Punish Father and Son Accused of Running Dog Fighting Ring

Target: David Cooke, District Attorney of Macon-Bibb County, Georgia

Goal: Punish men who allegedly injured ten dogs in dogfighting ring.

A father and son allegedly ran a dogfighting enterprise from their home. Police arrested Dale and Christopher Fluellen after they initially went to oversee an eviction of the men. Inside the residence, they discovered ten dogs seemingly recovering from various injuries.

Although they did not provide more specific details about the case, the sheriff’s office stated that the injuries appeared to be consistent with dogfighting wounds. This investigation is still ongoing, but other cases involving alleged dogfighting have become more commonplace in the Georgia county where this arrest occurred. The family has been charged. A strong punishment could go a long way in stopping this dangerous trend.

Sign the petition below to urge prosecutors to seek the maximum penalty if these suspects are found guilty.


Dear Mr. Cooke,

The ten charges of Prohibited Dog Fighting and Related Conduct brought against Dale and Christopher Fluellen are an important first step in combating the dogfighting epidemic reportedly gripping Macon-Bibb County. The alleged victims in this case deserve justice. More crucially still, these heinous crimes need to end for the long-term.

Please stay vigilant in prosecuting these cases and pursuing a punishment fitting the reported crime.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Steve Baker



  1. I don’t understand why this case is NEEDS a petition, this is a felony with 7 years prison & honestly, they need to be responsible for ALL medical treatment these dogs will need and the fines that come with a felony charge.i think this level of abuse should be automatic death penalty because they will do it again…..SO tired of a system that has NO balls for a sentence that fits the crime‼️

  2. Death penalty for this bastard abuses,both.
    Justice for dogs!

  3. Debra Broach says:

    That’s the shame of this all. The dam laws do nothing to these all those pieces of crap that do this. Over and over we read about these rings and these dam puppy mills. Even IF these people are found, the laws do little if anything to prosecute but we still keep signing petitions, which is another point.

    Why do petitions have to be signed, to begin with, to get these evil morons prosecuted. I REST MY CASE! THE LAWS ARE USELESS!!!!!

  4. These monsters should be ripped to shreds by their victims…the poor dogs. Give them the mercy that they gave.

  5. Janet Garraghan says:

    Despicable, evil monsters!!!! For God’s sake why is this still happening! When are the authorities going to take appropriate action to stop this! Stop being cowards! Backward degenerates need to be caught and PUNISHED! I truly despair of the human race! Horrific! Heartbreaking! Poor, poor animals suffering across the world at the hands of the human race! Yes, nature is cruel but the human race is abhorrent!

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