Horse Hit by Car and Left to Die on Roadside Deserves Justice

Target: Satana Deberry, Durham, NC District Attorney
Goal: Find and punish the person responsible for the hit and run death of a horse.

A woman was walking her horse named Pom Pay alongside a road when she saw headlights coming right at her. The woman’s sister, who was walking behind her witnessed the horrific event in its entirety. The car never stopped even after it had plowed through the poor animal. While the horse’s owner escaped unharmed, the horse was severely injured and lay on the road suffering for hours while veterinarians responded.

Due to the speed of the impact and the darkness, the sisters were unable to get a vehicle description or license plate number. However, evidence was recovered at the scene, including a windshield wiper.

Law enforcement officials believe the driver of the car probably didn’t even know if they hit a person or an animal, as they sped away without investigating.

Once veterinarians realized that Pom Pay couldn’t be saved, she was euthanized at the scene. “It was a gruesome few hours,” the owner said, adding that she “was traumatized.”


Dear District Attorney Deberry,

A woman was walking her horse alongside a road when a car crashed into the horse head-on and never stopped. While no vehicle description or license plate number was captured, some evidence was left at the scene, such as a windshield wiper.

The woman had received Pom Pay, a beautiful Arabian horse, as a gift from a friend seven years ago. Pom Pay, a beautiful Arabian horse, from a friend. She hadn’t owned a horse before but learned to ride with Pom Pay and quickly became a dedicated horse owner.

“When I met her, it was one of those weird things,” she said. “It was an immediate connection. I just learned as fast as I could how to take care of her.”

This is a tragic story that demands justice. Please devote all appropriate resources to finding and prosecuting the person responsible for this sick hit and run.

[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Genevieve Burbridge


  1. Jose Espino says:

    I think many people are too quick to the draw. Petition never identify male or female driver. In fact it says it was too dark to even see make, model or tag. I did sign petition because of it being a hit and run and apparently a speeding car. In a dark way where you can see only as far as your headlights, your speed should be that where you can see what’s ahead with time to brake or sway, unless of a highway such as turnpike or so. High beam on a car headlight give you about 400 feet of sight. There is also the question of what the hell where these two ladies doing riding a horse in such dark road with traffic?

    • gilbert hall says:

      When you hit an animal weighing let’s say 1,000 lbs – you know you have hit something!! Laws state drivers are always supposed to stop at the scene of an accident. I do live in S. Florida where it is the norm for people to run over people and just leave them to die- why usually because they are impaired while driving our have no drivers license or have no auto insurance. It is not uncommon for those hit to die. Some drivers just should not be driving- if the driver was not guilty of any wrong doing why did they not stop? Guilty people do run.

      • You are very correct its not as if this idiot thought maybe he hit a gopher…. its vehicular manslaughter at best, murder for real. How does the driver know if it was people they hit or a huge animal? Hit and run is horrifyingly illegal! No excuse!

    • Agree..and signed too… But why you would ride close to darkness with crazy drivers nowadays.. And the vehicle had to be very damaged too.. Very sad! All could had been killed.. Very careless! I love horses and riding but would never on curving road and close to darkness..not trying to judge but i do believe the driver should be arrested!

    • There is no way to hit a horse and not know it. The driver was almost certainly 110% drunk, and or did not have insurance. Also want to know why on earth it would take ‘hours’ for a veterinarian to show up. That is not acceptable.

      • liz detrich says:

        You’re probably correct.
        Just a thought. but it may have taken several hours for a veterinarian to show because many vets are specialized or only treat small pets like cats, dogs, rabbits.
        Few in the area may be able to treat large livestock such as a cow or horse.

    • stop human garbage says:


  2. Karen D Turner says:

    I have to ask, why were they moving a dark bay horse along a road at night? Did they have a flashlight? There are many things to.consider herr not just the rush to blame the car.driver

    • yes it was stupid to do that and that error is on the owner, however that does not in any way excuse the driver from leaving the scene. You can’t hit a horse or a person and not know it unless you are drunk. They probably didn’t have insurance either.

      • Dead on, I would never put my dogs in harms way on a dark night in Belfast given the way these scousers behave and they most certainly would have been drunk. The onous is still on the driver though for speeding and leaving the scene, no matter what country you’re in and I have lived many years ago in Durham. It is dark on many roads like it is in Ireland. Shame on the driver and they should be put in gaol, full stop.

  3. Hope yhe mother fucker will face the same fate that poor horse endured cause of this scumbag!!!

  4. There is never an excuse for hit & run of any person, animal or at all. BUT, these people were walking on a dark road at night.
    that is never a good idea. Bring a flashlight let people know you are there— wear reflective clothing

  5. Find the freak that did this — hit with car and leave on side of road to die!

  6. I signed, but for the love of animals please use common fn sense! Why would someone walk the horse at night! This a tragic, unfortunate incident that prob could’ve been prevented, or at least decreased the risk had they just waited until daylight hours. You have to assume some responsibility in this for the carelessness. However, in NO way do I defend the pos who hit and ran, this garbage needs to be locked up! He/she knew they hit something, somone etc. Thank goodness she didn’t lose her life too!

    • liz detrich says:

      Agreed. Although this is tragic, not the wisest decision to walk your horse at night.
      I’ve lived in rural areas, some roads don’t have street lights and I wish the owner had taken that into consideration. It’s no comfort to the owner but this entire situation could have been avoided had she used common sense.

  7. RIP Pom Pay!
    Death penalty for bastard killer, justice!

  8. Anne-Mari Gavin says:

    These animal crimenals must be fed to the lions crocs or sharks. Stop playing with them. Let the animals sort them out to put an end to these horrific crimes towards Gods animals once and for all?

  9. Pamela Hengst says:

    RIP beautiful horse. I am so sorry. As for the idiot driver, find and jail that person! What a heartless human.

  10. If something that big is hit your going to know it and amazingly Person didn’t wreck So they had control of the vehicle . The driver was speeding on a dark road and should have been using extra caution. Horse should’ve had reflective gear on . Innocent horse did not deserve this horrific death . Police need to find person that was driving vehicle.

  11. Karma Halasan says:

    Death penalty for hit and runs of all kinds should make ppl stop and face the penalty for hitting a human or animal. Lack of respect for life should mean you lose yours. Until the law decides to give a $hit, i hope the guilty are pointed out and hunted down.

  12. Elease M. Bradford says:

    I hope the cruel person who hit Pom Pay is caught and punished. Such a lack of compassion to hit a living thing and not stop to see if it’s okay. RIP Pom Pay and I hope you get justice. My condolences to Pom Pay’s family.

  13. Here we go again – so many of these posts blaming the victims for a judgement call without knowing why they were on the road at that time of day. There is only one criminal here and that is the driver – his/her judgement call was to flee the scene without knowing what or who they had hit and whether they were killed or badly injured.

  14. The scumbag piece of shit that did this should should be tied spreadeagled to the ground in the path of a stampeding herd of horses. Justice will be done.

  15. The killer needs to be found and given a huge fine plus settlement money for the horse’s owner. Then the killer must spend several years in prison – preferable solitary. It is well past time to give severe punishments for killing/torturing animals instead of the usual slap on the hand and bail…

  16. val Gaffney says:

    No excuses – this piece of shit left the scene of an accident without a second thought. Find this person and throw the book at them.

  17. Something is very weird about this story – someone who never rode before receives a HORSE as a gift????? And an Arabian breeds yet, not a common horse. And of course, why would two lone women be walking with the horse on a dark road. Not to mention hitting an animal of that size head on would leave a HUGE amount of damage to any car.

  18. American Girl says:

    My heart bleeds for you and mainly for your horsr. There are too many despicable people out there. Don’t even attempt to tell me they didn’t know they hit a 1,000# animal. You know when you hit a branch for God’s sake! But why were you & your sister riding in complete darkness? Couldn’t you have moved completely over if you saw headlights coming at you? This moron knew and just took off, he deserves to be caught! A full investigation has to be conducted, check shops that sell wipers, garage mechanics, everything! Karma is theirs 1,000 fold. Again my heart bleeds for this poor animal may it rest in nothing but Love & Light…

  19. My heart goes out to the owner 🙁 As for the assclown who hit the horse .. how the fuck can you not figure out you hit something that big? Head on too!!! I Here’s how most likely .. the prick (whoever it was) was drunk!!!!

  20. Please find and prosecute the murderer that did not stop after hitting this magnificent creature. I am sorry for this owner’s loss.

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