Endangered Leopard Reportedly Trapped and Beheaded Deserves Justice

Target: Dappula de Livera, Attorney General for Sri Lanka

Goal: Harshly punish the people who allegedly ensnared and killed a leopard for profit.

An endangered leopard was reportedly trapped, beheaded, and sold for profit in a horrific display of cruelty. The animal’s meat is incorrectly believed to be a cure for asthma and carries a significant profit. Demand that those found responsible receive the harshest punishment.

“They cut the head off and killed the animal after it got caught in the snare on Thursday,” stated Dushantha Kangara, the chief inspector of the Sri Lankan Police Department. He took three people into custody on charges of killing an endangered leopard in the central highlands after the animal’s head was reportedly found in a nearby forest. The leopard’s skin, meat, and other body parts were seemingly preserved for sale.

There are fewer than 1,000 leopards left in Sri Lanka’s wild and the harming of them is punishable by up to five years in prison. Sign below and demand that those found legally responsible for this big cat’s death face the harshest penalty possible.


Dear Attorney General de Livera,

An endangered leopard was reportedly caught in a trap and beheaded in a disgusting disregard for animal life. The people charged in this case seemingly hunted the animal for meat, which is believed to cure asthma and brings an immense profit. They used a snare, per authorities, which is regarded by wildlife conservationists as cruel and many have pushed for an outright ban on these traps with harsh legal consequences to those who don’t comply.

There are less than 1,000 leopards remaining in Sri Lanka and, seemingly thanks to these people, there is now one less. I demand that you prosecute this case and seek the harshest penalty possible, if the accused are found guilty.


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  2. This is why the earth is in the end stages of biodiversity and life as we know know it, because of ignorant greedy moron assholes like this that would destroy an entire species for a dollar. It doesn’t get any more insanely stupid than this.

  3. Jacqui Skill says:

    Lock up the barbarians that did this for life!

  4. Ignorant savages!

  5. Who in the hell does something like that? It pains me that somebody out there could be so cruel and so vicious and Jaden they would harm a beautiful animal. I hate those people! I hate people that abuse animals and I hate people that stand by and do nothing and I hate countries that allow this to happen it’s disgusting and horrible and it breaks my heart

    • Me too. Its in every country, every day more and more horror stories of what people do to animals.
      I hate humans. May God strike them all down and send them to hell!

  6. Until harsh punishment s inflicted on the perpetrators these atrocities will not stop. Behead a few of these inhuman sickos and see what happens

  7. Rachel Davies says:

    The severest of punishment needs to be imposed on the perpetrators of this heinous crime. You cannot imagine the terrible suffering and fear this animal was subjected to by these brutal barbarians. The AG for Sri Lanka needs to recognise the global outrage against this horrific crime and act accordingly. This uncivilised and inhumane killing is worthy of one punishment only – death for all those involved. Anything less is insulting to this magnificent animal. Sri Lanka must stand up to these vile animal abusers.

  8. Most countries need better laws for animal abuse. If these poachers were made examples of, maybe some of this horror will stop. It’s hard to say considering that money is the end results to this slaughter and people will take chances just for the monetary gain.

  9. Animal abusers must have the mandatory death penalty implemented.

  10. Those involved in the horrific and evil slaughter of this majestic animal must be caught and severely punished. RIP POOR LEOPARD AND WE THE PUBLIC OF THE WORLD DEMAND JUSTICE FOR YOUR MURDER AND ARE WATCHING TO MAKE SURE THAT HAPPENS!

  11. Stupid worthless human garbage.

  12. These greedy, murderous monsters deserve the death penalty! It’s so sickening to keep hearing about the abuses animals suffer from for the profit of filthy, evil minded humans.

  13. The vile and evil animal torturing murdering lowlife psychopathic money hungry lowlife filthy monsters who deliberately and heinously tortured this precious and helpless endangered Leopard
    must be brought to Justice and put to death. They deserve to be beheaded slowly and suffer an excruciating painful death. Kill the evil monster vile and evil bastards from hell slowly.
    Burn in hell for an eternity you lowlife scumb on our planet.
    The vile and evil human species are the monsters on out planet and all these animal torturing murdering monsters from hell must be eradicated from our planet.
    No precious and defenceless Wildlife or Animals are safe from the torturing murdering lowlife filth on our planet the lowlife human species.

  14. Joyce O'Malley says:

    Find out who is doing this and put them in PRISON!!!!

  15. This race of people are beyond saving – they are abusers and animal killers all for the god damn “buck.” What a horrible thing to have done to this gorgeous leopard. I would love to see all of you f*ckers dead on the spot – you don’t deserve to walk this planet. Pretty sure that the times we are living in right now are God’s way of saying – we have failed in most regards to taking care of all of his creatures – things do not look good going forward – thanks in kind to these ignorant f*cking losers who insist on doing these horrible acts to animals.

  16. These poor helpless animals are endangered species. We have MONSTERS among up on this planet … those who have no respect for the lives of our precious wildlife. It is up to the rest of us to bring these demented individuals to justice. If it were up to me I would do the same to them that they do to these beautiful animals. I hope and pray the the Piece of Crap that committed this atrocity meets with a similar fate – it’s called KARMA !!!!

  17. cristycat41@gmail.com says:

    Give perpetrators the chair

  18. I want to KILL this person!!!!!!!!

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