Punish Father and Son Accused of Running Dog Fighting Ring

Target: David Cooke, District Attorney of Macon-Bibb County, Georgia

Goal: Punish men who allegedly injured ten dogs in dogfighting ring.

A father and son allegedly ran a dogfighting enterprise from their home. Police arrested Dale and Christopher Fluellen after they initially went to oversee an eviction of the men. Inside the residence, they discovered ten dogs seemingly recovering from various injuries.

Although they did not provide more specific details about the case, the sheriff’s office stated that the injuries appeared to be consistent with dogfighting wounds. This investigation is still ongoing, but other cases involving alleged dogfighting have become more commonplace in the Georgia county where this arrest occurred. The family has been charged. A strong punishment could go a long way in stopping this dangerous trend.

Sign the petition below to urge prosecutors to seek the maximum penalty if these suspects are found guilty.


Dear Mr. Cooke,

The ten charges of Prohibited Dog Fighting and Related Conduct brought against Dale and Christopher Fluellen are an important first step in combating the dogfighting epidemic reportedly gripping Macon-Bibb County. The alleged victims in this case deserve justice. More crucially still, these heinous crimes need to end for the long-term.

Please stay vigilant in prosecuting these cases and pursuing a punishment fitting the reported crime.


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Photo Credit: Steve Baker

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  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:


  2. A Severe Punishment for these BASTARDS! Dog Fighting MUST BE STOPPED!!!

  3. This is so upsetting and concerning. These 2 men and their entourage need serious help and jail. To want to run something like this is cold and heartless. To want to attend something like this is just pure evil.

  4. F$%^&$#@ assholes hang them from their balls these s*** heads have to pay obviously dumbass ignorance breeds dumbass ignorance hang them by their balls!!!!!!!!! Since they like to show off hanging from their balls in front of everybody to see

  5. There is nothing we as humans can do to punish those who use animals for fighting or anything that will harm the animals besides life in jail or hanging… the cruelty in this practice is horrific. The animals used are tortured and humans think this is OK… its not here in America or anywhere humans live. Make examples of those who use animals for such barbaric things… DOG FIGHTING is not humane. Dog fighting should not be accepted but seems our courts dont think its so bad or it would be given harsher sentences for those who do it but they dont… Maybe those judges are involved in it also …

    • Rena Van Steele says:

      Thank u for that Joie. These pieces of shit need to be exposed and plastered everywhere. Regardless of that….THESE BASTARDS NEED TO BE PUT IN JAIL!!!!! IMMEDIATELY!!!! AND THROW AWAY THE KEY. THESE PIECES OF GARBAGE NEED TO BE EUTHANIZED IMMEDIATEY!!!!! AND THEN ANIMALS/DOGS…..MIGHT HAVE A CHANCE. DIRTY TRASH NEEDS TO BE……GONE!!!!!

    • Thanks for sharing.

  6. Please use them a bait!

  7. Hold these basterds to the fullest degree of the law OR put them in a cage and let the dogs have at them! Animal cruelty needs to STOP!

  8. Any “person” who engages in this barbaric activity she be throw in a pit with hungry lions… Then rot in hell.

    • RENA VAN STEELE says:


  9. Maggie Loughran says:

    Death penalty evil bastards

  10. Maureen Leonard says:

    The consequences of these hideous crimes must be hard enough to stop these morons ever thinking they can carry on and just pay fines. Prison sentences are a must and the ban on ever owning another animal. SHow and shame so we all know who they are !!

  11. Raynesha McGhee-Reed says:

    These Sadistic POSs needs 2 be rotting in Hell!!!!

  12. One felony count for each dog. They must pay for all care of these dogs. Then they need to be thrown into a cage with a grizzly bear so they can experience what these dogs did. If they live, they can then fulfill their felony sentences.
    Nothing else is justice

  13. They all need to be put in jail for a very long time!!

  14. Cathy McIntyre says:

    I don’t agree that these people need help – they need death and then they won’t reoffend. Show them no mercy whatsoever – I don’t believe that scum like this can be rehabilitated, pure evil through and through. Unfortunately in the UK where I am These pieces of shit will receive a joke of a sentence, I’m sure it’s the same in USA. Publish names and addresses and hopefully vigilante groups will provide a punishment to fit the crime.

  15. Fucking scumbag’s dirty fucking assholes motherfuckers should both have a bullet between their fucking eyes

    • Eileen Bennett says:

      I agree with everything you called them.
      These bastards are born without a soul and born without any compassion. The problem in this world is there are so many of them living among us.
      Hopefully their punishment will remove them from the normal people for a very long time.

  16. Isobel doyle says:

    These two men and any one else involved in this dog fighting business need to be prosecuted for animal cruelty and punished put in jail for a very long time.they need also to be heavily fined and made to pay for the care and well being of the animals injured in this
    Business. No liberal bleeding heart lawyers or
    Judge needed here please.yes a great idea to publushe all their names and addresses so the general public will know who they all are.

  17. susan e dechand says:

    Please stop these atrocities.

  18. Pamela Hengst says:

    Dale and Christopher Fluellen are cowardly scum, worth nothing in our world. I am so glad the law stepped in and rescued the dogs. Only bullies and cowards participate in dog fighting; they think they look tough by abusing the dogs, but those wimps would lose in a real fight. Send them to prison where they will find out what the dogs have endured.

  19. Scumbags need to be put in a cage with other dog fighters and fight until the death!

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