eaten alive.
    No jail or prison time. Save taxpayers dollars and feed the wildlife.
    Or drop their as in a pool of Hot Tar.

    • I agree hunny. I hate animal abusers!!!

    • Exactly my feelings entirely. These sycopathic tossers should be fucking lynched and dealt with accordingly.

      I am not a violent person but these bastards who torture any animals need to be taught a severe lesson.

      They would understand what pain was all about no question.
      Am I just talking hot air, no I am bloody well not. I would put my money where my mouth is and make these asswipes scream for mercy – of which there would be none.

  5. All people who run dog a rooster fighting should be punished

  6. Sadistic criminals like these two should be thrown in jail like the other sicko Michael Vick! I hope the dogs that survived be adopted and rehabilitated by Best Friends of Utah, the group that SAVED the Vick dogs!!!

  7. Sadistic criminals like these two should be thrown in jail like the other sicko Michael Vick! I hope the dogs that survived be adopted and rehabilitated by Best Friends of Utah, the group that SAVED the Vick dogs!!!

  8. May they suffer in kind. May they reap what they sow, suffer a plague upon them and lose all they value and hold dear.

  9. I’m originally from Georgia and this saddens me that our good ol’ boys aren’t being good country boys, like Blake Shelton is. Animals just want love. They only have about 15years of life and anyone who takes part in violence against and or promoting it like dog fights will get their karma oneday. Was especially sad to hear this was Father and Son. Hope the Son won’t procreate and continue the procreation of the heartless humans.

  10. Ha!Georgia. Figures.

    • Don’t blame Georgia as a whole. My entire family of male and females love and rescueanimals and we are from Georgia. I live in Hawaii now and there is dogfighting here and other states as well.

  11. Complete and utter cowards and losers like this belong in jail, deserve huge fines and a lifetime ban from ANY animal contact. Animals used in these disgusting killing games would never do this naturally, only scum would force animals to act like scum. Animal abuse is a felony, dog fighting is illegal; do your jobs and arrest these freaks and hold them accountable.

  12. Every time I sign these petitions I almost always sign with other women. Wish we had more men on board taking the time to say this is not ok. We need more cowboys. Good prince charmings helping make our communities more kinder. Women have the power to at least raise their sons into good boys and pick loving men for partners. Be a good influence on men to guide them to be better.

  13. Julia Edinger says:



  15. No animals ever for these POS”S!!!! Prosecute to the fullest extent o the law.. They deserve prison time!!!!!

  16. Those MF’S need to be beating down and see how long they can stand the beating. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  17. Why do we have to waste our time And taxpayers money on useless shit like these vile men . They are guilty . Plain as day. Lock them up with dog lovers or murderers . Who cares what happens to pos men .

  18. Nadine Brundage says:

    Low life trash should be flung in the ring and let the dogs have justice served.

  19. Dogfighting, as well as other forms of animal abuse, happen everywhere — not just in this country. Unfortunately, until animal abusers see SERIOUS prison time (because let’s face it, rarely execute people in this country no matter how heinous the crime), this cruelty will continue. Will long prison sentences stop animal cruelty — hardly, but it will put an end to that POS harming animals for the next 20 years that his ass sits in a prison cell.

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