Cats Fatally Poisoned By Unknown Assailant Deserve Justice

Target: Daniel Cameron, Attorney General for Kentucky

Goal: Prosecute and seek harsh punishment for the person who placed poisoned cat food on private property, killing multiple cats.

At least two cats died after they ingested food laced with a fatal poison. A neighbor found empty Styrofoam bowls in their yard and they believe someone deliberately put the poisoned food on their private property. Necropsies confirmed their suspicions in the two adult cats, and the results on a kitten are pending. Meanwhile, the person responsible is still at large and likely dangerous to other animals.

“By indiscriminately setting out poison in someone’s yard, other non-target animals or even a child could be seriously injured or killed,” stated Jessica Brotzge, president of The Arrow Fund. The Kentucky organization provides medical assistance to animals who are victims of extreme torture, neglect, or abuse and they have offered a $500 reward to anyone who can help Frankfort police identify the person behind these poisonings.

There are multiple cats currently missing in the Frankfort area, and their owners now fear the worst. Sign below and demand that those responsible for the death of these cats face harsh legal consequences.


Dear Attorney General Cameron,

Two cats, and potentially a kitten, died horrible deaths when they ingested pet food laced with poison. Necropsy results confirmed the poisoning in the two adult animals and the kitten’s results are pending. Styrofoam bowls were found on a neighbor’s property and a dog also became ill after eating the food. There are currently multiple cats missing in the Frankfort area and police are investigating.

The act of poisoning an animal falls under animal cruelty in the second degree and can result in up to a year in jail along with extensive fines. I demand that you prosecute the person behind these poisonings, once they are identified, and seek the harshest penalty possible to protect your state’s animals.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Vergie Jurica says:

    Until this country punishes animal cruelty to the extent deserved, these monsters will continue to hurt defenseless animals

    • Exactly! We have laws now but they are not enforced and when an abuser makes it in front of a judge the judge does little to nothing about the crime. Better laws, more enforcement and real punishments will deter this, anything else encourages abuse.

      • I agree, the judges do not give punishment that is JUSTICE FOR ANIMALS. So Street Justice is the only way, torture that retarded scum cannot recover from


  3. I really hope that KARMA coming to right back to this EVIL person who killed these poor innocent cats such evil way.

  4. Animal abusers must have the mandatory death penalty implemented.

    • This dirtbag ABSOLUTELY deserves the death penalty!! This cowardly low-life poisoned these poor animals ON THEIR OWN PROPERTY!!!

  5. Evelyn Ball says:

    Find those responsible and shove poison down their throats!

  6. Animal abusers must have the mandatory death penalty implemented and nothing less.

  7. sylvia vegas says:

    Shoot the coward or cowards!

  8. Another lowlife vile and evil psycho animal torturing murdering monster from hell who must be caught and put to death.Kill this evil pos. All deliberate animal torturers and animal murderers must be brought to Justice and tortured to death. No excuse, just torture these psychopathic pos to death.Eradication from our planet is a must.
    RIP the precious and defenceless Puddys who were deliberately and heinously poisoned to death.
    My heart aches for the precious an innocent Puddys souls. Bless you!!!

  9. May the perpetrator of these foul murders be plagues with Rats and Mice and evil diseases till the end of his days.

  10. All animal abusers globally must have the death penalty implemented.

  11. james waldo says:

    Find these pieces of shits and force feed them drano, then crush their heads in a vise until their brains come out of their ears nose and mouth. Amen, gracias

  12. Cowards and lowlifes like this often brag about their actions. Someone knows who did this; offer a reward and they’ll give him up. When that happens you must prosecute and punish or it will just happen again. To stop animal abuse states need to punish abusers, not slap their ugly wrists, and let everyone know they will be held accountable. We have laws, use them.


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