Horse Reportedly Forced to Run in Rush Hour Traffic on Busy Expressway Deserves Justice

Target: Kimberly M. Foxx, State’s Attorney for Cook County, Illinois

Goal: Harshly punish the man who allegedly rode a horse on a busy expressway, injuring the animal.

A horse was apparently forced to run on Chicago’s busy Dan Ryan Expressway in a disturbing act of animal cruelty. The rider, identified as Adam Hollingsworth, recorded himself on Facebook live, per reports, and shouted “kids’ lives matter” as he drove the horse beyond healthy capabilities.

The horse, now in the custody of Chicago Animal Care and Control, apparently suffered injuries so severe that euthanasia may be required. The speed and intensity in which Hollingsworth seemingly rode the horse could be compared to forcing an 80-year-old woman to run a marathon. The animal reportedly endured a bloody wound on one hoof and an open sore from the friction of the saddle.

Hollingsworth remains in police custody on a $25,000 bond. He has been charged with one felony count of animal cruelty. Sign below and demand that he receive the harshest penalty possible, if convicted.


Dear State’s Attorney Foxx,

A horse suffered severe injuries and may have to be euthanized after a man reportedly rode the animal on the Dan Ryan Expressway during rush hour. The horse was driven so forcefully, per veterinarians, that it compared to forcing an 80-year-old woman to run a full marathon. The effects on this animal’s body have been extensive, reportedly resulting in one bloody hoof and an open sore from the friction of the saddle.

This horse was seemingly used as a political pawn and now the poor animal may die. This is unacceptable. I demand that you prosecute Adam Hollingsworth and seek the harshest penalty possible, if he is convicted.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Anita Gowda says:

    What has this innocent an and helpless animals done to humans to suffer. As Animal lovers we must join Together and make sure the Law Increases more punishment to these Sadists

  2. This monster animal abuser needs the chair

    • The only way to protect animals from abusers is to kill off ALL wicked, evil monsters who harm innocent animals. If the law won’t do it then Street Justice by brave Animal Vigilantes is the best way

  3. Kathleen I Nagy-DeRosa says:

    Sickening to act so irresponsibly and cause physical and emotional abuse to an innocent animal. Payment of the vet bills, a huge fine, and jail time is needed. The punishments need to be more severe and the laws more stringent to stop the perpetual animal abuse.

  4. Dreadhead Cowboy? No, cowboys don’t abuse and torture horses, only total A’Holes do crap like this and this loser needs to be thrown in jail and to receive a lifetime ban from animal contact. No respect for animals at all so don’t let them near them again.

  5. Linda Goby says:

    what the hell is wrong with people!

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    Thompson Schneider

  7. says:

    How can this sicko even be allowed anywhere near such a beautiful and noble animal? Does no one care about anything?

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