180+ Cats Reportedly Hoarded and Denied Medical Care Deserve Justice

Target: Hon. Brian E. Lewis, Sheriff, Kent County, DE

Goal: Protect the lives of cats, dogs, and other household pets by mandating counseling for woman who hoarded over 180 animals.

Over 184 cats and one dog were seized from “deplorable” conditions in a Delaware home after they were allegedly hoarded and denied basic medical attention. The woman accused of this cruelty must not only face charges, but should be given mandated counseling to ensure that no future animals are subjected to such harm.

Linda Favre, the homeowner, was arrested and charged on 19 counts, including animal cruelty, after the animals were discovered. Three cats were dead or have since died, reportedly due to their mistreatment. Authorities say the animals were suffering from malnourishment, fleas, and infection.

Favre must be held accountable for her alleged crimes, but she also must face mental health counseling and support to address her hoarding issues. Punishing her for her crimes may not stop them from occurring again, but addressing the motives behind her crimes may spare other animals from similar fates. Sign the petition to demand that the animals get the justice they deserve and Favre gets the counseling she needs.


Dear Sheriff Lewis,

Over 180 animals were seized from a home in your county, from what authorities have described as “deplorable” conditions. This is the largest case of animal hoarding in your state. Linda Favre, the woman accused of this cruelty, must be held accountable.

One way to ensure this tragic event does not happen again is by mandating Favre to counseling. She needs help to stop her proclivity for hoarding. I ask that you not only hold Favre responsible but also ensure she gets the help she needs. That is the only way to find justice for these mistreated animals.


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  1. Protect the lives of precious and innocent cats, dogs, and other household pets by mandating counseling for woman who hoarded over 180 helpless and innocent animals.This lowlife woman from hell must be brought to Justice and jailed.

  2. Jose Espino says:

    Not signing. What is the age of this woman and what is her mental conditions? Sometimes people do things for the good, gets out of hand and then they don’t know what to do about it and are afraid to get help. For many of us, is hard to trust people after being exposed to animal cruelty for so many years and many times we think no one can care for animals better than we can, not realizing there is more harm than good being done. I suggest a psychological evaluation and counselling. since it doesn’t seem she was physically hurting the animals on purpose. Save the heavy weight of the law for the really sick and evil, use taxpayer’s money to evaluate and help those who really need it.

    • We aren’t talking about 8 cats here they said 184. This woman is clearly sick but needs to be held accountable. How would you feel if you were dependent on someone caring for you and they shoved you in a tiny space with hundreds of others and neglected you and they only got off with a slap on the wrist because they were “not all there.”

  3. No way!!!! She’s not sick just hold her accountable!!!!! I am not sign up to that cruel person no excuses for that!! She doesn’t deserves any animals anymore!! That made me angry what she has done and I feel bad for all the precious kitties/cats and even 3 cats died soo sad poor kitties!!

  4. Linda Favre must be held accountable for animal cruelty to these poor animals. This is not love of animals when you have so many that you are overwhelmed and can no longer care for them. If she is found guilty she needs to pay a hefty fine per animal since they have obviously suffered at her hands. A slap on the wrist is not enough and will only cause it to happen again. She should also seek help for her hoarding issue and must be stopped from ever owning another animal. Please don’t let any more animals suffer her abuse.

  5. Forget the ‘counselling’, this is just Leftie do-gooder pie in the sky nonsense, where Leftists believe they can magically turn evil people into good people. JAIL her for as long as possible. Imagine being one of those poor cats, living in hell because some nutcase isn’t happy about their crappy life. (I’ve been vegan for 40 years, by the way).

    • Waste of resources jailing the scumbag Retard. Elimination by Street Justice is the only way, no animal would suffer at her hand again, so kill her before she harms any more animals

  6. cristycat41@gmail.com says:

    There are people who are incapable of caring for Animals. Does no one protect the victims of abuse by cruel humans?

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